How to turn off Google Trend Search on iPhone and Mac

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Enter the desired query in the Google search bar to see trend keywords. In most cases, these are useful. But if you don’t care what people are searching for, you can easily get rid of trend searches on Google on iPhone and Mac. Let me show you how.

What are Trend Search Candidates on Google?

Let’s explain this with two examples. Enter the word Apple in a Google search to see some suggestions such as Apple iPhone, your local Apple Store, and Apple’s stock price.

What are the trend search suggestions on Google

Similarly, searching for a celebrity will show its salary, net worth, girlfriend, age, Instagram account, and more.

Examples of trend search suggestions on Google

If you don’t like them appearing in your search, here’s how to turn them off for a clean experience.

How to get rid of trend search from Google on iPhone

In Google Chrome

Are you one of those who like Google Chrome as your default iPhone browser? If yes, here’s how to disable trend search in the world’s most popular browsers:

  1. Open Chrome and tap Your profile picture It is in the upper right.
  2. Toggle off Autocomplete search and URL..
  3. Finally, tap Done..

    How to remove trend search from Google Chrome on iPhone

Professional tips: Want to temporarily turn off trend search on Google?Tap 3 dot icons Tap at the bottom right New secret tab.. Browsing in private mode where you won’t see trend searches or suggestions.

[新しいシークレット]Open a tab to hide the trending Google suggestions

In Safari

If you prefer the iPhone’s built-in browser, see How to turn off Google’s suggestions.

  1. Open Setting Tap Safari..
  2. Toggle off Search engine suggestions..
  3. option: You can go one step further and turn it off Safari suggestions..

    How to remove Google Trends Search from Safari on iPhone

On the Google website in any browser

  1. Go to or, in the case of India, go to a country-specific Google URL such as
  2. Tap Hamburger icon It is on the upper left.
  3. Tap Setting..
  4. [トレンド検索のオートコンプリート]so,[人気のある検索を表示しない
  5. 最後に、をタップします セーブ



  1. クリック 3つの垂直ドット 右上で選択します 設定

    Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of Chrome to[設定]Choose

  2. click Sync and Google services..


  3. Toggle off Autocomplete search and URL..

    Turn off autocomplete search and URLs

Report Google’s autocomplete forecast

If you don’t like a particular forecast, you can report it instead of turning it off altogether. Google may take action and remove it from the predictions if it violates their terms.

Here’s how to report Google’s autocomplete forecasts:

  1. When you find a suggestion on, press and hold it.
  2. Tap Report this..
  3. Select and tap the appropriate feedback Send..

    Report Google's autocomplete forecast

If you are using the Google app (I) Button to report forecast.

This is a way to turn off trend search and forecasting on Google on iPhone and Mac. We hope you find this quick guide useful.

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