How to send a disappearing message on WhatsApp in 2021

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There is a way to stack messages, and keeping them clear can be a task. But what if they disappear themselves? Yes, you can send disappearing messages on WhatsApp on both iPhone and Android.

When this feature is turned on, new messages sent in chat will automatically disappear after 7 days. Both users can turn this feature on or off at any time. This is similar to the message disappearing in other apps such as Telegram and Instagram.

Learn more about how to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp.

Things to consider before sending a disappearing message:

  • If the user does not open a chat in The 7th, The message disappears. However, the preview may still appear in the notification.
  • When you reply to a specific message, you will see the first message Quote.. This is also true if the message disappears, so the message itself may disappear, but the quoted text remains after 7 days.
  • The disappearing message send on The disappearing message will not disappear from another chat that has been disabled.
  • When users use WhatsApp chat backup The deleted message is included in the backup before the message disappears. Missing messages are deleted when the user restores from backup.
  • you Be careful People who use disappearing messages may be saved in other ways, even if they disappear automatically. For example, a user can: Take a screenshot, copy and paste, click a photo, or forward a message that disappears before it disappears.
  • Media sent in chats with disappearing messages enabled will continue to be retrieved Saved If the recipient has “automatic download” enabled in WhatsApp, send it to the recipient’s phone.

How to turn on disappearing messages in WhatsApp

In one-on-one chats, both people can enable or disable messages that disappear at any time. WhatsApp Group Chat allows participants to turn on or off messages that disappear. However, the group administrator can fine-tune the group settings so that only the administrator can control the disappearing message settings.

  1. Open chat and tap name At the top.
  2. Scroll down and tap Disappearing message..
    A notification appears explaining the meaning of the disappearing message.
  3. Tap continue..
  4. Tap to enable hiding messages on..

    Turn on disappearing messages in WhatsApp on iPhone

Note: This does not affect messages sent or received before message hiding was enabled.

How to disable disappearing messages on WhatsApp

You can follow the same process to turn off messages that disappear at any time.

  1. In WhatsApp chat, tap name At the top.
  2. Scroll down and tap The message that disappears.
  3. Tap off.

Note: Media such as photos and videos will also be hidden from chat after 7 days if you turn on hidden messages. However, if the recipient has the auto-download feature turned on, the media will be saved on the phone even if it disappears from the chat.

This covers everything you need to know about disappearing messages in WhatsApp. Here are some of the more common questions we have answered.

Q. What is the purpose of the message disappearing?

Missing messages will automatically disappear from the chat. This eliminates the need to keep deleting messages to clean up the chat.

Q. What happens if the message disappears on WhatsApp?

Both users can turn on or off messages that disappear in WhatsApp chat. When enabled, disappearing messages will disappear from chat within 7 days.

Q. Why do WhatsApp messages disappear?

If WhatsApp messages disappear, please check if the messages that disappear in chat are enabled. Go to chat settings and[消えるメッセージ]Tap[オフ]Tap.

If you have any other related questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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