How to save an offline backup of all your Gmail emails

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Most of us are conditioned to back up Mac and iPhone from time to time. Like the Mac, I’m unaware that my email needs to be backed up. Gmail is the most widely used email service. Today, learn how to backup and save Gmail messages offline on your Mac or PC.

Google stores all app data between servers. Gmail is no exception. Needless to say, Google has multiple backups of user data. However, it makes sense to create a personal Gmail offline backup. Before that, we recommend adding Gmail2FA for added security.

Why do I need to back up Gmail on a regular basis?

All email sent over the years is stored on your Gmail server. It also contains a pile of important information. Imagine how powerless you would be if you lost all your data. Here are some of the reasons why you need to back up your Gmail data on a regular basis-

  1. No data will be lost if your account is compromised.
  2. If you don’t have access to your Gmail account, backups are useful.
  3. You will not lose access to important data during an outage.
  4. Back up Gmail regularly and delete your email. The free cloud storage can be used to store your photos and other important things.
  5. Useful in tricky situations such as proceedings and legal swamps.

How to save a local backup of all Gmail emails on your Mac

I hold a reminder once every 15 days. You will be notified to back up your Gmail messages offline. Delete the previous backup when you are done. This means that the latest Gmail backups are always convenient and can be accessed offline.

Google Takeout is the most efficient way to backup Gmail emails offline on Mac. Follow the steps below to create an offline backup of Gmail.

  1. Specify Google Takeout in your browser.
  2. click Deselect all..

    Click Deselect All from Google Takeout on Mac

  3. Scroll down and select the checkbox next to it Post..
  4. click All email data included.. You can select a specific folder or the entire Gmail. The latter is recommended.

    Select the checkbox next to your Mac email

  5. select OK And click Next step..
  6. Google offers multiple delivery methods, including sending download links by email, adding to Drive, adding to Dropbox, adding to OneDrive, adding to Box, and more.
  7. For offline backup Send the download link by email..
  8. We recommend splitting the download file into multiple files. Google allows you to select variables such as frequency, file type, and file size. You can specify the size of each file. It starts at 2GB and continues to 50GB.
  9. click Create an export..

    On Mac[エクスポートを作成]Click

After a while, Google will send an offline download link to Gmail. Download it and keep it in a safe place. The backup file is compressed in .zip format. You can extract the files using the decompression tool built into the Finder. Similarly, you can use Google Takeout to back up YouTube, Google Maps, and other services.

Download an archive of Gmail messages as a PDF using CloudHQ

CloudHQ offers a powerful suite of free email and marketing products.[メールを保存して戻す]You can use to save all Gmail messages to PDF. This method is very useful when searching for text in email backups. Saving emails as a PDF extension of CloudHQ is free and often works like a charm. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download and install the Chrome extension save and backup for email.

    Save email Chrome extension and download backup

  2. Sign up / sign in to CloudHQ.
  3. You can filter emails by adding the sender’s name or email address.
  4. CloudHQ also provides a date filter.

    Convenient filters for Cloud HQ on Mac

  5. Other useful filters include specific folders, inboxes, sent items, and trash.
  6. click Start saving After entering the required parameters.

    Save and back up emails as PDF using CloudHQ

For convenience, you can choose automatic backup in Google Takeout. You can save each email as a separate PDF, or merge conversations into a single PDF with an extension. In addition, you can sort the conversations and choose the paper size. This option is very useful for lawyers and lawyers who collect data related to a particular case. Take a moment to consider backing up Gmail once a month.

How often do you back up your Gmail data? Please let us know in the comments below.

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