How to set Spotify sleep timer on iPhone and Mac

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Ever wanted to turn off automatically when you fell asleep listening to your favorite music or podcasts? Or does listening to music help you sleep? Well, here’s the good news! With Spotify’s sleep timer feature, you can do just that without leaving your iPhone or Mac overnight or draining your battery.

Want to know how to use Spotify sleep timer on iPhone and Mac? Please scroll down to see. In addition, there are multiple ways to set Spotify timers, all of which are described below.

How to set Spotify sleep timer on iPhone

There are three ways to set the sleep timer on Spotify using your iPhone. However, Spotify’s built-in features are the easiest to use. First, let’s show you how to use it while moving on to other methods.

I. Set a timer within the Spotify app

The easiest way to turn off the app automatically is to use the sleep timer built into the Spotify app. Follow these simple steps to set up.

Note: This does not require Spotify Premium.

  1. Open Spotify Play music and podcasts.
  2. Open Music player Tap the song title.
  3. Tap Three dot icons It is in the upper right.
  4. Scroll down and tap Alarm Clock..
  5. Please choose the right one time..

    Set Spotify sleep timer on iPhone in app

that’s it! Spotify will automatically stop playing after the time selected in the last option.

II.Use the clock app

The iPhone’s native Clock app can also help you achieve the same result. In addition, this method works not only for Spotify, but for all other apps that play media on your device. The setting method is as follows.

  1. Open clock App.
  2. Tap timer..
  3. Set interval Before stopping Spotify.
  4. Tap When the timer expires Stop playing set..
  5. Tap the green start Click the button to start the timer.

    Use the clock app to set the Spotify sleep timer on your iPhone

Similar to Spotify’s sleep timer, music will stop playing when the timer expires. But what if you want to stop at a specific time every day? Read on to find out how you can do that too!

III.Use the shortcut app

If you sleep at the same time every day and want to turn off music automatically, it’s a good idea to create an automation using the iPhone’s Shortcuts app. To set up automation, follow these steps:

  1. Open Shortcut App.
  2. Tap automationcreate Personal automation..
  3. Tap Times of Day Choose the right one time..
  4. next, every day Repeat it every day.
  5. Tap Next It is in the upper right.

    Tap the time from the Short Cut app on your iPhone

  6. strike Add action And search Play / Pause Tap.
  7. Tap Play / pause text Select in the created action pause..
  8. Tap Next It is in the upper right.

    Search for the Play: Pause Shortcuts app on your iPhone

  9. Now switch off Ask before running → Select Don’t ask..
  10. Finally, tap end..

    Use the shortcut app to set the Spotify sleep timer on your iPhone

Now, when you set up your iPhone, it will automatically stop playing from Spotify. This feature works not only on Spotify, but also on other apps such as YouTube and Apple Music.

How to use Spotify timer on Mac with battery settings

Apple has conveniently added a number of energy-saving options to the Mac. This can be used to turn off Spotify automatically.

  1. Tap Apple logo It is in the upper left.
  2. Move to System Preferences..

    Open System Preferences on Mac

  3. click battery..

    Click Battery in Mac System Preferences

  4. Tap Power adapter..
  5. pull Slider at the right time.
  6. Uncheck your From Mac Automatically sleeps when the display is off..

    How to use Spotify timer on Mac with battery settings

After the specified amount of time, your Mac will turn off. In addition, like the iPhone, you can automate this at fixed times each day.

  1. Move to battery as mentioned above click Schedule on the left.
  2. Please check sleep box.
  3. select every day (Or desired date) Please enter the desired date time..
  4. Finally, click application..

    Automate Spotify timer on Mac using battery settings

Now, like the iPhone, your Mac will go to sleep at this fixed time.

Note: The above Mac method applies to all apps, not just Spotify. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t currently have a built-in sleep timer for the Mac.

that’s it!

Here’s how to set a sleep timer on your iPhone and Mac so you can sleep peacefully while listening to music and podcasts without worrying about battery or overheating issues. If you have any other questions, please write them in the comments section below.

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