How to use quick notes on macOS Monterey on Mac

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They say inspiration strikes when you don’t expect it the most. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a sticky note handy and write it down before your great idea disappears. To this exact purpose, Apple has introduced a nifty new feature on the iPad OS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey called Quick Notes. It’s designed to help you write your thoughts quickly without having to open the notebook app. If you find it interesting, check out this detailed guide on how to use Quick Notes on macOS Monterey on Mac.

Using Quick Notes on macOS Monterey: Detailed Guide (2021)

Before going through the steps, let’s first take a closer look at what a quick note is and how it works. If you are already familiar with the concept, use the table below to navigate to the relevant section.

What is a quick note? How does it work on macOS12?

As the name itself suggests, Quick Notes aims to capture your thoughts and collect the information you come across very easily. Often you can’t write down ideas or important things because of the hassle of opening a note-taking app and using other additional tools. In addition, you may need to take additional steps to synchronize your notes and make them available across devices. Apple is trying to get rid of the hassle with macOS Monterey’s new quick note feature.

Quick Notes are intended to instanten the entire process of taking notes. It’s a one-click process, so whenever you want to write something down, the process doesn’t seem to be a hassle.

macOS Monterey quick notes

Quick Notes is integrated directly into the Apple Notes app. Therefore, everything you write in QuickNote is automatically synced across all Apple devices. The ability to create quick notes is exclusive to iPad and Mac, but you can also view and edit it on your iPhone. Now let’s see how to access Quick Notes on Mac.

Set up a hot corner to access your quick notes on your Mac

Hot Corners make it easy to access your quick notes on a Mac running macOS Monterey. Of course, you need to set it first. However, when you do this, you only need to move the cursor to the selected hot corner to see the quick notes.

For those unfamiliar, Hot Corners convert each of the four corners of your screen into quick shortcuts, such as top right, top left, bottom left, and bottom right of your Mac. Therefore, you can move your cursor to the desired corner to access priority features such as Quick Notes, Notification Center, Screen Saver, and Mission Control.Let’s see how to use it so that it does not get in the way

  1. To get started, click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen,[システム環境設定「。 または、システム環境設定アプリを直接起動することもできます。


2.次に、をクリックします 宇宙管制センター




4.次に、優先コーナーのドロップダウンメニューから、 クイックノート。 右下を選択します。 デフォルトでは、クイックノートが右下隅からアクティブ化するように選択されていることに注意してください。 クイックノートを目的のホットコーナーに割り当てたら、必ずクリックしてください OK 選択を確認します。



macOS Montereyでクイックノートショートカットを設定したので、それにアクセスする方法を学びましょう。 これを行うには、カーソルを指定されたホットコーナーに移動して、クイックノートを開きます。 また、キーボードショートカット(以下で詳しく説明)を利用して、デスクトップでもアプリ内でも、いつでもアクセスできます。




または、キーボードショートカットを使用して、macOSMontereyを実行しているMacでクイックノートを表示することもできます。 この2段階のプロセスに従ってください。

  1. Macでクイックノートを作成する場所またはアプリに移動します。

2.ここで、 Fn + Qキーボードショートカット クイックノートにアクセスします。

注意Macのコントロールセンターから直接クイックノートを開くこともできます。 この機能は現在利用可能ですが、Appleは将来のアップデートで導入する可能性があります。


クイックノートの作成方法がわかったので、疑問に思う必要があります—クイックノートはMacのどこに保存されていますか? ネイティブのAppleNotesアプリには、 別のクイックノートセクション すべてのメモを追跡できるようにします。

  1. 開始するには、MacでNotesアプリを起動します。

2.次に、を選択します クイックノート 左側のサイドバーから。 これで、ここに保存されているすべてのクイックノートが表示されます。 表示したいものを選択してください。 さらに、他のメモと同じように、クイックメモを編集、削除、または共有できます。


注意iPhoneでクイックノートにアクセスするのも同じくらい簡単です。 Notesアプリを開き、[フォルダ]Go to the section. The “Quick Notes” folder appears at the top of the screen (below the search bar).

View quick notes on iPhone

Add highlighted text from Safari to your quick notes

In addition to text, you can also add text and image highlights from Safari to macOS 12 Monterey Quick Notes. So if you come across something worth saving in a note, you can easily add it. Follow the steps below to learn how it works:

1. First, open Safari on Mac and select the text you want to highlight. Then right-click / control-click and select “New quick noteOr “Add to quick note“If necessary.

It's time to add Safari text to your quick notes

2. The highlighted text will appear in the quick note, along with the heading and source name. It’s worth pointing out that you can drag and drop copied notes from one location to another. Then double-click the heading to go to the web page where the text was added.

Safari text for quick notes

If you’re doing extensive research and want to collect all the important points, the ability to add Safari highlights to your quick notes can help. It also helps you create detailed reports.

Add smart links to macOS12 Monterey quick notes

It’s easy to add smart links (also known as hyperlinks) to your Mac Quick Notes. Apple has added shortcuts for these features to the Quick Note pop-up window itself.

1. Open the quick note and click “Hyperlink iconIt’s on the toolbar. ”

Click on the hyperlink

2. Next, “Add linkThe “” button next to the link on the web page.

Click Add Link

3. To make the task of adding a specific link very easy, Quick Note will automatically pop up the relevant link.Therefore, all you need to include the desired link is next to the website or web page you want to add.[リンクの追加]Just press a button. The quick note smart link looks like this:

Add link to quick note

Sort quick notes in macOS Monterey

You can also sort your quick notes in the correct order and always sort them to your liking.

1. Open the Notes app and click. 3 dot icon Next to the quick notes folder at the top of the left sidebar. Note that you need to hover your pointer over the Quick Notes folder to see the 3-dot icon.

Three dot icons next to quick notes

3. Next, “Sort foldersSelect the option to choose how to sort all your quick notes on your Mac. You can choose from multiple options, including:

  • Edit date (default)
  • Created date
  • Title
  • From the latest to the oldest
  • From old to new

Sort quick notes on Mac

Convert Quick Notes to PDF on Mac

You can also export your quick notes as a PDF to easily share your research and notes on the topic with others. The mechanism is as follows.

1. Open the Notes app on your Mac and click. Quick note Folders from the left sidebar. Then open the note you want to convert to PDF.

View quick notes

2. Next, at the top[ファイル]Click the menu and click[Export as PDF“.

Convert quick notes as PDF files

3. After that Select a destination with an appropriate name Export the quick note as a PDF file. Finally, be sure to say “save“It’s over.

Save Quick Note as PDF file

Tips for getting the most out of Quick Notes on your Mac

Here’s how to create and manage Quick Notes on macOS 12 Monterey on your Mac. Now that you understand how this nifty feature works, don’t forget to view the quick notes to save what deserves your collection. The Apple Notes app has been greatly improved thanks to the addition of some important features such as folder sharing, tags and the ability to lock notes. How do you compare it to popular third-party note-taking apps on iPhone like Evernote and OneNote? Please let us know in the comments below. Also, share your quick note input and whether it helps.