How to update AirTag to the latest firmware

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Since its launch in April 2021, AirTag has received two firmware updates. One is July and the other is August. But is your AirTag familiar with these updates? Unfortunately, downloading the latest firmware is not as easy as tapping the refresh button.

In a way, it’s much easier. Messed up? please do not. This is a detailed guide on how to get the latest AirTag firmware updates. But first, let’s check the functionality.

Expected features: Shh!that’s a secret

The latest AirTag firmware version is 1.0.291 and the build number is 1A291a. However, Apple hasn’t announced any changes that will accompany the firmware, so you may have to roam the storm until you know the details.

In previous versions (1.0.276, 1A287b), some stalking protection was enhanced. In addition, Apple is working on an Android app to help users detect nearby AirTags. Therefore, the consensus around the town is that the firmware has some related secrets hidden inside it.

Enough speculation! Let’s take a look at the firmware you have and how to update it.

How to check AirTag firmware version

  1. Release Find me going to [アイテム]tab.
  2. yours AirTags From the list.
  3. Tap Battery icon Check the AirTag serial number and firmware version.
How to check AirTag firmware version

If you have the latest version, please enjoy it slowly. Also, if you notice significant changes, please share them in the comments section below.

If AirTag didn’t get the latest firmware update, read on.

How to Get the Latest AirTag Firmware: It May Test Your Patience!

Like below AirPods firmware update. There is no update menu to manage the download process. It happens wirelessly via the paired iPhone and everything is done automatically.

However, there is one thing you can be sure of. Remove the AirTag from your bag or wallet and leave it near your iPhone for a while. It usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes to update the firmware.

However, there are no guarantees or hacks to speed up this process. So you may have to put up with it and keep trying until you succeed.

In most cases, Apple is thoughtful and insightful about its OS and device, and I love it. But at times like this, tech giants miss it. If a firmware update is available, why can’t I force the update, or at least receive a notification?

What do you think about the matter? Do you think Apple should incorporate such features into AirTags? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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