How to reset your HomePod mini (with or without an iPhone)

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If your HomePod is facing permanent issues such as unresponsiveness, we recommend that you reset your Siri-powered smart speaker to factory reset. In many cases, this underlying solution works by fixing the problem. Aside from troubleshooting the issue, you should reset your HomePod mini or HomePod before sending your smart speaker for repair or selling / transferring it to someone else. In particular, there are multiple ways to reset your HomePod mini / HomePod. Let me show you how it is done the right way!

HomePod mini or HomePod Reset, Restore, Setup (2022)

The Home app makes it easy to manage connected smart home devices, including your HomePod. Therefore, you can use your Mac as well as your iPhone or iPad to reset your smart speakers to the factory. In addition, there are physical buttons that allow you to quickly reset your Apple smart speaker.

In addition, you can restore your HomePod mini using Finder and iTunes. Save this fundamental remedy in case you have a serious problem with your speakers and want to restore them as new. With that in mind, let’s start with a guide!

Reset HomePod / HomePod mini

Be sure to ungroup stereo pairs before resetting

If you set up two HomePod speakers as a stereo pair, be sure to ungroup the stereo pair first.

1. First, open Home app On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

2. Well, Press and hold the HomePod pair..

3. Then scroll down and “Settings” icon..

4. Then tap Ungroup accessories..

Reset HomePod mini / HomePod using Home App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Make sure you’re signed in to the Home app on your device using the same Apple ID you used to set up your HomePod. If not, you can easily change your Apple ID from the Settings app.

  • Open the Home app on your iPhone. Now press and hold the HomePod icon.
Homepod mini icon Home app Press and hold iPhone
  • Scroll down and[アクセサリの削除]Tap. Then tap Delete to confirm the removal of your HomePod mini / HomePod.
To reset your homepod, remove your homepod mini from your home account

Reset your HomePod mini / HomePod using the Home app for Mac

If you’re using a Mac, here’s how to reset your HomePod mini using the macOS Home app.

  • Open the home app. Now double-click on the HomePod mini icon.
Home Pod Mini Icon Double-click Home App Mac
  • Scroll down and[アクセサリの削除]Click.
Remove the accessory Mac Home app and reset your HomePod Mini
  • In the confirmation pop-up,[削除]Click.
homepod mini Confirm Mac Reset Mac Home App

Reset HomePod mini without iPhone or Mac

Reset your HomePod mini This method is useful if you have trouble removing your HomePod from your iPhone or Mac Home app. This is what you need to do.

  • Disconnect your HomePod from power. Wait 10 seconds and then reconnect.
  • Now wait another 10 seconds, then press and hold the top of your HomePod mini.
  • Do not let go of your finger But press HomePod The white rotating light turns red..
  • Siri will notify you that your HomePod is about to be reset. After that, you will hear three beeps.
  • You can now take your finger off your HomePod.
Press the top of your HomePod to reset

Restore HomePod mini

Restore HomePod mini using Mac

Restoration is like a nuclear solution, primarily because of its ability to solve complex problems. Therefore, if none of the tricks seem to work to solve a particular problem, remember this reliable troubleshooting tool.

1.1. Connect your HomePod mini Connect to your Mac using a USB-C cable.

2. Wait a few seconds and then start finder On Mac.

3. Well, Select HomePod under place The left sidebar section.

4. Then click Restore HomePod..

Restore your HomePod using your computer

Now your macOS device is ready to restore the software on your HomePod. When the restore is complete, the flashing orange light will disappear from the top of your HomePod.

Restore HomePod mini on a Windows PC

Thanks to iTunes, restoring your HomePod mini on your Windows PC is just as easy. Make sure your computer is running the latest version of iTunes.Just open the media library and click help From the menu bar at the top of the window Check for updates option. Then follow the prompts to complete the installation of the latest version.

1.1. Connect the smart speaker Connect to your Windows PC using a USB-C cable.

2. Now start iTunes On your computer.

3. Next, Select HomePod From the top window.

4. Finally, click Restore HomePod Wait for the restore to complete. (screenshot)

Set up your HomePod mini and HomePod

Now that you’ve reset your HomePod mini to factory, it’s time to set it up as a new one. The process is simple (just turn on your HomePod and bring your iPhone closer), but if you run into problems or need a step-by-step guide, the linked links will help you find out how to set up your HomePod mini. guide.

Easily reset your HomePod mini in just a few steps

That’s it. So, these are a reliable way to reset your Siri powered speakers to factory reset. Amazon Echo (with Alexa skills) and Google Home are still the most popular smart speakers, but mainly due to their close integration with the Apple ecosystem, the HomePod is an easy and excellent choice for Apple users. Needless to say, Apple’s smart speakers are packed with solid punches in terms of sound quality. What do you think of the HomePod? Share your valuable feedback and the kind of improvements you would like to see on your smart speaker with us.