How to use gender-neutral voice in Siri (2022)

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iOS 15.4 has several notable features in many ways, including Face ID with a mask, the ability to restore a brick Apple Watch using an iPhone, and a convenient way to add notes to your iCloud Keychain entry. It’s a major update with. Another equally impressive feature is the option to get gender-neutral SiriVoice on your iPhone and iPad. If you haven’t tried this long-awaited feature yet, help set up a gender-independent SiriVoice on your iOS or iPadOS device.

How to use gender-neutral SiriVoice on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Before explaining the steps to enable gender-neutral Siri voice, let’s take a look at the prevalence of female voice for voice assistants, the criticisms Apple and others are facing, and why gender-neutral voice is important. Let’s do it.

If you want to read the how-to directly, you can do the same using the table of contents below.

Gender-biased voice and long criticism

Apple faces a lot of criticism about using female voice as Siri’s default. Some accuse Apple of being gender-biased, while Cupertino-based companies sternly claim that women are obedient and polite and believe they are here to help others. Some people call it.

Against the backdrop of constant flakes, Apple has stopped naming Siri’s audio in the latest iOS version. Tech giants have begun to present Siri voices numbered as Voice 1, Voice 2, Voice 3, Voice 4, etc. to ease criticism. And the latest addition is called “Voice 5”.

Why is the gender-neutral Siri voice so important?

In terms of functionality, gender-neutral voice works like any other Siri voice, but the fact is that it’s here to change the way Apple’s voice assistant sees it.

With the introduction of gender-neutral voice, Apple sought to address two key concerns wisely. First and foremost, the Cupertino giant wants to emphasize its full support for the LGBTQ + community. In an official statement submitted to Axios, the company confirmed that the new voice was recorded by LGBTQ + community members and offered more options for users to choose which voice to speak to. I’m emphasizing.

“We are pleased to introduce a new Siri voice for English speakers. This will give users more options for choosing the voice to speak to themselves. Hundreds of options around the world. As millions of people rely on Siri every day to get things done, we strive to make the experience as personalized as possible. “

Second, Apple no longer wants people to think that Siri represents a woman who has been the bone of controversy for years. By numbering voices instead of naming and adding voices of all genders, in addition to men and women, tech giants are on the right track of correction. Better than being late!

Setting up and using gender-neutral SiriVoice on iOS and iPad OS

Whether you want Siri to use voices that are neither female nor male, or if you want your virtual sound to be neutral, this all-new Siri voice is perfect for you.

1. To get started Settings app IPhone or iPad running iOS 15.4 / iPad OS 15.4 or later.Then scroll down to select Search with Siri..

Iphone settings app and siri settings in iPhone.

2. Then tap Siri Voice next, American Selected as the voice type.

Customize SiriVoice on iPhone and iPad

4. Finally, Voice 5..

Get gender-neutral SiriVoice on your iPhone and iPad

Please note that it may take a few minutes for your device to download a high quality audio sample.


  • If your device is currently using mobile data, you may see a pop-up similar to the following: “Do you want to use mobile data? This audio requires a 50MB download. We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi.”
  • Tap to download a new Siri voice using mobile data Use mobile data In a pop-up.

Set up and use gender-neutral Siri Voice on macOS Monterey

To get the new Siri audio, make sure your Mac is running macOS 12.3 or later.

1. Start System Preferences App On Mac.

MacDock System Preferences Icon

2. Here, “Siri”.

Siri pane of macOS settings

3. Then click the drop-down menu next to it Variety of voices And select American.. after that, Voice 5 And you’re all ready!

Select voice type and voice number on Mac for Siri's gender-neutral voice

Use gender-neutral SiriVoice on iOS, iPadOS and macOS

So, that’s how you can get a new Siri voice on your iDevice. Siri may not yet be as smart and efficient as the Google Assistant, but Apple’s virtual assistant is no longer lazy. The virtual assistant has a clean design and a more natural sound, and works with many third-party apps such as Spotify. So which Siri voice do you like to use, and why? Please let us know in the comments.