How to use a Chromebook as a Mac monitor

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If you need additional desktop space, setting up multiple monitors can help. Most Macs can power one or two monitors. However, a decent monitor can eat your wallet. But what if you could use your old (or new) Chromebook as a Mac monitor? Read below for more information.

Can I use my Chromebook as a monitor?

Yes, I can. If your Mac monitor isn’t working, setup is useful. If you have a spare Chromebook, it will work. Alternatively, you can buy an entry-level Chromebook for the price of your monitor. In this way, it can be used for other purposes as well.

The best part is that you don’t need cables or dongles. Your Mac can connect to your Chromebook wirelessly using a third-party app called Duet Display. However, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $ 14.99 to use the app. This article describes how to use your Chromebook as a Mac monitor.

How to set your Chromebook as a secondary monitor on Mac

This process may seem boring, but it’s very simple and very effective. Follow these few steps to get started.

1. Install and configure Duet Display on your Mac

First, you need to prepare your Mac. Download Duet Display. Duet Display requires accessibility and screen permissions. Once installed, grant the required permissions.

Give accessibility: Open System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy → Accessibility.. Click the lock icon to make your changes.

Gives accessibility to install and configure Duet Display on your Mac

Allow recording access: Open System PreferencesSecurity and privacyprivacyScreen recording.. Toggle the backlock icon when you’re done. Then launch Duet Air and sign Sign in to remote desktop..

Allow Duet Display record access on Mac

Finally, you need to enable screen sharing in Duet.Tap profile Left menu Enable screen sharing..

2. Add a Chromebook as the second monitor on your Mac

Install Duet Display on your Chromebook. This procedure requires you to configure your Chromebook as a secondary monitor. Make sure both your Chromebook and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Open duet Chromebook app.
  2. Open duet For Mac Android From the menu.
    Chromebooks are automatically detected on Mac.

    Open Duet on Mac and select Android from the menu

  3. under Discovered deviceclick Click to connect wirelessly..
    If your Chromebook isn’t detected, Manually connect to IP Enter the IP address of your Chromebook.

    Click to connect wirelessly and add your Chromebook to your Mac

  4. Then click Duet icon Switch the display with the menu bar.
    You can choose from Retina display with built-in mirror Also Used as a separate display..

    Choose between a Retina display with a built-in mirror or use as a separate display

  5. pull Move the app to the far right and go to the Chromebook display.

Hint: To change the position of the screen System Preferences display Placement.. In addition, Duet also allows you to use your Chromebook’s keypad and trackpad.

Manage Duet Display settings

Duet Display offers a number of settings for the best user experience. You can change the text size, display the resolution, and select the frame rate. It is important to note that some settings will consume more battery power. Let’s take a closer look at the Duet Display settings.

1. Resolution and text

Duet Display allows you to set various parameters such as frame rate and quality. If your work involves reading in detail, choose a larger text. Reducing the text size allows for more screen elements.

2. Retina

The Retina setting scales up the resolution, or pixel density. In other words, this setting offers the highest possible resolution at the expense of battery life.

3. Frame rate and quality

In the frame rate setting, you can select either 60fps or 30fps. The higher the frame rate, the less lag and the smoother the transition. However, battery life is sacrificed.

Quality settings play an important role when mirroring your Mac display. The higher the quality setting, the less artifacts will be displayed and the higher the battery usage. On the other hand, normal quality is sufficient for general purposes such as browsing the web and checking email.

At first I noticed that there was a slight delay in the Chromebook. After switching to the best setting, the lag is gone. It is recommended to use the best settings with the power supply.


Q. Does the Chromebook function as an external monitor?

Surprisingly, that’s right. The Chromebook also works as a full-fledged laptop when not used as a monitor. This setting may require an external monitor.

Q. How can I use my Chromebook as a monitor for my Windows PC?

Duet Display supports Windows PCs. Yes, you can use your Chromebook as a monitor for your Windows PC.

Q. Is Duet Display free on Chromebooks?

Duet Display is free on Mac. The base version costs $ 14.99 for a lifetime license. The price of the optional subscription is $ 34.99. With in-app purchases, you can use your iPad Pro as a drawing tablet with your Apple Pencil.

Duet Display is functional and provides a consistent experience. The one-time subscription price is reasonable until you feel the need for more features.

For example, the Remote Desktop feature is only available on Duet Air. It will cost an additional $ 24.99 / year. In addition to this, you’ll have to pay $ 34.99 a year to support Apple Pencil. You can also use your iPad as a monitor or drawing pad.

I used the Duet Display based version on Chrome and Mac. The experience was perfect. Using my Chromebook as a secondary monitor, I was able to work without delay for hours. How was your experience using your Chromebook as a Mac monitor? Please share in the comments below.

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