How to rename Apple Magic Mouse on Mac in just 5 steps

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By default, the Mac identifies Magic Mouse as follows: “Magic mouse of the name” It will be easier to recognize. However, if you don’t like your current name due to privacy concerns, want to change it for easy identification, or if you want to change it before distributing it to anyone, this article is useful. Learn how to rename Apple Magic Mouse on Mac.

Note: You can rename Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Magic Mouse 2 on all Mac models using the following methods.

How do I rename my Apple Magic Mouse on my Mac?

Before you continue, make sure the wireless device you want to rename is connected to your Mac. When you’re done, follow these steps to complete your work.

  1. click Apple logo Select in the upper left System Preferences..
  2. Then click Bluetooth..

    System Preferences, then Bluetooth Mac

  3. Then right-click on the device you want to rename.
  4. select Rename From the pop-up menu.
  5. Enter a new name, Rename..

    Renamed Apple Magic Mouse

You can follow the same steps to rename other third-party mice or Bluetooth devices connected to your Mac.

If you can’t rename your Apple Magic Mouse,

  • Unpair Repair your Magic Mouse with your Mac. This should probably solve the problem.
  • If that doesn’t help, Restart your mac.. A recent macOS update may have caused this bug.

This is a way to rename your Apple Magic Mouse on Mac. If you still have unanswered queries, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.

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