How to sign a document on iPhone, iPad, Mac

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How to digitally sign a document from iPhone or Mac? It’s not a serious question, but it happens occasionally with digital contracts, urgent receipts, self-certification, etc. The good news is that you can create signatures and sign documents in different ways on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. ..

I explained each of these in detail. So choose the one that suits your bill. let’s start!

How to sign a document on iPhone and iPad

Thanks to the magic of markup tools, you can easily create handwritten signatures and use them to sign PDFs and photos from your iPhone or iPad.

Choose the appropriate method from the following, depending on the location or type of file and ease of use.

I. Sign the PDF on your iPhone using the File app

  1. Open File app Select a PDF document.
  2. Tap Markup icon.
  3. choose + Icon Tap signature.
  4. Code Use your finger or a compatible stylus.
  5. Tap Sunny Start over Done If you are satisfied.
    The signature appears in the document.

    Create a signature on your iPhone using the Files app

  6. Resize it as needed and move it to the desired location.
  7. Press and hold the signature Cut, copy, Delete Or Duplicate signature.
  8. Tap Done save.

    Add signature to iPhone using File app

Caution: Once saved, the changes are irreversible. Therefore, if you are not sure, duplicate the file before signing.

To add more signatures:

Go to File App → PDFMarkup icon+ Icon signatureAdd or remove signature + Icon → sign → tap Done..

Add or remove signatures on iPhone

II. Sign documents scanned on iPhone using the Notes app

Unfortunately, you can’t insert a signature into a regular note. This feature is only available when you scan a document through the Notes app or add a photo or PDF to your notes.

  1. Tap the scanned document / PDF / photo to open it Note app..
  2. Tap Share icon It is in the upper right.
  3. choose Markup Options from shared sheets.

    Tap the share icon and select Markup in the iOS Notes app

  4. hit + Icon Select at the bottom right signature..

    Sign documents scanned on iPhone using the Notes app

Then create a signature or choose from the saved signatures.Tap Done Save your changes.

III. Sign a document with a photo on your iPhone

You may need to self-certify your ID and share it. Alternatively, you may receive a photo of your signature receipt instead of a PDF. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the document and use the Photo app to add your signature. This is the easiest way to sign a document on your iPhone.

  1. Start Photo Open the app and open the photo or document you want to sign.
  2. Tap Edit It is in the upper right.
  3. here, 3 dot icon It is in the upper right.

    Open the photo you want to sign[編集]Tap and select the three dot icon

  4. Tap Markup + Iconsignature..

    Sign a document with an iPhone photo

As shown in the previous section signatureEdit It → tap Done → Hit Done Again to see the changes.

Note: Thanks to the undo feature, this is the only way you can undo or delete your signature.

IV. Sign and send documents via Apple’s email app

Did you receive an email with a file that requires a digital signature? Well, you can manage it from Apple’s native email app itself.

Just tap File Select → to open / preview Markup tool → Repeat the drill described in the previous section.

Sign files directly from the iPhone Mail app

Caution: I also tested the features of the Gmail and Spark apps, but they didn’t work.

How to sign a document Mac

Again, markup tools can help. However, since you can’t touch the Mac screen, how do you sign your name and initials with a dotted line?

Surprisingly, Apple has introduced three smart ways to the preview app to help you do so. Let’s check them out.

Add signature to PDF in Mac preview

  1. Open the document with preview..
  2. Go to the page that requires your signature.
  3. click Markup icon It is in the upper right.

    Click the markup icon in the Mac preview

  4. next, signature icon..
  5. Select a signature from the list or click Create a signature..

    [署名]Click the icon, select a signature from the list,[署名の作成]Click

There are three options here. Let’s understand each in detail.

3 options for creating a signature

I. Create a signature using the trackpad

  1. Please Confirm Trackpad tab Select and select Click here to get started..
  2. Now, Slide your finger Create a signature on the trackpad and press any key to stop.

    Create a signature on your Mac using the trackpad

  3. click Sunny Or try again Done Save the signature.

    Sign PDF document on Mac using preview

II. Create a signature using your Mac’s camera

  1. Go to Camera tab..
  2. Sign on to the white paper and show it to your camera.

    Create a signature using a Mac camera

  3. The Mac reads and displays a mirror image of the signature.Please click Done Save it.

    Mac reads and displays a mirror image of the signature

Caution: Try using plain paper. Otherwise, this can happen. (27)

III. Create a signature on your Mac using your iPhone

  1. Open iPhone tab..
  2. The paired iPhone will immediately have a similar screen.
    Rotate sideways for easy access.
  3. Sign with your finger or stylus. It will be reflected on the Mac screen immediately.

    Sign with your finger or stylus

  4. Tap Done Save your signature on your iPhone or Mac.

    On iPhone or Mac[完了]Tap to save your signature

After creating the signature and inserting it into the file Resize And Moving Move to the desired location → Press Command + S Save your changes.

Sign a document with email on your Mac

You can directly sign the PDF or photo attached to the email. The good thing is that you’re not limited to native email apps. Almost all third-party email apps support this feature.

  1. Open the email with the attachment you want to sign.
  2. Double click Attachment; it opens in preview..
  3. Then click Markup iconsignatureAdd sign..

    Sign a document with email on your Mac

  4. Save the copy to your Mac, reconnect and share.

    Save a copy to your Mac, reconnect and share

How to create a transparent signature on Mac

Why do I need a copy of the signature without a background? This is because you cannot use markup to sign Word documents or files in other formats.

You can also sign digital artwork and add personalized signatures to your emails. This trick helps you do more than that.

  1. Take at random screenshot Of your screen.
  2. Open the screenshot with preview Click Markup tool.
  3. Click instantAlpha tool (Icon like a cane).

    Click Instant Alpha Tool in Mac Preview

  4. Drag the cursor Cross the photo until it’s completely pink.
  5. Now press Delete With keyboard Twice Do not release the cursor. (38)
  6. Insert the signature in an empty frame and enlarge it as much as possible.

    Insert signature in empty frame

  7. At the end, File Click from the menu bar Export..

    From the menu bar[ファイル]Go to[エクスポート]Click
    Save the image as PNG, TIFF, or JPEG 2000 (a format that supports the alpha channel) and make sure the setting is enabled to maintain the transparency of the background... (40,40a)

When you’re done, feel free to use this image. Here is an example.

Create a transparent signature on your Mac

How to delete saved signatures from iPhone, iPad, Mac

Did you not want to keep your signature for security reasons, or was your signature too interesting and needed cleanup? Whatever the reason, this is the way you can do it.

From iPhone and iPad

  1. Open a PDF file or photo and Markup tool..
  2. Tap + Icon signature Select Add or remove signature..
  3. Now tap -icon → Select Delete..
  4. Tap Done Get out.

    Delete the saved signature from your iPhone or iPad

From Mac

  1. Open a document or photo with preview Click Markup icon..
  2. click Signature icon Just move the cursor to the signature.
  3. choose X icon Delete it.

    Delete the saved signature from Mac

Huff! Who knew that there were many options for creating digital signatures and signing documents using iPhone, iPad, and Mac? All love for Apple developers for incorporating such useful gems into their markup tools.

I hope you found this article useful. Feel free to ask any relevant questions or questions in the comments section below. We will be happy to help you.

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