How to use Shared with You on iOS 15 and iPad OS 15

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Dozens of instant messaging apps make it easy to share contacts, links, music and more. But when it’s finally time to open the item you’re sharing with you, everything seems to be lost. It’s a hassle to search for too many links in chat. There should be a dedicated section where all shared items are stored! Launch the Shared with You feature on iOS 15 and iPad OS 15.

In this article, learn about Shared with You and how to use it to improve your experience.

What will be shared with you on iOS 15?

Messages has been significantly upgraded in iOS 15 and one of its most talked about features is Shared with You.

Separate the content that people send into different sections.For example, all websites shared with you Link Sections, images Photo Section etc.

And that’s not all — Shared with You adds shared items to the appropriate app. This means that if someone shares a link in a message, it will appear in Safari as well as in the link section of the message.

Similarly, when someone shares a photo, it will not only appear as a separate section in the message, but also in the Photos app.

How to use Shared with You on iOS 15

By default, Shared with You is enabled on iOS 15 and iPad OS 15. No setup or switching is required to work. However, at this time, it is only compatible with the iOS and iPad OS messaging apps.

iOS 15 has several Shared with You integrations, some of which are listed below.

  • Photo: When someone sends an image via iMessage, the image will be displayed automatically for you Photos app tab. You can save to your photo library directly from this section.

    In addition, tap the name label at the top to open the iMessage image with the reply thread open.

[あなた]In the tab, on iOS15[あなたと共有]You can see the pictures of
How to use SharedWithYou in iOS 15 messages
  • Apple news: When someone sends an Apple News story via iMessage, it automatically[今日]With tabs[フォロー中]It will be displayed on the tab.
  • Safari: Often, friends share links to articles and news articles that may be useful to us. Now you don’t have to search iMessage chat to find the link. Instead, all shared links will appear in a separate section of Safari.
How to use SharedWithYou in Safari on iOS 15
  • Apple Music and Podcasts: Music and podcast links shared via iMessage listen now Apple Music and Podcast app tab.
Share with you on iOS 15 music app
  • Apple TV: When someone sends a movie or TV show link via iMessage, the TV show or movie will[今すぐ見る]Of tabs[共有]It will appear in the section so you can start watching immediately.

Apart from Shared with You, you can use SharePlay to watch movies and TV shows together on iOS 15. For more information, see our detailed guide on how to use SharePlay.

How to turn off Shared with You on iPhone

  1. Open iPhone Configuration..
  2. Scroll down to select message..
  3. Select now I shared it with you.
  4. Now disable Shared with You All apps also Selected app..

    Turn off Shared with You on iOS 15

Or, if you just want to hide a particular conversation from Shared with You, you can simply hide it.

Prevent content from appearing in Shared with You

Of the app[共有]Want to see all message threads in a section? You can easily hide it! However, you cannot select the content type. It hides all types of content shared with you from that particular message thread.

Open messagePress and hold the conversation I don’t want to see it with Shared with You → Select Share with you and hide.. that’s it!

Shared with You is a great feature of iPhone and iPad. This reduces the number of steps required to search for shared items. However, it is limited by iMessage-only features. If Apple had exposed its API to third-party developers, it would have been one of the best features of iOS 15.

What do you think about Shared with You? Share in the comments below!

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