How to restore deleted iPhone contacts (updated 2022)

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Did your iPhone contacts disappear suddenly? Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t have a built-in option to restore deleted iPhone contacts. However, there are some workarounds to prevent hard work and broken hearts. iPhone contacts can be obtained via iCloud, Mac or PC, third party tools, Gmail backup. Read on to find out how!

  1. Get Deleted Contacts on iPhone via other Apple devices
  2. Restore contacts via iCloud
  3. Restore contacts via Gmail
  4. Use iCloud to recover deleted contacts from settings
  5. Restore iPhone from iTunes or Finder backup
  6. Restore iPhone from iCloud backup
  7. Recover iPhone contacts using third party tools

1. Get deleted contacts on iPhone via other Apple devices

If you’re using an Apple device other than an iPhone, I’m sure you’re using iCloud to store your contacts. Now, if you delete a contact on your iPhone, it will obviously be deleted from other devices as well. The only requirement is that those devices are connected to the internet.

Therefore, even if your iPad, MacBook, etc. are not connected to the internet, these contacts will be retained and you can recover deleted contacts from your iPhone. All you have to do is go to your contacts on another Mac or iPad.

If this doesn’t work, go to the next step.

Apple has already implemented a way to recover deleted contacts from iPhone. However, you will need a Mac or Windows PC.

  1. Go to iCloud Sign in Use your Apple ID on your iPhone.
  2. click account settings..

    Click icloud account settings

  3. click Restore contacts Located in the lower left corner.

    Click Restore contacts in icloud account settings

  4. Then select the latest one iCloud backup..

    [連絡先の復元]Click on the tab[復元]Click

  5. select return Confirm your selection and complete.

    Restore deleted iphone contacts from

When the process is complete, iCloud will receive an email and a notification.

Everyone knows that Google uses email IDs to back up contacts. If you have your contacts synced with Gmail, reverting them is not a difficult task. All you need is an iPhone to restore these contacts.

  1. Open Setting On your iPhone.
  2. Move to Post..
  3. Tap account Choose email address Synchronized contacts.
  4. Now switch on contact address..

    Restore contacts via Gmail on iOS devices

Synchronized contacts will be available in the Contacts application.

4. Use iCloud to restore deleted contacts from settings

If this method is successful, the internet may be disconnected when you delete a contact. Follow the steps below.

  1. Do not turn on Wifi Also Mobile data..
  2. Open Setting Tap Apple ID The banner at the top.

    Tap your Apple ID, then tap iCloud in your iPhone settings

  3. select iCloud → Switch off contact address..
  4. select Continue to use my iPhone In a pop-up.

    Turn off iCloud contacts in iPhone settings

  5. turn on Wifi Also Mobile data..
  6. Toggle on contact address..
  7. Tap merge With the following options.

    Merge contacts and use icloud on iphone to restore deleted iphone contacts from settings

If you can’t restore your contacts this way, you can definitely do so by following these steps:

5. Restore iPhone from iTunes or Finder backup

This method has certain drawbacks that cause data loss. Read the examples below to get a better understanding.

Suppose you have 200 photos and 300 contacts on your iPhone on July 9th. Make a full backup of your device. This backup has 200 photos and 300 contacts.

Currently, on July 11th, we have 210 photos and 303 contacts. If you restore from the backup created on July 9th today, you will lose 10 photos and 3 contacts added since then. If you really need deleted contacts, read how to recover lost contacts on iPhone via iTunes or Finder backup.

Professional tips:

  1. Archive your old backup before restoring.
  2. Make a new backup.
  3. Restore from an old archive backup. If you can’t find your contact, you can restore it from today’s backup.

6. Restore iPhone from iCloud backup

Restoring iPhone from iCloud Backup has the same drawbacks as restoring iPhone via iTunes or Finder. first,[設定]Check the latest backup time from.

  1. Open Setting
  2. Tap Apple ID banner It’s at the top.
  3. select iCloud..

    Tap your Apple ID, then tap iCloud in your iPhone settings

  4. Tap iCloud backup And now check the time Last successful backup..

    Tap icloud backup to see recent backups

If the backup is old enough to have deleted contacts, follow the guide to restore from iCloud backup.

The last option left to get your contacts back on your iPhone is to use a third party application. Below are some of the apps you can try to get deleted contacts on iPhone without backup.

that’s it!

Let us know in the comments below if this article helped you to recover deleted contacts on your iPhone and which method is more effective.

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