How to save audio messages on iPhone and iPad with iOS 15

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Privacy is very important to Apple. Therefore, iPhone does not have native call recording function so far. Similarly, by default, all iMessage voice messages are set to automatically expire after 2 minutes.

However, from time to time, you may want to save a voice message that makes you smile or explains important details. Here’s how to save voice messages on your iPhone and iPad:

Things to understand before you start …

There are two ways to save (or retain) iMessage audio messages. Frankly, the term “save” here does not mean that it can be saved. File Or export it to another app. “Save” here means to prevent voice messages from being deleted automatically.

One way is to keep only the selected voice messages and delete the rest after 2 minutes. Another way is to keep all voice messages forever. Look at both and use the one you like.

This feature only works if the iPhone’s audio message settings are set to expire after 2 minutes of playback (this is the default).

How to save specific audio messages on iOS 15 on iPhone

  1. Open message Tap conversation..
  2. Send a voice message.Will be displayed immediately keep Below the voice memo you just sent. If you tap it, this particular voice message will not be deleted after 2 minutes.

    To save audio messages on iPhone[保持]Tap

Now let’s talk about the voice messages you receive. When the voice message is displayed, tap the triangle button to play it.After you play it, you will see the word the term of validity At 2 meters. After about 30 seconds, you will see additional options —keep.. Tap to save this voice message.

This will not delete this particular voice message after 2 minutes.

How to save all voice messages on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Setting On your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap message..

    Open Settings and tap Message on iPhone

  3. under Audio message,Tap Expired..
  4. Choose I never have..

    Save incoming audio messages to iPhone

This will not delete all voice messages you send and receive. Like any other text, image, or video, it is “saved” into the conversation. You can play at any time.

That’s it, mate!

Now you may be wondering about save Options that appear when you press and hold a voice message. Well, before iOS 12, when you tapped it, the voice message was saved in the VoiceMemos app. Well, it’s a trace as well as your appendix.

Do you have another question? Feel free to use the comments section below. Listen away!

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