How to take scroll screenshots on Android 12

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Android 12 introduces a lot of exciting new features, but if there’s one of the most practical features that has been demanded over the years, it’s necessary to scroll through the screenshots. Now, finally, Google has released the long-awaited scroll screenshot feature on Android 12. So if you’re running Android 12 on your device, here’s how to capture long scrolling screenshots independent of third-party apps:

Take scroll screenshots on Android 12 (2021)

Screenshot scrolling support on Android is good news for users who need to share multiple screenshots every day. Unlike most third-party apps that stitch multiple screenshots together, Android natively implements screenshot scrolling in the Android 12 update.

We’ve elaborated on why scrolling screenshots are so special and how to capture screenshots on Android 12 devices. Also, if you do not have a device that supports Android 12, we will support it here. Contains recommendations for third-party apps that allow you to capture scrolling screenshots on your Android phone. Let’s get started!

What are Android 12 scroll screenshots?

Generally, when you take a screenshot, it captures what is currently displayed on the screen. This may be sufficient for some users, but the vast majority of Android users have always wanted to capture long screenshots. So what is the purpose of the long screenshot? Scrolling the screenshot not only captures what you see on the screen, but you can also extend the screenshot to include all the content. In this way, you can share an entire web page or document without taking multiple screenshots.

Android 12’s screenshot scrolling feature allows you to capture scrollable content so you can share it seamlessly with friends, family and colleagues in one go. According to Google Screenshot scrolling works in most apps As long as your app uses a standard view-based UI. If your app uses a custom UI instead, Google has introduced a new ScrollCapture API that app developers can use to add support for scrolling screenshots to their app.

Since the third beta build of Android 12, the screenshot scrolling feature works for apps that use a view-based UI. It doesn’t work in the browser at this time. However, Google has promised to support scrolling list views in the next beta release. We also plan to start supporting WebViews, so you can take screenshots from your favorite Android web browser with a stable Android 12 release.

How to capture scrolling screenshots on Android 12

1. Open the target app and take a screenshot as you normally would on your Android device. Press and hold the power button and volume down key to capture a screenshot.You are now See the new “Capture More” button Screenshot preview in the lower left corner of the screen. Tap it to access the scrolling screenshot UI.

Android 12 scroll screenshot

2. When viewing the scroll screenshot UI Hold down the bottom of the screenshot area highlighter and drag Adjust the area you want to cover in the screenshot. Drag the selection to see a magnified preview so you can easily see where to stop.

Adjust the capture area of ​​scrolling screenshots

3. After selecting the content you want to display in the screenshot, click “saveTo save the scrolling screenshot, press the “” button in the upper left corner.

Save scroll screenshot

4. You can now use the Screenshot UI to further edit and annotate the image.You can do it Tap the pencil button To edit the screenshot, it’s in the lower right corner. The screenshot editing interface opens as soon as you tap this button. Here you can crop images, add text, highlight specific areas, and more.

Edit the scrolling screenshot

5. You also have the option to share screenshots directly from the screenshot UI.You can do it Tap the “Share” button Open the Android sharing sheet in the upper right corner. Then you can select a contact or target app. You can also use Nearby Share to share screenshots with other Android device owners.

Share screenshots

To better understand how everything works, here’s a GIF showing the entire flow of capturing scrolling screenshots on Android 12.

Android 12 scroll screenshot alternative: LongShot

Long shot interface

If your smartphone is waiting for an Android 12 update, or if you’re not happy with the Android 12 screenshot scrolling feature, try using a third-party screenshot app. One of the best apps for long screenshots is Long Shot.

Install the app and capture scrolling screenshots from the app or website, or combine multiple screenshots from the gallery to create one long screenshot. For detailed steps, check out the app from the links below or see our guide on how to take scrolling screenshots on your Android device.

Download LongShot (free, with ads, offering in-app purchases)

Easily capture long screenshots on Android 12

Screenshot scrolling is arguably one of the most requested features on Android. In fact, this feature was planned to be available on Android 11, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Google has had a great time implementing the scroll screenshot feature, and we’re happy that it’s finally here. For more new features that Google has introduced in Android 12, see our article on the best features in Android 12. Also, if your phone doesn’t receive Android 12, check out the linked articles to get Android 12 features on any phone. It also includes an app to get the Android 12 Privacy Dashboard on any phone. So go ahead and check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.