How to use NFT as your Twitter profile picture using your iPhone

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Our beloved Twitter is hesitant to provide an “edit” button, but we are happy to welcome NFTs to its platform. You can now use NFT as your Twitter profile picture to keep all followers and non-followers informed about your artwork and collection. Here’s how to set an NFT as your Twitter profile picture using your iPhone.

What is NFT? – Want to know everything about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)? Also, want to know if it’s worth the investment? Check out this detailed guide now.

What you need to know before

  • This feature is currently only available to iOS users, but Twitter will soon add support for the web and Android.
  • Twitter only supports NFTs for still images, JPEG and PNG.
  • Only NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain (such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155) are supported.
  • You also need a supported wallet. The following is a list of crypto wallets that are currently compatible with this feature.
    • Trust wallet
    • MetaMask
    • Coinbase wallet
    • Ledger live

Not sure how to create an NFT? These iPhone apps will help you create and create NFTs.

How to set up an NFT profile picture on Twitter

  1. Start twitter Go to the app and yours profile..
  2. Tap Profile editing..
  3. Tap Profile photo Choose Select NFT..
  4. select Choose a wallet Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your crypto wallet.
  5. After connecting the wallet, Supported NFTs From your wallet.
  6. Tap end When save Confirm your selection.
Credit: OpenSea

NFTs will soon be your Twitter profile picture. In particular, it is displayed as a hexagon, indicating that you are the owner of the NFT.

Delete / change NFT profile picture on Twitter

  1. Go to your Twitter profile and tap Profile editing..
  2. Tap your profile picture and select:
    • Upload a photo To select a regular photo
    • Use another wallet Select another NFT or connect to another wallet.

Note: Only one crypto wallet can be linked to Twitter. If you link another one, the previous one will be automatically unlinked.

How to view the details of your Twitter NFT profile picture

  1. Move to twitter Open profile With an NFT profile picture (you or someone else).
  2. Tap Profile photo..
  3. select View NFT details..
  4. Scroll to see the information.
How to view the details of your Twitter NFT profile picture

Here you can get a lot of information about NFTs, including authors, owners, collections, properties, and more.

Benefits of placing an NFT as your Twitter profile picture

  • Let the world see – The most advantageous advantage of using NFTs as profile pictures is to show your creations or collections to Twitter as a whole or at least all your followers.
  • Increase sales – Because we are showing off NFTs, we are more likely to attract fellow NFT enthusiasts. Second, this can lead to NFT sales.
  • Support for the industry – Today, social media websites are validators. Twitter’s support for NFTs also helps to get more attention across the industry.

Risk of setting NFT as Twitter profile picture

Not because of Twitter, but the plan is flawed. Anyone can save your NFT as an image and create it as your own. Yes, there is a way to validate the NFT, but with just a few clicks. Moreover, in most scenarios, you may not even know that your NFT has been stolen and used by someone.

In other words, you are putting your NFT at risk. In particular, that risk is associated with almost every NFT across the platform. However, Twitter is much more popular than OpenSea, Foundation, etc., so the risk of theft is high.

Check out this interesting Twitter thread for more information on this issue.

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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And when Twitter gives you new features, you get the most out of it. Share your Twitter ID with your NFT profile picture. @igeeksblogI would like to share some of the best profiles on our Twitter page.

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