How to use Spotlight Search on iOS 15 on iPhone

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Spotlight Search is one of the most underrated features of iOS. It defines an “iPhone experience” for me. iOS 15 boasted many features such as FaceTime Links, Offline Siri, and Live Text, but one of Apple’s silent improvements was to Spotlight Search. It’s more powerful and more accessible.

Let’s take a look at how to use Spotlight Search, its great features, and how it can help make your life easier.

How to turn Spotlight search on or off in iOS 15

By default, Spotlight search is enabled on your iPhone. You can access it by swiping down on the home screen.

For some reason, Apple does not allow Spotlight Search to be completely disabled. However, you can remove Siri suggestions from your search. Method is as follows.

  1. Open iPhone Setting..
  2. Scroll down until you see it Search with Siri..
  3. under Siri’s suggestion, On or off.
    • Suggestions under search: This will prevent SpotlightSearch from completing the sentence when searching for something.
    • Lock screen suggestions: IPhone provides recommendations such as apps and notifications on the lock screen based on usage. You can disable them by turning this option off.
    • Home screen suggestions: Similarly, the iPhone also provides some recommendations for the home screen. Turn it off to disable it.
    • Suggestions for sharing: Did you notice how your recently contacted friends look when you share photos etc. via a sharing sheet? Disable this toggle if you don’t want certain people to appear on the shared sheet.
Turn Spotlight Search on or off on iOS 15 on iPhone

Spotlight search function introduced in iOS 15 of iPhone

  1. Install, move or remove apps directly
  2. Search for text in photos
  3. Access Spotlight search from lock screen
  4. Other contact options
  5. Quickly search for movies and TV shows
  6. Search for objects, places, animals, etc. in your photos
  7. Access app clips from search results
  8. Search for locations, calendar events, files, etc.

1. Install, move and remove apps directly

Install the app directly from Spotlight Search on your iPhone

On iOS 15, you can install the app directly from Spotlight Search. Enter the app you are looking for in the search bar get button. This feature is useful if you don’t have time to visit the App Store and download your app.

In previous iOS versions, it was not possible to add apps to the home screen. You can now drag your app directly from Spotlight Search to your home screen without having to go to your app library. Similarly, you can uninstall the app directly from Spotlight Search.

One of the key improvements in iOS 15 is live text. This feature helps you extract text from your photo and copy, paste, and perform actions based on the text that is present in your photo.

Spotlight Search indexes the entire text of your photo. You can use it to search directly in your photos from Spotlight Search. Suppose you want to search for a photo, but you don’t remember when you took the photo. But you remember some of the words mentioned in the picture.

Open Spotlight Search and enter the word you remember directly. Spotlight Search will display the same photo. This is useful in a variety of situations.

Search for text in photos from Spotlight Search on iPhone

3. Access Spotlight Search from the lock screen

In iOS 15, you can also access Spotlight Search directly from the lock screen. Simply swipe down on your iPhone’s lock screen to see the “locked” version of Spotlight Search.

The iPhone isn’t unlocked yet, so users won’t be able to fully use the search, but they will be able to perform basic tasks.

You can also make quick calls, open apps, and see facts from the lock screen. This feature can cause many accidental searches, but it is useful.

4. Other contact options

This time, the contact screen UI has been updated to zero. It provides contextual results such as the last call or message to that contact and displays actions from other apps.

Now you have the direct option of contacting the person through other apps, such as sending a message on WhatsApp. Spotlight Search also displays photos of people on your iPhone, if any.

In addition, you can use Apple Pay to pay your contacts directly from Spotlight Search.Tap $ Use the symbol to go to the Messages app on your iPhone. You can now pay directly to your contacts using the Apple Pay service.

Other options for contacts from Spotlight Search on iPhone

5. Quickly search for movies and TV shows

With iOS 15, the results of movies and TV shows are even better. Instead of Google searching for the TV show you want to watch and searching for streaming services, you can search for the show directly with Spotlight Search. iOS will take you to the Streaming Services page.

The search results also show Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb ratings. In addition to TV show and movie results, you can dive into search results for casts and other crew members.

Quickly search for movies and TV shows

6. Search for objects, places, animals, etc. in your photos

With the proper use of the Neural-core chip, Spotlight Search can now provide image results for objects such as animals, places, and even novels. Search for “animals” or “golden retrievers” in Spotlight Search.The photo contains a similar subject, which is shown below Photos from the app section.

Search for objects from Spotlight Search on iPhone

7. Access app clips from search results

Spotlight on iOS 15 shows business actions in map results. In addition to making phone calls, finding directions, and checking timing, if your company supports App Clips, you’ll now have the option to install that company’s App Clips in Spotlight search map results. became.

For example, a search may ask you to view restaurant menus, book tables, make reservations, order takeaways, join waiting lists, check show times, pay parking fees, check prices, and more. There is.

8. Search for locations, calendar events, files, etc.

Spotlight Search is now integrated into all sections of the iOS ecosystem, making your entire system searchable. Spotlight Search on iOS 15 is very similar to Spotlight on Mac, making Spotlight Search the “Google” on your mobile phone.

You can search for documents in the Files app, search for text messages in the search bar, check your calendar, and do much more with Spotlight.

Find a location from Spotlight Search on your iPhone

How to delete history with iOS Spotlight Search on iPhone

Apple does not allow you to delete your Spotlight search history. If you search for something that leads to Safari, you need to remove that search from Google. Here’s how to remove Google search and other activities on iPhone:

If you don’t want Spotlight Search to display a particular suggestion, disable it in the following ways:

  1. Open Spotlight search Swipe down on the home screen.
  2. Then press and hold Suggestion I want to delete it.
  3. select Suggest to reduce shortcuts..
Delete history with iOS 15 Spotlight Search

Apple has certainly taken a big step with Spotlight Search on iOS 15. Features such as live text search are a big step towards making Spotlight Search easier to use, and you’ll be amazed when you start using the new Spotlight Search. Its function.

Any other Spotlight search tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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