How to schedule a message in Slack

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Slack has finally added a long-requested feature, Scheduled Messages. If Slack is a good platform for work-related communications, we’re happy to be able to compose messages at your convenience and deliver them at selected times. This feature turns out to be especially useful for teammates working in different time zones. That said, here’s how to schedule messages in Slack using your desktop and mobile apps:

How to schedule a Slack message (2021)

At the time of this writing, Slack is gradually exposing this feature to its users. As a result, you may not immediately see the option to schedule a message to be sent to your workspace later. That said, here’s how to check if this feature is available and use it to schedule messages.

Schedule messages using the Slack desktop app (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

1. Open the Slack channel or chat window of the person you want to send the text message to and enter the message. After entering the message [送信]A new down arrow icon will appear next to the button..

Loosen the schedule later

2. Click the down arrow Please set your desired time Send a message. Slack offers some default options, but you can also choose a custom time to send the message.

Note: The message scheduling feature displays different default options depending on the time of day. For example, if you are drafting a message at 11:00 am on Friday, you will see the options “Today at 1:00 pm” and “Monday at 9:00 am”. Take weekends into account as well.

Slack schedule option

3. You can Click the Custom Time option Access the date and time picker. Here, select the desired date and time and select “Schedule message“.

Set up a custom scheduled slack desktop

Schedule messages in Slack using mobile apps (Android and iOS)

If you’re away from your PC and want to schedule messages from your phone, that’s possible too. Here’s how to schedule messages using the Slack mobile app on Android and iOS:

1. Open a Slack chat or channel and enter your message. If you do that Press and hold the “Send” button Until the message scheduling UI pops up.

Slack message schedule 3

2. Next, you can choose the date and time to send the message, just like the desktop app. You also have the option to choose one of the default suggestions or set a custom time here. When you’re done, press the Schedule Message button.

Schedule message slack

3. When you schedule a message, you will see a confirmation prompt at the bottom of the channel or chat window. It reads — “Your message will be sent to [channel] Or [chat name] so [date, time].. “

Slack message schedule 2

Manage scheduled messages in Slack

All scheduled messages can be accessed in two ways.In the channel / DM window[すべてのスケジュールされたメッセージを表示]Click or from the sidebar[スケジュール済み]You can move to the section.

Manage slack in scheduled messages

After scheduling a message, Slack allows you to perform five actions. You can edit the message, change the schedule, send it immediately, or cancel the schedule and move to the draft. Finally, if you don’t want to send the schedule message, you can delete it. This is how easy it is to use Slack’s new scheduled messaging feature.

Send scheduled messages about Slack in simple steps

Here’s a short, sweet guide on how to schedule messages in Slack. Well, if you want to let your colleagues know about drafts or design changes you find while working overtime, you can schedule a message to let them know the next day as soon as possible. If you’re looking for other ways to schedule messages, see our article on how to schedule text messages on Android and iPhone. You can also schedule emails in Gmail or Apple Mail, and schedule WhatsApp messages.