How to use FaceTime on Android [Guide]

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The Google Play store is flooded with notable video calling apps, but many want to use FaceTime on Android to stay in touch with friends who own an iPhone. .. In terms of both best features and security, Apple’s video calling app is one of the best in the business. Unfortunately, Apple has limited FaceTime to the Apple ecosystem until iOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey. But now FaceTime is migrating to Android and Windows. Sudden changes in mind may be due to strong demand for rival services such as Zoom and Google Meet over the past year. If you don’t have an iPhone and want to try Apple’s video calling service, see how to set up and use FaceTime on Android.

How to use FaceTime on Android devices in 2021

Before we look at the steps on how to use FaceTime on Android, let’s first answer some important questions. Can I install FaceTime on my Android? Can I share my screen with FaceTime calls on Android? This article has answered all these questions. Let’s dive in!

How does Apple’s FaceTime work on Android?

It’s no secret that Apple wants to keep its well-known apps and services tied to a closed ecosystem. Whether the Cupertino giant introduces services to other platforms, for better or for worse, it will not fail to impose strict restrictions. And the FaceTime for Android blueprint is no exception.

  • That is the first question. Can I install the Facetime app on Android? Well, Apple hasn’t launched the FaceTime app for Android yet. Instead, Android users can only join FaceTime calls via links. Therefore, you will not be able to join the party unless you get the link from your iPhone user.
  • Second, you can’t generate FaceTime meeting invitation links on your Android device. This means you need to ask a friend (who owns an iPhone, iPad, or Mac) to create and share a FaceTime meeting link.
  • And third, FaceTime only supports Safari and Google Chrome. Therefore, you need to open the FaceTime link in Chrome to start the call. After tapping the link, you need to add a name and wait for your iDevice friend (or the person who created the link) to accept you.
  • Fourth, the answer to whether you can share your screen with Android FaceTime calls is no. Users can only share screens with FaceTime on iOS 15. You can check out the linked guides to learn how it works.

Create FaceTime call links on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

As explained above, friends who own an Apple device must first create and share a FaceTime call link. So let’s see how it is done!

  1. To get started, start FaceTime app An iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or a Mac running macOS Monterey.

Open FaceTime

2. Next, “Create a linkClick the button to generate a FaceTime conference link.

Create a link

3. Then tap “information” The button next to the FaceTime link.

Tap the info button

4. Next, “Shared linkSelect from the iOS 15 pop-up menu. On Mac[共有]Click the button.

[リンクを共有]Tap an option

5. Then choose the preferred way to share the meeting link with your friends who own your Android device.You can do it Send a meeting link Via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Apple messages and more. In addition, you have the option to copy the link.


Join a FaceTime call from your Android device

Once you receive the meeting link on your Android device, you can easily join your FaceTime call. Please note that FaceTime only supports Google Chrome on Android devices. Open the meeting link in your Chrome browser and follow these steps:

  1. Tap the FaceTime link. afterwards, Please input your name And “continue“button.


3. Next, you will see a popup similar to the following. “ wants to use your camera and microphone.” Tap To give permission You run out of the required permissions.

4. This is just one step away from joining a Facetime video call between your iPhone and Android device. Green’s”participate“In the upper right corner” button.

Join FaceTime calls from Android

6. Now you should see something like this: “Waiting to be put in” It’s at the bottom of the screen. As soon as your iOS friends approve your join request, you’ll be able to join your FaceTime call.

Use facetime on android

7. If you want to end the call, click “leave“In the upper right corner” button.

Add FaceTime app icon to Android home screen

For quick access, you can add a FaceTime link to your Android device’s home screen. So if you get a FaceTime meeting link, turn it into a very handy home screen icon so you can join the call with a quick tap. Yeah, it will save you from digging into the app you received the link over and over again!

Interestingly, the FaceTime meeting invitation link remains active for several days. Therefore, you can join the meeting multiple times using the same invitation link. I don’t know how many days after the FaceTime meeting link will expire, Connect your iPhone and Android using a 15-day-old FaceTime link Under test. Sounds like a privacy nightmare, but no one can attend the meeting until the organizer joins.

Now let’s see how to add a FaceTime app shortcut to your Android home screen. Follow the steps below.

1. Open FaceTime Chrome browser link for Android devices. Then tap the vertical 3-dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen. afterwards,”Add to home screen“From the menu” option.


2. Next, “add toClick “” in the pop-up menu to see the action. Now, when you go to the home screen, FaceTime app shortcuts are waiting for you.


Home screen icons aren’t a replacement for the full-on FaceTime app for Android, but they’re a more convenient way to join a call, especially if you’re talking to friends and colleagues on a regular basis.

Make FaceTime calls on your Android device

Here’s how to join a FaceTime call from your Android device. With a full-fledged FaceTime web app, you’d better be able to do more than just attend a meeting, but that’s a big step from Apple. The company has finally enabled Android and Windows users to FaceTime with Apple device owners. What do you think of this big move? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.