How to set custom vibration alerts for iPhone contacts

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Assigning a specific ringtone or text alert to a specific person allows you to instantly recognize the caller or text message even if you can’t see the phone screen. But what if your iPhone is in silent mode? The good thing is that similar functionality is available for iPhone vibration.

Here’s how to say goodbye to the bland vibration pattern defaults and set custom vibration alerts for specific iPhone contacts.

How to create a custom vibration on your iPhone

iPhone is known for its outstanding engineering and user experience. One such feature, Taptic Engine, uses linear actuators that generate vibration effects to make the iPhone more responsive and provide vibration feedback.

You can use this feature to change the vibration pattern of your iPhone and customize it to your liking. You can create as many vibration patterns as you need. However, this only works for models with tactile feedback. This includes new phone models from iPhone 7 and above.

This feature is on by default, SettingSound and hapticsThen switch on System haptics.. If this feature doesn’t work, there are a few things you can do to fix the tactile feedback on your iPhone.

Please note that you can customize the vibration of all types of alerts on your iPhone. This includes AirDrop ringtones, text tones, vibration alerts, reminder alerts, calendar alerts, and sending and receiving new emails.

To get started creating custom vibration patterns for iPhone:

  1. go to Setting Sound and haptics..
  2. Select the type of alert for which you want to customize the vibration (eg email).
  3. Tap vibrationCreate a new vibration..

    Create a new vibration from your iPhone settings

  4. Tap the screen to start creating a custom vibration pattern. If you keep your finger on the screen, the vibration will continue, and if you lift it, it will pause.Tap Stop when finished.
  5. You can see an overview of the pattern by looking at the bar below.Tap play Feel the vibration pattern record Repeat the recording.
  6. Tap save If you are happy with the new custom vibration.
  7. Enter a new name for the vibration pattern and tap save..

    Create a custom vibration pattern for your iPhone

Now you have a custom vibration. Note that every time you create a new custom vibration, it is automatically selected as the default vibration for the alert you create.

If you want to create a more vibrating pattern, just tap Create a new vibration..

Now that you’ve created a custom vibration, you can start assigning vibrations to your contacts. Do this:

  1. Open contact addressSelect a contact from the list.
  2. Tap editselect Ringtone Also Text tonesDepending on the vibration alert you want to customize.
  3. Tap vibration, Then select one of the custom vibrations.You can create a new vibration pattern at any time by tapping Create a new vibration..

    How to assign custom vibrations to iPhone contacts

  4. When you’re done changing the vibration, tap to go back Also It is in the upper left of the screen.
  5. Tap endThen select end Save your contact changes.

Disable vibration alerts on iPhone

Tactile is the vibration feedback obtained after typing or other touch-based actions. From time to time, tactile feedback can be annoying. In such cases, we recommend turning it off. You can choose to disable the feature altogether or only in certain apps.

1. Disable vibration alerts for each app

Want to disable the vibration pattern for certain apps or features like Mail or AirDrop, but want to keep it for text or call notifications? To do this, follow these steps:

  1. However Settings → Sounds and Haptics..
  2. Select the alert you want to turn off. for example, New mail..
  3. Tap vibration..
  4. Scroll to the bottom and none..

    Disable vibration alerts for each iPhone app

You can also go to a specific app and disable it from there. There is an article detailing how to turn off the alarm clock vibration on your iPhone.

2. Disable tactile feedback altogether

If you’re not a fan of haptic feedback and want to disable this feature for your entire phone, go to the following URL: Settings → Sounds and Haptics, Then switch System haptics off.

How to completely disable tactile feedback on iPhone

Enabling LED flash alerts is another option for changing iPhone alerts. Use the LED flash on the back of the iPhone next to the camera to notify you instead of sound or vibration alerts.

How to remove a custom vibration

If you want to remove the custom vibration, Setting → In Sounds & Haptics, tap the alert type and[バイブレーション]Choose. Go to the custom vibration, swipe left to the custom vibration you want to delete,[削除]Click.

If you want to delete multiple custom vibrations at once:

  1. Tap edit It is in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap delete (-) Click the button next to the custom vibration and click erase..
  3. strike end..

    How to remove custom vibrations on iPhone


You can create custom vibration alerts on your iPhone to modify and assign your favorite patterns for specific notifications, such as text or calls from specific contacts. This makes it easy to see if the notification is from someone else who is important or from someone who can postpone it later.

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