How to use the collaboration feature on Instagram on iPhone and Android

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Instagram is testing a new feature called “Collab” in India and the United Kingdom. This allows creators to send invitations to other creators to post and collaborate on reels. If they accept, the post or reel will have both account names and will reach the followers of both accounts. If you don’t know how to use the Instagram Collab feature on iPhone and Android, read it together.

Note: Make sure the app has been updated to the latest version.

How to co-author Posts and reels On Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app and + Icon Upload a new post or reel.
  2. Tap Next, Add filters as needed.
    Next, the screen for writing captions etc. is displayed.
  3. On this screen, tap Tag people..

    On the Instagram share screen[タグを付ける]Tap

  4. Tap Invite co-editors..
  5. Use the search box to enter the name of the person you want to collaborate with. It looks like you can add multiple collaborators.
  6. Tap completion..

    [共同編集者を招待]Tap to find the co-editor you want

  7. Finally, write a caption and tap share..

    Write the caption and finally[共有]Tap

If the person you’re collaborating with accepts the collaboration request, your post will be shared with your followers. In addition, that person will appear as the creator of the post.

This is a way to invite collaborators to use the new collaboration features of the Instagram app. In my tests, I’ve found that I can collaborate with accounts I follow or public accounts (even if I don’t follow them).

If you don’t see the Instagram Invite Collaborator option, don’t worry. The company is currently testing this feature and is not open to everyone. Check after a few days or weeks. That way, you are more likely to have access to this new option as well.

Instagram is always trying to make the platform more content creator and brand friendly. The Reel and Post Instagram collaboration feature is the latest addition to this step. What do you think about this and Instagram in general? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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