How to share Apple Books with your family on iPhone

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Have you ever come across a fascinating book on Apple Books and wanted to share it with someone? The good news is that you can easily share it with your family on your iPhone or iPad.

With iOS, you can share all your purchases and content with your family. Apple Books is no exception. I’ll show you how to do that in this article.

How to Share Apple Books with Family Sharing

To share a book from Apple Books via Family Sharing, you must first make sure that the book is set up on your Apple device. Only then will your family have access to your library.

If you haven’t set it yet, read it together.

Set up family sharing on your iPhone

  1. Open Configuration..
  2. yours name..
  3. In this section, tap Family sharing..
  4. Tap Add member..

    Add members to iPhone Family Sharing

  5. Then tap Invite people..
  6. Now select the one you want in the spreadsheet option Send an invitation.
  7. or, You can also tap Invite directly Follow the onscreen instructions to set up Family Sharing.

    Set up Family Sharing on your iPhone to share Apple Books

Access books purchased through Family Sharing

  1. Open Book App.
    If you are reading a book, quit[今すぐ読む]Go to the screen.
  2. yours Profile photo It is in the upper right.
  3. under Family purchase In the section, tap Family name The person who bought the book.
  4. Tap Book..
  5. Browse books through now Genre Also Search field..
  6. Finally, tap Download icon To download and tap a book read To read it.

Fun facts: You can set up family sharing without sharing your purchased Apple Books. For more information, see How to hide purchases on the App Store.

This method is easy, but you can only share the link to the book with both Android and iOS users, not the actual book. So it’s perfect if you just want to recommend a book to someone.

Here’s how to share the link:

  1. Open Book..
  2. Tap 3 dot icons Below the cover image of the book you want to share.
  3. On this shared sheet, tap Share book..
  4. once again, Choose The desired option for sending the link.

    Share Apple Books without sharing with family via links

  5. now, send Link.

Give your family an Apple Book

Besides sharing your purchased books with your family, you have another option to give them a book and surprise someone. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open iTunes shop..
  2. Find out Book Use the search field.
  3. Tap Share icon It is on the upper left.
  4. Now tap gift In a spreadsheet.
  5. Enter the recipient email address..
    Note: You can also set a custom delivery date.

    Share your Apple Book by tapping the gift icon from your iPhone spreadsheet

  6. Tap when you’re done Next..
  7. Then select theme..
  8. Tap Nextbuy..

    Buy an Apple Book from your iPhone and share it with your family

  9. Please enter your ~ Apple ID credentials When Authenticate biometrics Complete the purchase.

that’s it! The purchase is now complete and the gift will be sent to a specific recipient on the date you set.

Here’s how to share Apple Books with family and friends. There’s no way to share Apple Books without family sharing, but you can share the link and ask to buy it yourself.

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