How to share a live location with someone with iMessage on iPhone

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Sharing your location is useful if you want your family and friends to keep their estimated time of arrival up to date. In addition, real-time location sharing can help you keep track of your child’s whereabouts. Thanks to its seamless integration with Apple Maps, iMessage on your iPhone makes it easy to share your live location with someone. And if you’re not a fan of iOS stock navigation apps, you can now share your location using Google Maps via iMessage on your iPhone. Now let me help you set up real-time location sharing with iMessage.

How to share a live location with someone via iMessage on iPhone (2021)

Live location sharing with iMessage has been around for years on the iPhone. Therefore, you can use this feature even if you are running an older version of iOS. Google Maps has recently been updated to allow live location sharing via iMessage. It’s worth pointing out that live location sharing was already available within the Google Maps app (Tap Blue dot-> Share your location).

To make it easier to share your location, Google has added a cool feature Live location sharing widget A popular navigation app on iMessage. So the next time you update your friends about ETA, you’ll see the Google Maps widget inside iMessage itself. It’s pretty cool.

Prerequisites for sharing live locations on iPhone

1. First, “Share my location“” In the “Find me” setting for your device. for that purpose, Settings-> Apple ID-> Find My.. next,”Share my location“Optional.


2. Make sure the Messages app has access to your location.Open the Settings app and go to Privacy-> Location Services-> Messages.. To achieve a seamless live location sharing experience,While using the appThe “” option in the “Allow location access” section. Also,”Exact locationThe toggle is turned on.

Allow the Messages app to access your location-Share your location with iMessage on your iPhone

Share real-time location with iMessage on iPhone using Apple Maps

If you’re an Apple Maps user, take a look at how iMessage allows you to share your real-time location with friends and family.

1. Start message Select the iPhone app and select the preferred conversation thread.

2. Then tap Person’s name At the top.

Tap the name in the top center

3. Next, “Share my locationOptions on the contact details page.


4. You can now choose from three options:

  • 1 hour sharing: Select it and share your live location for an hour.
  • Share until the end of the day: Choose it to share your live location with your friends until the end of the day.
  • Share indefinitely: Choose it to share your location with your friends without restrictions. Your contacts will see your real-time location until you manually turn it off.

Select how long you want to share your live location-Share your live location with iMessage on your iPhone

5. Select the most comfortable period. Finally, be sure to say “the end” Located in the upper right corner.

[完了]Tap to confirm

6. That’s it! You have successfully started sharing your live location via iMessage on your iPhone. Now you always want to stop sharing your live location. Follow the same procedure as above to access the contact page and[現在地の共有を停止する「。 「」を押すことを忘れないでください終わり右上隅にある」をクリックして、変更を確認します。



1.リアルタイムの位置情報共有ウィジェットは最新バージョンのGoogleマップアプリで利用できるため、ナビゲーションアプリを更新したことを確認してください。 これを行うには、iPhoneでApp Storeを開き、 プロフィールの写真 右上にあります。 ここで、Googleマップを見つけて、[更新]Tap. If no updates are available, an “Open” button will appear next to them.

Update Google Maps on iPhone and iPad

2. Also, make sure Google Maps can access your location.invite Settings-> Privacy-> Location Services-> Google Maps.. next,”everytimeAllows the app to access your current location without restrictions.Besides, make sure Google Maps can access you Exact location For a better place-sharing experience.

Allow Google Maps access to your location

3. Now open the Messages app and jump to the conversation should View Google Maps in App Drawer On the keyboard.

Swipe the app drawer from right to left in case you don’t have Google Maps in your app drawer.more“Button. Then,”editWith the “” button in the upper left corner of the next page Turn on the switch next to Google Maps.. “the endClick the “” button on the upper left to finish.

Add Google Maps to your app drawer

4. Then select Google map From the iMessage app drawer on your iPhone. next,”Share your real-time location for an hour. “ option. Write a message (optional) and press the send button.

Share your location with iMessage using Google Maps on your iPhone

That’s almost it! You are now sharing your location using Google Maps in the iMessage app. Please note that anyone with this link can see your live location.

5. You can stop Google Maps from sharing real-time location information on your own initiative. To do this, open the conversation thread in question in the Messages app on your iOS device. Now wait a few seconds for the location sharing widget to update. afterwards,”Stop” button.

Stop sharing live locations via Google Maps with iMessage on iPhone

Share real-time location with iMessage on your iPhone

That’s pretty much it! This is the easiest way to share a live location with iMessage on your iPhone using Apple Maps and Google Maps. We recommend that you have multiple options at your disposal so that you can choose the one you like. What’s more, it’s great that Google Maps has finally released the iMessage widget to make sharing your live location more convenient. That said, check out other iMessage tips and tricks through the linked articles. Also, if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments section below.