How to use FaceTime eye contact on iPhone and iPad

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Video calling has become a new norm. Unfortunately, you can’t see each other in Video Hangouts unless you stare directly at the camera. But you’re not looking at that person, you’re defeating the whole point! Thankfully, Apple is offering FaceTime eye contact to the iPhone to solve the problem!

Released in iOS 14, this feature shows how Apple handles all the little things. But is FaceTime eye contact so good? And how does it work? Scroll down for more information.

Normally, you don’t stare at the front camera located at the top during video Hangouts. Naturally, when you look at the screen, you look a little below eye level, giving the other person an illusion.

Facetime Eye Contact solves problems by combining augmented reality with advanced computer vision technology. It artificially moves the eyes at the camera level and creates a feeling of direct contact.

Facetime eye contact using augmented reality

Apple first tested this feature on iOS 13 and named it Attention Correction. However, it was discarded and returned as FacetimeEyeContact on iOS 14.

ARKit 3 compatible device

In particular, this technology doesn’t work on all iPhones and iPads. Requires ARKit 3 framework compatibility. It can only be used on the following devices:

  • iPhone 11 and 11 Pro series
  • iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max
  • 11 inch and 12.9 inch 2018 iPad Pro or later
  • iPhone 12 and 13 series

If you have a supported device running iOS 14 or later, the eye contact feature is enabled by default. And while it looks like a thoughtful feature, you may sometimes come across it as a bit creepy.

It feels like the caller is looking at the camera, mostly because they are used to the old style. Therefore, if you don’t want to stare at the caller, you can disable FaceTime eye contact as follows:

  1. Start Setting The app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to select FaceTime From the menu.

    Open Settings and tap FaceTime on your iPhone

  3. Now scroll down and switch off eye contact..

    Turn off Facetime eye contact on iOS 14 on iPhone

And it’s that easy! If you want to enable this feature at any time, repeat the steps to turn it on.

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As I often say, again, Apple is thinking about all the details! You don’t have to look into the eyes of the video sender, but eye contact makes a difference. Especially at certain times when it is difficult and dangerous to meet in person.

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