How to remove music player from iPhone lock screen

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The iPhone Music Widget shows the track, audio, or video currently playing on your iPhone, even if your screen is locked. This is fine, but if you try to close it, it can be frustrating if you can’t close it, as you can accidentally tap the bold play button where you shouldn’t be playing a meeting or music. ..

So how can I get rid of the music widget when locking the iPhone screen? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Kill apps that previously streamed tracks
  2. Open the music app and kill it
  3. Restart your iPhone
  4. Turn off music app notifications
  5. Remove music widget
  6. Disconnect all Bluetooth devices
  7. Uninstall and reinstall the streaming app
  8. Disable today’s view and search on the lock screen
  9. Disable Siri suggestions for your app
  10. Update iOS
  11. Reset your iPhone to factory default and restore it as new

1. Kill the app that previously streamed the track

The first trick I try is to open and kill the app that was previously playing the track or video on the iPhone.

This is why you might want to do this:

If you pause a track or video playing in the Music app or other streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, the Music widget will remain on the locked screen. This is because I just paused the truck, not. Unfortunately, most streaming apps usually don’t have a stop button that you would see in a non-streaming app.

In other words, if you play a song from the built-in music app and pause it, you can close the lock screen widget just by forcibly quitting the app.

2. Open the music app and kill it

Therefore, if your music player wants to view songs from the music app, you should try this fix. In other words, the widget may continue to be displayed even if you kill the music app. You may have played a previously streamed song without opening the app.Swipe down to do this Control center Tap the play button on the music widget from the top right. This will automatically revert to the previously played song.

Of course, pausing music or locking the iPhone screen will not close the music widget. But what’s even more confusing here is that the music app isn’t open, so there’s no app to force it to close.

What works in that case is to intentionally open the music app. Then force it closed again. Now when you lock the iPhone screen, the widget will disappear.

3. Restart your iPhone

Another desperate action you can take if the Music widget doesn’t work is to restart your iPhone. This will partially renew the iPhone.

Therefore, it works because the widget is removed regardless of whether you are streaming the track.

4. Turn off notifications in the music app

Well, the first three tricks rarely fail. However, if the widget persists, try turning off notifications for music apps or apps that cause the music widget to display permanently.

Do this:

  1. Move to iPhone settings → Notification..
  2. Tap the related streaming app. For example, a music app.
  3. Then switch off Allow notifications..

    Turn off notifications for iPhone Music app

However, this is a method of trial and error. And it rarely works. However, there is no harm in trying it.

You can also remove the music widget from your iPhone’s home screen if you added it earlier. This is also not a solution for completed transactions. But it works from time to time.

To remove: Swipe right to the iPhone home screen.Long tap on the music widget to select it Remove widget..

Remove music widget on iPhone

6. Disconnect all Bluetooth devices

When you connect a Bluetooth device, the music widget may persist in iPhone lock screen mode. This may be due to the Bluetooth device being still active. Therefore, keep the music widget open for some reason.

To disconnect your Bluetooth device:

Move to iPhone Settingbluetooth..Tap Me Symbol on the right side of the device to indicate Connected.. next, Disconnect..You can also tap Forget this device If you want to avoid it altogether.

Disconnect all Bluetooth devices on your iPhone

7. Uninstall and reinstall the streaming app

Uninstalling the streaming app that is causing the problem from your iPhone may still work. However, this is more convenient if your app has more bugs and the widget keeps popping for no reason. It can also be useful if you rarely or rarely use it. That said, we recommend that you do not remove it if you use the music app frequently. If you delete it, all purchases and subscriptions in the Music Store will be cancelled.

If you still need to remove it, consider installing it again from the App Store. In addition, the widget should disappear after a reinstall.

Do this:

Go to the App Store and use the search bar to search for your app. Select the app when it appears. Then tap the install button to reinstall.

8. Disable today’s view and search on the lock screen

You can use the view and search features of today’s iPhone to see your previous activity on your iPhone. It also includes tracks that have been played or streamed. Disabling this feature may remove the music widget from the lock screen if the cause is the cause.

To disable Today’s View and Search on your iPhone:

  1. Open Setting On the iPhone.
  2. Move to Face ID and passcode.. Enter your iPhone passcode.
  3. Scroll down the next menu and switch off the button on the right. View and search today..

    Disable Today's View and Search on iPhone Lock Screen

9. Disable Siri suggestions for your app

If you allow it, Siri will learn from the iPhone app and suggest content. In some cases, we also do this by triggering the banner of the app. Therefore, disabling Siri’s suggestions for streaming apps displayed in the widget may help remove the app from the locked screen.

You can also restart your iPhone after disabling Siri’s suggestions for the app so that the widget doesn’t show up later.

10. Update iOS

Persistence of music widgets can be a bug. This was true for many users who failed to update their iOS version. Therefore, updating the iOS version may remove the music widget on the lock screen. This is because iOS upgrades usually include bug fixes.

11. Reset your iPhone to factory defaults and restore it as new

Factory reset is the ultimate solution for a permanent music widget if everything else fails. Therefore, a factory reset will restore your iPhone to its original state. However, it is recommended to back up your files to iCloud before resetting your iPhone as it tends to lose iPhone data.

Pausing a track, song, movie, or voice memo currently playing on your iPhone causes a bug and keeps the music widget visible. Many things can cause this, but it’s usually far from a inherent bug. How to use the music app is everything. What’s more, if you notice it doesn’t always happen.

Still, I’m sure one of these solutions for closing music widget on iPhone locked screen will work for you. Please let us know if any corrections are made in the comments section below.

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