How to stop automatic updates in Windows 11

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Microsoft has deployed a Windows 11 preview build insider, offering a myriad of cool new features and upgrades that surpass its predecessor. However, the OS retains some of the old quirks of Windows 10. One is automatic updates that inspire power users endlessly. To make matters worse, like Windows 10, Microsoft doesn’t even offer an easy way to stop or turn off automatic updates for Windows 11. So if you’re considering putting an end to this annoying problem, here’s how to prevent it. Windows 11 will be updated automatically from download and installation.

Stopping automatic updates in Windows 11: Detailed Guide (2021)

Microsoft may not provide a one-click solution to stop automatic updates in Windows 11, but you can use some nifty tricks to disable automatic updates. So today, we’ll tackle the Windows 11 auto-update issue and see all the ways you can stop auto-update on Microsoft’s latest desktop operating systems.

Note: This article details the process of disabling automatic updates in Windows 11. If you’re a Windows 10 user, check out our guide on how to stop automatic updates on Windows 10...

Method 1: Pause automatic update in Windows 11

One of the easiest ways to prevent automatic updates in Windows is Use the Pause Updates option.. However, as the name implies, this is not a permanent solution as it suspends automatic updates for only 7 days and does not stop them altogether. Still, it can be useful in certain situations, so here’s how to suspend Windows 11 updates for a week:

  • To pause the automatic update of Windows 11,Settings-> Windows UpdateClick “”Pause for a week“.

Your computer will not automatically download updates for the next 7 days. Of course, you can manually update your PC at any time during this period.

Method 2: Set up a pay-as-you-go connection

Another nifty trick to disable Windows 11 auto-update is to specify a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection as pay-as-you-go. Windows 11 does not automatically download updates over a pay-as-you-go connection. In other words, you can limit automatic system updates in this way. Method is as follows.

  • Open the settings (using the Windows key + I shortcut) and clickNetwork and internetFrom the left sidebar. This will show you the network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) to which your PC is connected. click “PropertyIs used for the current connection.

  • On the next page,Pay-as-you-go connection“toggle.

  • By default, Windows does not automatically download updates over a pay-as-you-go connection. To make sure that the settings on your device haven’t changed in any way,Settings-> Windows Update-> Advanced Options“. here,”Download via pay-as-you-go connectionThe option is turned off.

You can configure multiple connections as pay-as-you-go in Windows 11 so you can stop automatic updates for all practical purposes. Of course, you can manually download and install updates at any time via a pay-as-you-go connection.

Method 3: Disable Windows 11 Update Service

One way to stop Windows 11 automatic updates for all types of internet connections is to disable the Windows Update service. To do this, follow these steps:

  • RunDialog box (using Windows key + R shortcut), type: services.msc In the text field, press Enter.

  • [サービス]In the window, scroll to the bottom[Windows Update「。 これにより、WindowsUpdateのプロパティウィンドウが開きます。

  • プロパティウィンドウで、「一般まだそこにいない場合は、「」タブ。 次に、「無効「スタートアップの種類」の横にあるドロップダウンメニューから」を選択し、「OK」または「適用」をクリックして更新設定を保存します。

Windows 11で自動更新を無効化、ブロック、またはオフにする方法

それでおしまい。 Windows11デバイスは自動的に更新されなくなります。 また、Windows 11 PCで自動更新を再度有効にする場合は、パスをたどって「自動「スタートアップタイプ」ドロップダウンメニューから」。


注意 レジストリに変更を加えると、Windowsのインストールが混乱する可能性があるため、実行していることに注意してください。 また、先に進む前に、システムの復元ポイントを有効にして作成する必要があります。 リンク先の記事ではデモにWindows10を使用していますが、方法はWindows11でも同じです。


  • まず、コンピューターでWindowsレジストリエディターを開きます。 これを行うには、Windows Searchで「Regedit」(引用符なし)を検索し、最初の結果をクリックします。

  • レジストリエディタウィンドウで、左側のサイドバーを使用して次の場所に移動します。 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows
  • 次に、キーが呼び出されたかどうかを確認します WindowsUpdate Windowsフォルダにすでに存在します。 はいの場合は、次の手順に進みます。 そうでない場合は、ここで新しいキーを作成し、「WindowsUpdate」という名前を付けます。 キーを作成するには、Windowsフォルダーを右クリックして、[新規>キー「。

  • WindowsUpdateキーがすでに存在する場合は、 「AU」というキーを見つけます そのフォルダに。 そこにない場合は、WindowsUpdateの下に新しいキーを作成し、それをAUと呼びます。 いずれの場合も、AUキーの下に新しいDWORD(32ビット値)を作成します。
  • これを行うには、左側のサイドバーのAUを右クリックして、「新規> DWORD(32ビット値)「。 このエントリに「NoAutoUpdate” (引用符なし)。

Windows 11で自動更新を無効化、ブロック、またはオフにする方法

  • 最後に、新しく作成したDWORDをダブルクリックして その値を0から1に変更します。[OK]Click to save your changes.

How to disable, block, or turn off automatic updates in Windows 11

The changes will take effect when you restart your PC. Doing this will completely disable automatic updates on your Windows 11 computer.

Method 5: Disable Windows 11 automatic updates using Group Policy

Note: Group Policy Editor is not officially available on Windows 11 Home. However, you can enable Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home by following this guide. The method described in the linked article was originally designed for Windows 10, but it also works perfectly on Windows 11.

  • First, open the Local Group Policy Editor on your computer. To do this,RunDialog box (Windows key + R shortcut).Enter here gpedit.msc Press Enter to open the Group Policy Editor.

  • [グループポリシーエディター]In the window, use the left sidebar to go to the next path. Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Manage end user experience..
  • Then, in the right pane,Configure Windows Update“.

  • On the auto-update configuration page,InvalidClick “”OKOr “ApplySelect and save. This will turn off automatic updates for your Windows 11 PC.

Disable Windows 11 automatic updates using Group Policy

Note: If the status of this policy is set to “Disabled”, all available updates must be manually downloaded and installed...

Method 6: Use Windows Update Blocker Utility

In addition to the built-in tools, you can also use a third-party freeware called Windows Update blocker Stops automatic Windows updates in Windows 11. Originally coded for Windows 10, portable programs work perfectly on Windows 11. Provides a one-click solution for blocking Windows Update And it’s the most convenient option ever. To use the Windows Update blocker utility to disable or turn off automatic updates in Windows 11:

  • Download and unzip the Windows Update blocker (free) on your Windows 11 PC. Then double-click the Wub.exe or Wub_x64.exe file to run it on a 64-bit system.

Note: To extract WUB files, you need a file archiver tool such as WinRAR, WinZip, 7Zip. All of these are free to use and the last program is also an open source program (FOSS)...

  • When the app is loaded, “Disable updatesIn the “” option, check “Protect service settings” and click “Apply nowClick to save the new Windows Update settings.

How to disable, block, or turn off automatic updates in Windows 11

  • Then the service status icon turns red to indicate that the Windows Update service was successfully blocked.

How to disable, block, or turn off automatic updates in Windows 11

With this third party utility[更新を有効にする]Select and[今すぐ適用]You can re-enable automatic updates in Windows 11 by clicking.

Disable automatic updates on Windows 11 computers

Automatic updates are a big pain for Windows users. This is because the update consumes a lot of data on the connection, not only because it is not intended for excessive data consumption, but also because it loses user selection. Hopefully the detailed guide here will help you disable or stop the automatic updates of your Windows 11 computer. Once you’ve completed your efforts for automatic updates, check out some of the other Windows 11 tutorials. Learn how to revert to a Windows 10-style Start menu design with a Win11 installation and how to change the default browser for Windows 11.