How to send Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger

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Emojis are an integral part of modern conversations. They set mood and tone, and in some cases influence the direction of conversation. However, Facebook takes this a step further with a cool new feature called Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger.

But what exactly is Soundmojis and how do I send it via Facebook Messenger? Read on for more information on the new audio emoji.

What is a sound emoji or audio emoji?

What is a Facebook Messenger Sound Emoji or Audio Emoji
Source: Messenger News

Apple tried to reinvent the emoji by using Memoji to make it more personal. However, emoji are not very popular. Facebook wants to tackle the challenge of “making emojis great again” by adding sounds.

Sound characters are pictograms with sounds and music attached. Instead of sending your own recorded emoji as an emoji (Facebook is cooler), select the associated sound emoji from the soundboard. For example, ❌ Sound Moji has the famous “Oh no, O no, O no no no no” music.

The music Facebook chose for audio emoji is great. There are famous tracks such as Post Malone’s Congratulations and Cardi B’s WAP, which makes this feature fun and cool.

How to use sound emoji in Facebook Messenger

  1. Download (or update) Facebook Messenger.
  2. Open Messenger Select a chat to send Soundmoji.
  3. Tap Smiley Icon next to favorite button.
  4. next, audio Click the icon Sound mod..
  5. Just tap to preview the sound Emoji..
  6. Tap Send Send Soundmoji.
How to use sound emoji in Facebook Messenger

You won’t hear the sound character until the recipient taps the purplish curve around the emoji. This will prevent the conversation from becoming too “noisy”.

Hope you can use Soundmojis with Facebook Senger. If you have any problems using Soundmojis, please let us know in the comments section.

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