How to use FaceTime on a Windows PC

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FaceTime has become a prestigious video calling app in many ways with the latest iOS 15 and macOS Monterey updates. Newly introduced features such as Facetime screen sharing, portrait mode, and audio separation make it quite expensive on demand. But what everyone seems to be paying attention to is FaceTime support on Windows and Android. And it’s no wonder that many people are eager to use FaceTime on Android and Windows devices. Therefore, if you want to test on a Windows PC, see the step-by-step guide on how to use FaceTime on Windows.

How to join a FaceTime call on your Windows PC (2021)

First, let’s review some restrictions and explain what works and what doesn’t in FaceTime for Windows. This makes the task of setting up and using FaceTime on your Windows PC much easier. That said, let’s dive right away.

How does FaceTime work on Windows?

Call it Apple’s strategy to seduce Windows users, or a compulsory decision to avoid fierce competition with video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Google Meet. The Cupertino giant extends beyond its ecosystem. The move to bring FaceTime to Windows is important, but Apple also has some limitations.

Now, many of you have to wonder – how can you install the FaceTime app on your Windows computer? Well, the answer is that you can’t.Apple Video calling app only works through browser On Windows and Android. The video calling app only supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Windows.

How to use Facetime on Windows

In addition, if you want to start a FaceTime meeting, you must first ask a friend who owns an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to: Generate a meeting link And share it with you. That is, you cannot generate FaceTime invitation links on Windows devices. Also, you can only join the meeting if you have a link.

In addition to the list of restrictions, unfortunately FaceTime for Windows Does not support the much talked about SharePlay feature.. This means you can’t join a FaceTime video call to watch a movie with your friends or listen to Apple Music with them.

In a nutshell, FaceTime for Windows allows you to join a meeting only via a link, providing basic controls such as muting / unmuting audio, enabling / disabling video, and using grid layouts. .. Beyond these strict limits, the only good thing is that you will be able to connect with the owner of your Apple device via FaceTime on your Windows computer. And that doesn’t even require you to create an Apple ID account.

How to create a FaceTime invitation link on your Mac

As mentioned above, you need to ping a friend who owns a Mac or iPhone and ask them to create a meeting link to try FaceTime on Windows. If your friends are Mac users, you can create and share FaceTime invitation links by following these steps:

  1. Open the FaceTime app on your Mac and click Create a link..


2. Then click. Small info button Next to the FaceTime link you generated.

Click the info button

3. Then click. share Menu button.

[共有]Click the button

4. Then choose the way you want to share the FaceTime link. You can choose to share the link via the Apple Mail app and the Messages app.In addition, you have the option to Copy the meeting link Share via other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.

Share meeting links

How to create FaceTime invitation links on iPhone and iPad

The guide for making FaceTime calls between iPhone and Android has already covered in detail the process of generating FaceTime invitation links using your iOS device, but here’s a quick review.

1. To get started, launch the FaceTime app on your iOS device and[リンクを作成」 FaceTime通話リンクを生成するボタン。


2.次に、をタップします 情報ボタン FaceTimeリンクの横に表示されます。 次に、をタップします

3.最後に、お好みの方法を使用して、FaceTime招待リンクをWindowsユーザーと共有します。 メッセージ、WhatsApp、電子メール、Facebookメッセンジャーなどを含むいくつかのチャネルを介してそれを共有するオプションがあります。



注意:Windows 10 PCを使用してFaceTimeがWindowsでどのように機能するかをデモしていますが、プロセスは新しく起動されたWindows11および旧世代のWindows8およびWindows7OSでも同じです。

FaceTimeミーティングのリンクを受け取ったら、いくつかの簡単な手順でWindowsデバイスのFaceTime通話に参加できます。 以下のガイドに従ってください。

  1. 開始するには、FaceTimeリンクをクリックして、ChromeまたはEdgeブラウザーで開きます。


2.次に、FaceTime Webエクスペリエンスに名前を入力して、 継続する


3.次に、Webサイトへのカメラとマイクのアクセス許可を提供するように求めるポップアップメッセージが表示されます。 メッセージは次のとおりです— 「はあなたのマイクとカメラを使いたいと思っています。」 許可する」 ポップアップで、FaceTimeがWindowsPCのカメラとマイクの両方にアクセスできるようにします。


4. Next, the green “participateClick the “” button at the bottom left to request the host to start a video call.


5. Should be displayed “Waiting to be put in” Sign. This means that a request has been sent to the host to allow you to join the conversation.

Waiting to be put in

Well, that’s it. If allowed, you can talk to your friends via FaceTime on your Windows[退会]You can unsubscribe from the meeting at any time with the click of a button.

Customize FaceTime controls on Windows

For a better communication experience, FaceTime gives Windows users access to some basic controls over the web. Let me show you how to tweak them.

Go to full screen: If you want to maximize the FaceTime window during a call, click the maximize button. You can minimize the FaceTime window by clicking this button again.

Move to full screen view

Mute FaceTime call audio: Click the microphone button to mute / unmute the audio on your Windows PC.

Mute or unmute audio

Video on / off: Click the video icon to disable / enable video during a call.

Disable FaceTime video

Enable / Disable Grid Layout: If you want to see everyone in your FaceTime call on the grid,[ 3つのドットボタン コントロールセンターから。 その後、「グリッドレイアウト」アイコンは、グリッドビューを有効/無効にします。 「完了」を押してFacetime通話に戻ります。


注意通話中でもFaceTime会議のリンクを共有することもできます。 3つのドットボタンをクリックし、続いて「共有リンク」オプション。 その後、ご希望の連絡先とリンクを共有してください。


友人や同僚にFaceTimeを頻繁に使用する予定がある場合は、FaceTimeブックマークをGoogle Chromeに追加して、手間のかからないアクセスを実現することをお勧めします。 このように、会議のリンクを何度も見つけるために電子メールや会話スレッドを掘り下げる必要はありません。 さらに、毎回新しい会議リンクを作成する必要はありません。 FaceTimeブックマークを自由に使用できるので、数回クリックするだけで会議を開始できます。

FaceTimeミーティングリンクが有効である期間はわかりませんが、リンクが数日間アクティブであることが確認できます。 機能のテスト中に、Androidで友達と2週間前のFaceTimeリンクを使用することができました。 したがって、FaceTimeリンクをブックマークすることをお勧めします。

1.これを行うには、を開きます FaceTimeリンク Chromeで、アドレスバーの右上隅にある星のアイコンをクリックします。 その後、「ブックマークを追加「。


2.次に、必要に応じてブックマークをカスタマイズします。 いつでも簡単にアクセスできるように、名前を「FaceTime」に変更することをお勧めします。


注意MicrosoftEdgeでお気に入りにWebサイトを追加するプロセスも同様に簡単です。 Microsoft EdgeでFaceTimeリンクを開き、アドレスバーの[このページをお気に入りに追加]Just click a button.Then rename your favorite[完了]Click.

Add FaceTime meeting link as a shortcut on the Chrome homepage

For quick access to FaceTime meeting links, add the link as a shortcut to your Chrome home page. If you’re using Chrome faithfully, you already know that the process is very simple. Still, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Google Chrome homepage and click “Add a shortcut“button.

Add a shortcut

2. Here, Appropriate name As a shortcut, paste the FaceTime link URL that your friends are sharing with you. afterwards,”Done“It’s over.

Add FaceTime link shortcuts to Chrome

3. And that’s it. Thanks to this shortcut on the Chrome homepage, you can now join FaceTime calls with your friends without wasting time.

FaceTime shortcut on Chrome homepage

Tips for using FaceTime on Windows like a pro

That’s almost it! You can’t unlock all the features that FaceTime is talking about on Windows, but it’s now easier to stay connected with your friends using your Apple device. So this is a welcome change – finally. Apple has finally shown interest in expanding its presence beyond the closed garden, so a more powerful version of FaceTime may soon be available on Windows. Well, I keep crossing my fingers.

By the way, what do you think of FaceTime for Windows? What changes would you like to make to FaceTime? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section below.