How to share a live location with your friends on Strava in 2021

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Strava is arguably a popular choice among runners and cyclists because of its robust activity tracking and social capabilities. The free version of the app provides basic features such as activity recording and access to Strava’s social networks, but the company has long put live location tracking behind its subscriptions. Well, no more. Recently, Strava has made the live location sharing feature “Beacon” available to all users for free. So if you want your friends and family to keep your running path up to date, we’ll show you how to share your live location on Strava.

Share live locations with friends on Strava (2021)

What is a Strava Beacon?

Strava Beacon is a live location sharing service with a popular running app. With a beacon You can share your location up to 3 people.. You can choose these safety contacts within the app.Just before it starts running, the app will generate a unique URL You can share it with your safety contacts. Link sharing is done via SMS messages, but you can also manually share the link using one of the secure messaging apps.

Strava Beacon is free to use on your mobile phone, but you need a Strava subscription to use Beacon on compatible Garmin devices and Apple Watch Series 2 and later models. To get it out of the way, read the next section to find out how to set up your safety contacts and use Strava Beacon on your iPhone or Android device.

Set up a safety contact on Strava

Note: Demonstrate how the feature works using an Android device, but the steps are the same for iOS.

1. Open Strava Press “Record” From the bottom navigation bar. When the run / cycling record screen is displayed, Tap the beacon icon From the bottom panel.

Set strava beacon

2. A toggle is displayed Enable “Beaconfor Mobile”.. When turned on, the Add Safety Contact option is displayed. You can add up to 3 safety contacts to share your location on Strava.

Add safety contact strava

3. Go through the contact list and select up to 3 contacts. Press the save button When you’re done, it’s in the upper right corner.

Save safety contacts

4. You can choose to customize the invitation message that accompanies the tracking link before sharing your live location. All you have to do is tap “Message” and customize the predefined template as needed.

Edit Invitation Text Strava

Share a live location with Strava Beacon

  1. After setting the safety contacts [ビーコンテキストを送信]Tap the button Before starting execution. A sharing sheet will pop up with the option to share the link to the messaging app.
Send Beacon

2. You can now send an SMS to your contacts. Alternatively, you can copy the link and share it on your preferred messaging platform. When the recipient opens the Strava link, the execution path is displayed along with the live location. In particular, anyone who knows the link can view this data in a browser, No need to install the Strava app..

Open Live Sharing Link-Share Live Location Strava

3. Expand the status section to see additional statistics such as mileage, active time, and runner’s phone battery percentage. As you can see in the second image below, we’ve paused execution, so the status is actively synced.

View detailed statistics-Share live location Strava

Share orchids with friends on Strava

Here’s how to use Strava Beacon to share a live location when tracking executions in your Strava app. This feature should be especially useful when you are exploring new run segments in your own city alone. And if you’re looking for other ways to improve your fitness, check out our article on the best training apps to stay healthy.