How to speed up video on iPhone / iPad (2022)

You probably shoot a lot of video from your iPhone or iPad, but when I say there are times when you need to speed up the video on Instagram reels and stories, or maybe to fit it, you do this I think it’s related to just reduce the size and send. Whatever the reason, the good news is that you can easily speed up your videos on your iPhone and iPad. Here’s how.

3 Ways to Speed ​​Up Video on iPhone and iPad (2022)

The Stock Photo app is more than just enough to meet your basic photo editing and video editing needs, but with some limitations. So if you want to speed up regular video by a factor of 2 and even up to 12 times, this article will explain. As always, you can use the table of contents below to navigate to the section that best suits your needs.

Speed ​​up slow motion videos using the iPhone and iPad Photos app

If you want to convert slow motion video to normal speed, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t really need a third party app. The Stock Photo app has all the tools you need. Find out how to speed up slow motion video on your iPhone.

  • Open the photo on your iPhone and go to the slow motion video you want to speed up.Here in the upper right corner[編集]Tap.
Edit slow motion video iphone photo app
  • A speed indicator appears just below the timeline. Lines that are close to each other show areas of normal velocity, and lines that are further apart (marked in the screenshot) show the slow motion part of the video.
Slow motion part of the video highlighted in the photo app
  • All you need to do is drag the vertical bars at both ends of the slo-mo section of the video so that all the vertical lines are close to each other.
Slow motion video speed up iphone photo app
  • now, Tap “Done” That’s it; the video will be saved at normal speed.

that’s it! Adjusted the video speed of your iOS device successfully. If you change your mind later and want to convert this video clip to slow motion video again, open the video and tap it. edit Top right option.Then hit Undo Select in the lower right corner of the screen Undo..

Speed ​​up your videos with iMovie on your iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, the Photo app can speed up slow motion video, but it can’t be used to speed up regular video (24FPS / 25FPS / 30FPS / 60FPS). That’s where Apple’s iMovie (installation) app comes in. With this app, you can speed up regular videos up to twice as fast.

1. Open iMovie On your iPhone or iPad, tap “+” Click the button to start a new project.

Open the iMovie app on your iPhone or iPad

2. Here, movie Options on the New Project screen.Then tap media Options in the upper left corner of the screen.

Tap Media in iMovie on iOS and iPad OS

3. Then tap video after that Select a folder Where your video is located. If you want to fine-tune the speed of your slow motion video, select the slow motion folder.

Select the video you want to edit in iMovie on iPhone and iPad

4. Select the video you want to edit and tap “Make a movie” Options displayed at the bottom.

How to speed up video on iPhone and iPad

5. With the project open in iMovie Tap the video clip Access the editing tools in the timeline.Then tap Speed ​​editor (Looks like a clock icon) It’s at the bottom. Yellow bars with range handles appear at both ends of the clip.

Access SpeedEditor tools in iMovie on iPhone and iPad

Professional Hint: Hint:

  • If you want to create a range in the clip, drag the yellow range handle.Then tap addition Create another range in the Inspector.

6. The speed control displays a series of lines like this: Turtle icon The left end represents slow-mo, Rabbit icon The right end shows the speed. The video speed (that is, 1x) is displayed right next to the rabbit icon.

  • next, Drag the slider to the right To speed up the video. To slow down the video clip, Drag the slider to the left..
  • Drag the slider to see the relative velocity below the clip. 2x means twice the standard speed (1x), while 1 / 2x is half the normal speed.
Tweak video speed in iMovie on iPhone and iPad

Professional tips:

  • To create an additional range, simply tap a video clip outside the selected range.Or in the inspector[追加]You can also tap to create a range border at the playhead position.
  • You can drag the yellow range handle to fine-tune the range, and then use the slider to fine-tune the speed of the range.
  • Note that each range you create is represented by a white vertical line that appears at the bottom of the clip.
  • If it doesn’t work or you want to start over, reset Inspector button. After editing the video, tap anywhere outside the inspector to close the video.

7. Finally, be sure to tap end Confirm your changes.

[完了]Tap to confirm your changes

Professional tips:

  • iMovie is designed to maintain the pitch of audio clips that slow down or speed up.
  • To change this behavior Project settings Press the button and then tap to turn it on “Speed ​​changes pitch”..
  • This will result in higher recorded audio at higher speeds and vice versa.

The best third party app for adjusting video speed on iPhone and iPad

The App Store has a ton of video speed editors, but not all provide an efficient way to adjust speed. Having tried several apps, I’ve listed three notable options. In addition to speeding up and slowing down video clips, you can also use a variety of filters and effects to enhance your clips.

1. Low speed high speed motion video editor

“SlowFast Motion Video Editor” is easy to use and works reliably to speed up or slow down video clips on your iPhone or iPad.You can use it Increase video speed up to 2x and down to 1/4.. If desired, you can choose to apply speed changes to multiple sections of the video clip. In addition, the app will automatically fine-tune the audio pitch to allow you to save your video in full resolution.

Slow and fast motion video editor for iOS

install: (Free, premium version available for $ 4.99 per month)

2. Video Speed ​​Editor Slow & Fast

Another simple and highly efficient video speed editor you should try is “Video Speed”. You can use this to split a video clip into multiple short clips and set the priority speed for each clip.It enables you Makes videos up to 8x faster and -8x slower.. With some overlay shapes, filter effects, and background music available, VideoSpeed ​​can also make your clips beautiful.

Video Speed ​​app for iPhone and iPad

install: (Free, premium version available for $ 4.99 per month)

3. SloMo Video Editor

SloMo Video Editor is a feature-rich video speed editor for iPhone and iPad that allows you to adjust the video speed with the controls you need. Perhaps the biggest highlight of this video editor is Edit video speeds up to 240fps or 12x faster / slower.. It also provides the flexibility to fine-tune the speed of the video clip from a particular frame. Combined with a fairly solid library of music tracks and various filters, it seems to be well equipped as a useful asset for creating short video clips for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Reels.

Slow motion video editor for iOS

install: (3-day free trial, $ 9.99 / month)

Easily speed up or slow down videos on your iPhone

In short, it’s a way to fine-tune the speed of your video clips on your iOS / iPad OS device. As mentioned above, the stock photo app and iMovie can meet your basic demands. However, if you want better control and speed adjustment, a third-party app may be more suitable for your needs. Anyway, please let us know your preferred method. Also, please share your feedback in the comments section below.