How to set screen time for children on iPhone (2022)

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As a parent, you are more concerned about the safety of your child than ever before. Innocent kids are surrounded by enormous threats, including explicit photos and videos, malicious websites with offensive content, and dubious apps and games with suspicious records. Combining these threats with smartphone addiction makes your role as a responsible parent very important. The good news is that Apple has built a robust parental control suite called “Screen Time.” You can also use it to protect your child from explicit content and monitor your child’s activity with the desired controls. So, if you’re ready to take full advantage of this parental control feature, we’ll show you how to set screen times for kids on your iPhone and iPad.

Set your child’s screen time on iPhone and iPad (2022)

What is screen time for kids and how does it work?

Introduced in iOS 12 (2018), Screen Time is designed to help you gain in-depth insights into device usage. A fully personalized weekly report provides a better way to track your progress and find areas that need immediate attention.

To give you more control, Apple allows you to create individual screen time profiles for your child on your iPhone and iPad. In addition, you can give another family a parent / guardian name, which is useful for tracking your child’s device usage. In addition, it can play an important role in keeping you and another guardian (like your spouse or teacher) on the same page.

Parents can create custom schedules for off-screen hours and set daily time limits for various app categories such as entertainment, education, and games. It can greatly help your child get rid of iPhone addiction.

Even better, Screen Time can also implement fairly solid content and privacy restrictions to avoid obscene content. You can also use the newly introduced message security feature to set communication restrictions to prevent your child from communicating with strangers, or to ban nude photos and videos altogether.

Make sure you have created an account for your child

First of all, make sure your child has an account. Please note that this child account will be part of the family until the child is 13 years of age or older.

1. Start Settings app Tap on iPhone Your profile..

How to set screen time for kids on iPhone

2. Then tap Family sharing..

Tap Family Sharing iOS

3. Next, Screening time Then tap Create an account for your child.. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Create a child iOS account

Set and customize your child’s usage time on iPhone and iPad

1. Open Settings app On your iOS / iPadOS device, tap Screening time..

Tap screen time in iOS settings

2. Then tap Turn on screen time To get started. On the next screen, you’ll see basic information about Screen Time, how to track device usage, what you can do to enhance your privacy and limit your use of the app.hit continue Option to continue.

Turn on your child's screen time

3. Tap at the bottom of the screen This is my kid’s iPhone / iPad..

This is the screen time of my kid's iphone

4. On the downtime screen, Schedule time to leave the screen.. Keep in mind that permission is required to allow more screen time on the device. If desired, you can make important apps accessible from your device along with calls and messages.

After customizing your downtime, tap Set downtime continue.

Set downtime on iPhone and iPad

5. Then you can:time limit per day in the et app category You want to manage. When you reach the time limit, you will need your permission to allow more time.Tap Show all categories Access all categories including social, games, education and entertainment.

After selecting the preferred category, tap Amount of time Next, set the time limit.Then tap Set app limits..

Set app limits on iPhone and iPad

6. Next, customize your content and privacy settings with ScreenTime. For example, you can block explicit and mature content from the App Store, iTunes, Music, and websites. In addition, you can make it mandatory to request permission to change your privacy settings.Tap “continue” Proceed to the next step.


7. Now you will be asked to: Create a screen time passcode This is needed to reserve more time and change the screen time setting. Therefore, create a Screen Time passcode and then enter your Apple ID / password to be able to reset / recover your Screen Time passcode.Then tap all right It is in the upper right to continue.

Set screen time for kids on iPhone and iPad

That’s it. You have now successfully set your child’s screen time on your iOS or iPad OS device. If you want to change the settings, Settings app-> Screen Time Then make the necessary changes.

Set communication restrictions for children on iPhone and iPad

You can set communication restrictions to prevent your child from communicating with strangers or strangers. It’s important to note that restrictions apply to phone, FaceTime, messages, and iCloud contacts. Also, communication to known emergency numbers identified by your network provider is always allowed.

1. On your iPhone or iPad Settings app-> Usage time..

Tap screen time in iOS settings

2. Under family In the section, tap your child’s name, then Communication restrictions..

Set communication restrictions for children on iOS

3. Then tap During screen time When Please enter your screen time passcode..

Enable child communication restrictions on iOS

Then you can choose to allow communication with:

  • Contact information only: Select this to communicate one-on-one and in groups with people in your contacts.
  • Contacts and groups with at least one contact: Choose to allow only one-to-one conversations with the person in the contact, and group conversations that include at least one of the contacts.
  • Everyone: Choose it to allow communication with everyone, including unknown numbers.
Set communication restrictions on iPhone

For security reasons, we recommend that you use either contacts only or contacts and groups that have at least one contact.After selecting the preferred option, tap back button Located in the upper left corner of the screen.


  • Please note that changes to communication restrictions will not apply to your child’s device until your child’s software has been updated.
  • You also need to turn on iCloud Contacts ([設定]App->[プロファイル]->[iCloud]->[連絡先]).

5. Then tap During Downtime-> Enter Screen Time Passcode Then choose to allow only communication with Contacts and groups with a specific contact or at least one contact..After selecting the desired option, tap back button Located in the upper left corner of the screen.

How to set screen time for kids on iPhone

6.6. Finally, you can choose to do Allow / prohibit editing contacts When Manage your child’s contacts remotely.. After fine-tuning the communication limit, finish the setting.

Manage your child's contacts on iOS

Enable child communication security on iPhone and iPad

Starting with iOS 15 / iPadOS 15.2, you can enable communication safety to protect your child from viewing or sharing photos, including nudity, in the messaging app. When you enable the message safety feature, the app monitors the types of photos sent and received.

If the messaging app detects that your child is trying to receive or send an obscene image, the app will automatically blur the photo before it appears on your child’s device. Not only that. The app also provides better guidance and age-appropriate resources for making safer choices. If necessary, promote a more cautious way to seek advice from a trusted person.

Now you need to wonder about the privacy aspect of the security features of your communications. Now, Apple claimed that it couldn’t access any of the photos in the messaging app. In addition, the entire process runs on the device to determine if the image has nudity. In particular, messaging apps maintain full end-to-end encryption, which is highly needed. So you don’t have to worry about privacy.

Note: Currently, communication security features are only available in the United States. Apple may expand to other regions in the future.

1. Start up Settings app On iPhone or iPad -> Screen time..

Tap screen time in iOS settings

2. Then scroll down Select a child I want to set the security of the message.Then tap Communication security -> Turn on the toggle next to it Check sensitive photos And you’re all ready!

Tap the screen time for your child's name

Customize screen time to protect your child

please! After customizing your child’s screen time on your iOS device, you can track your device usage by visiting the following URL: [設定]->[利用時間]->[すべてのアクティビティを表示].. You can also make the necessary changes to app limits, downtime, content, and privacy limits based on your needs.

If you want to further protect your child, make the most of guided access to lock your child in the app, disable the touch screen, block shaded websites, and express yourself to Siri. You can stop using or hide the app. .. In addition, if your child also has access to your laptop, you should start using parental controls on Windows 10/11 as well. Now, what are your thoughts on screen time and why it’s a noteworthy tool for parents? It would also be great to know the kind of improvement you would like to see in it.