How to send a message that disappears by default with a signal

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Signal has long offered the option to set a hidden message that automatically removes both the sender and the recipient after a predefined amount of time. The company is currently improving the extent to which messages disappear with new features.It You can start all new conversations with the disappearing message timer.. This article walks you through the steps to use messages that disappear by default in Signal.

Send a message that disappears by default in the signal (2021)

Previously, you had to switch between options to individually select the interval at which messages disappear for each chat. You can now set a timer for messages to disappear for all chats on Signal’s mobile app or desktop client. Both steps are included, so use the table below to navigate to the relevant section.

Signal default timer for Android and iOS to send disappearing messages

1. Tap the three vertical dot menus in the upper right corner of the Signal app, Select “Settings” From the list of options.

Signal setting page

2.[設定]From the page[プライバシー]Tap and You will see a new “Default Timer for New Chat” option Below the “Disappearing Messages” section.

Signal disappears message New chat default timer

3. You can now set how long messages can be used in the chat window. Available options are 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 day, 1 week, and 4 weeks. Signal also allows you to set custom time intervals to your liking. This is useful. After setting the period [保存]Tap to confirm your changes..

Select a time or set a custom timer

4. As shown here, new conversations started with the Secure Messaging app will respect the default interval at which messages disappear. For clarity, This does not affect existing Signal conversations.. If you want to enable the message hiding feature in your existing chat, check out our article on how to send message hiding in Signal.

Description of the message that the signal disappears

Set a default timer for messages that disappear in Signal Desktop

You can also enable a default timer to hide messages from the Signal desktop app. To get started, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Signal app and go to “File-> Settings”..

Signal preference

2.2. Scroll down until you find the “default timer for new chat” Options under the “Disappearing Message” heading.[オフ]Click the drop-down list to fine-tune the default hidden message timer for all new chats.

Default timer signal desktop

3. Similar to Signal’s mobile app, you will see a set of default time options. You can then select one of these options to set the default hidden message timer.

The default time option signals the desktop

4. If you want custom time,[カスタム時間…]Click the option to set the desired time and[設定]Click to save your changes.

Custom time signal disappearing message

Set new chat messages to disappear by default with a signal

This is the end of the guide, and Signal sets the new message to disappear by default after a certain amount of time. This is a great feature that not only enhances privacy, but also helps save storage space on your device. You can also take advantage of this temporary feature in the Self Notes section to keep it clean. For more signal tips, see our article on Signal’s Best Features and Best Signal Tips and Tips You Should Know.