How to rename your computer in Windows 11

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Computers on the network need a unique name to properly identify them when trying to communicate with each other. Most retail PCs have common names that may or may not be unique, but they do not reflect the individuality of the user. However, you can also rename your Windows PC to your own name and easily change it to suit your personality. So today, I will show you how to change the computer name in Windows 11.

Rename your computer in Windows 11 (2021)

There are multiple ways to rename your Windows 11 PC. You can rename your PC at any time using the command prompt, PowerShell, or system properties. However, since Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a GUI method to rename Windows computers from system settings. This article describes all of these methods to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to rename your computer in Windows 11.

Things to remember before renaming your computer in Windows 11

You can easily rename your Windows 11 computer, but there are some things you need to remember before you start. here you are:

  • First, you need to log in using your administrator account to be able to rename your PC.
  • Second, you can only use standard characters in your PC name, including the letters AZ (both uppercase and lowercase), the numbers 0-9, and the “hyphen” (-) symbol. The name cannot contain spaces or special characters (such as `~ @ # $% ^ & *).
  • Third, Windows 11 PC names cannot exceed 15 characters.
  • Finally, the name cannot be made entirely of numbers. However, you can only include letters of the alphabet or combinations of the two.

Note: Regardless of the method you choose, you will need to restart your PC in all cases for the name change to take effect everywhere.Without a reboot, the new name will only appear in some places, not the entire system..

Method 1: Rename your Windows 11 PC using settings

Windows 11[設定]Provides an easy way to rename your computer from the menu. Here’s how you follow it:

  • On a Windows 11 PC[設定]Open (using Win + I keyboard shortcuts),[システムまだそこにいない場合は、「」タブ。 さて、 「名前の変更」をクリックします 上部にある現在のPC名のすぐ下。

Windows11でコンピューター名を変更する方法/ PCの名前を変更する

  • 開いたポップアップウィンドウで、PCの新しい名前を入力し、[「。

Windows 11PCの名前を変更

  • 最後に、すべての作業を保存してから、「今すぐ再起動」を使用して名前の変更を適用します。

Windows 11PCの名前を変更

注意 [名前の変更]Button does not work with this option in Windows 11 Dev Preview build 2200.71..

Method 2: Rename your Windows 11 PC from the About section

[設定]There is another way to rename your computer from. Here’s how this works:

  • Move to Settings-> System As explained earlier. Then scroll to the bottom of the right pane and[「。

Windows 11PCの名前を変更

  • 次のページで、「このPCの名前を変更しますPCの現在の名前の横にある」ボタン。

Windows11でコンピューター名を変更する方法/ PCの名前を変更する

次に、前の方法で見たのと同じ「PCの名前を変更」ポップアップウィンドウが表示されます。 すでに説明したように、ポップアップに希望のPC名を入力し、「「」を選択し、「今すぐ再起動」を使用して、名前の変更を実装します。

方法3:システムプロパティを使用してWindows 11PCの名前を変更する

GUIメソッドがWindows10に導入される前は、Windowsでコンピューター名を変更する最も簡単な方法は、[システムのプロパティ]Was to use the option. This method will continue to work with the latest versions of Windows. The usage is as follows.

  • RunDialog box (Windows key + R), type: sysdm.cpl, Press Enter,[システムのプロパティ]Opens a window.

  • Computer nameClick the “” tab and click “Change“At the bottom” button.

How to change computer name in Windows 11

  • Then enter a new name for your Windows 11 computer,[OK]Click.

How to Rename Computer in Windows 11 / Rename PC

  • Then you will see a small pop-up saying “You must restart your computer for these changes to take effect.”click OK..

  • next,”closeClick the button to close the main system properties window.

How to rename your computer in Windows 11 Rename your Windows 11 PC

  • Finally, in the next pop-up window,[今すぐ再起動」をクリックしてPCを再起動し、名前の変更を適用します。

Windows11でコンピューター名を変更する方法/ PCの名前を変更する

方法4:コマンドプロンプトを使用してWindows 11PCの名前を変更する

コマンドプロンプトは、オタクがWindowsに多くの変更を実装するための頼りになる目的地でした。 現在、Windowsターミナルで非推奨になっていますが、コマンドプロンプトはWindows 11の重要な部分であり続けます。これを使用して、PCの名前を変更できます。方法は次のとおりです。

  • まず、管理者モードでコマンドプロンプトを開きます。 これを行うには、「cmdWindowsの検索バーで「」(引用符なし)を選択し、「管理者として実行「。

  • 次に、次のコマンドをコピーして[コマンドプロンプト]Paste it into the window. wmic computersystem where name="%computername%" call rename name="<new name>".. At the end,”enterThe message “. The method has been executed successfully” is displayed. The new name will take effect when you restart your computer.

How to Rename Computer in Windows 11 / Rename PC

Note: CommandReplace with the new computer name and keep the quotes.See the screenshot above to answer your question..

Method 5: Rename your Windows 11 PC using PowerShell

Finally, let’s talk about the PowerShell method of renaming a computer in Windows 11. It’s as easy as a command prompt method and doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how. Method is as follows.

  • Open Windows PowerShell in administrator mode. To do this, search for “powershell” in the Windows search bar and then “Run as administrator“.

  • Copy and paste the following command and press Enter. Rename-Computer -NewName "xyz".. Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

How to rename your computer in Windows 11 Rename your Windows 11 PC

Note: Replace “xyz” with any name, similar to the command prompt method..

Rename your Windows 11 PC with a few simple steps

Well, you can see that the process of renaming a computer in Windows 11 is very easy no matter which method you choose. Now that you know how to do this, check out other Windows 11 tutorials, such as how to turn off notifications in Windows 11 and how to take screenshots in Windows 11. Finally, if you like me and don’t like auto-updates, how to stop auto-updates on your Windows 11 PC.