How to turn off notifications in Windows 11

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Notifications help users keep up to date with everything that is happening with the set of apps and services installed on their Windows computer. However, a seemingly endless stream of notifications can be overwhelming and tiring. So if you’re looking for a way to disable notifications in Windows 11, for example for a particular app or the entire OS, you’re in the right place. Read through to learn how to turn off notifications in Windows 11 and reduce the distractions of a pro.

Turn off notifications in Windows 11 (2021)

In this article, we’ve added a separate section that describes the different scenarios for receiving notifications and how to disable them. Let’s start the steps to disable notifications in Windows 11 without wasting time.

Caution: This article focuses on disabling notifications in Windows 11. If you haven’t upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or have already rolled back to Windows 10, check out our detailed guide on disabling notifications in Windows 10.

Disable suggested notifications

Nothing bothers me more than a machine that tells me what to do. If you are reading this, the emotions are probably mutual. In Windows 11, Microsoft will send you a recommendation notice to promote the features of Windows 11. This may be useful for beginners, but power users tend to find it redundant and compulsory. If you don’t want to be distracted by the suggested notifications, here’s how to turn them off completely in Windows 11.

1. If you receive the suggested notification banner in Windows 11, you can easily remove it. Click the horizontal 3-dot menu and click Select the “Turn off all suggested notifications” option..

Turn off suggested notifications Windows 11

2. Similarly, you can access the notification panel by clicking the date and time options or by using the new Windows 11 keyboard shortcut Win key + N. Then find the suggested notification, Click “Turn off all suggested notifications” Options below the horizontal 3-dot menu.

Proposed Notification Notification Center

3. As an additional measure, please visit the following website. System-> Notification Scroll down until you find the checkboxes titled “Provide suggestions on how to set up your device” and “Get tips and suggestions for using Windows”. Then turn off these options. Rest assured that Windows 11 won’t bother you with suggestions this way.

Turn off notifications Disable suggestions Windows 11

Disable app notifications from Notification Center

1. Action Center is no longer the home for notifications in Windows 11 and can now be accessed via the date and time system tray icon instead. Therefore, open Notification Center and click on the horizontal 3-dot menu of notifications to get the option to disable notifications in Windows 11.

Turn off notifications from the notification panel

2. From the list of options “<アプリ>Select “Turn off all notifications for” Notifications from that particular app will disappear. Check the next section to turn off all notifications.

Turn off notifications from Notification Center

Turn off all notifications in Windows 11

1. If you want to avoid all the distractions, you can choose to disable notifications altogether in Windows 11. To do this, open the Settings app and go to. System-> Notification,and Disable “Notification” toggle..

Disable all notifications win11

2. If you want to receive notifications undisturbed, enable or disable lock screen notifications, notification sounds, and other options. These options are[設定]of[通知]You can see it when you expand the dropdown.

Hide reminders and disable sound

Disable lock screen notifications

If you prefer the clean look of your lock screen, please visit: System-> Notification And Disable the “Show notifications on lock screen” toggle.. This is one of the features that you don’t need to disable in Windows 11 because Microsoft has removed the quick status icon on the lock screen.

Disable lock screen notification win11

Turn off notifications for individual apps from settings

Microsoft can also easily disable notifications for individual apps in Windows 11. System-> Notification In the settings app, the app that disables notifications[アプリや他の送信者からの通知]Find it in the section.

You can sort by name or recently used apps to make your apps easier to find. Once you find the app, Disable the notification toggle next to the app list. You will no longer receive notifications from that app. You can repeat these steps in other apps as well.

Turn off notifications for individual apps

Disable notification banners in Windows 11

1. There is no universal toggle to disable notification banners in Windows 11, but you can disable features for specific apps individually.visit System-> Notification Click the target app from the Notifications from apps and other senders section.

Turn off notifications for individual apps

2. A check box labeled “” will appear.Display notification banner“. If unchecked, everything will be set. From this screen, you can also disable notifications in the notification center of individual apps.

Turn off notification notification banners in Windows 11

Set notification priority in Windows 11

1. If you don’t want to miss work-related notifications and other important notifications from your favorite apps, you can set them as priorities. Click on the three dot menus for notifications from Notification Center “<アプリ>Select the “Higher priority” option..

Set priority notification w11

2. There is also an option to fine-tune the priority of app notifications from the Settings app.To do this, select your app from the “Apps and notifications from other senders” section below. System-> Notification In the settings app.

Access notification settings win11

3. After opening the notification page of the app, set the notification priority.You can do it App notifications[最高],[高], Or[通常]Set to priority.. Needless to say, important apps should be prioritized so you don’t miss any updates.

Set notification priority in Windows 11

Mute notifications with Focus Assist

The Focus Assist feature, also available in Windows 10, gives you the flexibility to choose when to stay out of the way of notifications. It is automatically activated when you are playing a game or when you are duplicating a display using a second monitor or projector. However, if you want to enable it manually, follow the steps below to turn off notifications in Windows 11.

1. Open the Settings app on your Windows 11 PC and open it Click “Focus Assist” [システム]Below the section.

Open focus assist w11

2. When Focus Assist is enabled, you can choose to show only alarms or notifications from the list of preferred apps. Choose the option that suits your taste.

Enable Focus Assist win11

3. If you choose to receive notifications from the list of preferred apps Click Customize Priority List Specify them.

Customize priority list w11

4. Next Click “Add App” Include apps in your priority list.

Add apps to priority list w11

5. Select an app from the list of apps that appears and you’re ready to will Receive notifications only from these apps When Focus Assist is enabled.

Select app priority list w11

5. You can also use automatic rules to trigger focus assist mode, such as during working hours or playing games. Enable toggle and activate focus mode according to your use case.

Focus assist automatic rules

6. Finally, if you want to switch the focus mode manually instead, open the Action Center and[フォーカスアシスト]Click the toggle to activate or deactivate Focus Assist. If you want to take your productivity to the next level, use a third-party app such as Freedom or Leech Block. You can read more about this in the article about the best apps to focus on your work.

Enable Focus Assist Window 11

Clear all notifications in Windows 11

The final tip before closing this article is the ability to quickly close notifications with a click. Windows 11 is convenient “Clear all” button Allows users to reject unwanted notifications in bulk.

To do this, click the Date and Time UI or use the new keyboard shortcut Windows + N to open Notification Center. When you get there, you’ll notice the following: New “Clear All” button It is in the upper right. Click on it to close all notifications in Windows 11.

Clear all notifications in Windows 11

Disable distracting notifications on Windows 11 PCs

If you’re an avid Windows user, you may have noticed that the steps to disable notifications in Windows 11 haven’t changed much compared to Windows 10. That said, I hope this article is useful for users trying out Windows 11. For the first time, or with all the cool new features in Windows 11, you’ve switched from Mac to Windows PC. If you found this guide helpful, check out our article on how to take screenshots in Windows 11 and how to check your screen on time in Windows 11.