How to remove Discord crown icon (2022 Guide)

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If you’re a Discord user, you may have noticed a crown icon next to a particular member on the server. In fact, if you create a new Discord server, you may have one yourself. You can’t remove the crown icon directly in Discord, but there are good workarounds you can use to disable the crown icon. Read on to find out how to remove Discord’s crown icon.

Remove the crown of discord (2022)

What does the crown icon mean in discord?

Crown of Discord-Server Owner

Discord’s crown icon indicates the owner of the server.. Discord says it has added a crown icon to make it easier for new members to find out who to contact when they need help. However, you don’t need a crown icon next to your username. If you are one of them, follow the steps below to disable the Discord crown icon.

Remove Discord crown icon (Desktop and Website)

1. Open the Discord server and click on its name from the upper left corner. From the currently displayed drop-down list Select “Server Settings”..

Open Discord server settings

2. From the left sidebar[役割]Switch to tabs Click “Create Role” Create a new role.

Create a new role on the Discord server

3. Now you need to name the role. For example, because the role has administrator privileges, we named the role “admin” here.

Name the new server role

4. Then scroll up and down Enable the “Show role members separately from online members” toggle.. As the name implies, enabling this toggle will highlight members with this role in another section of the server’s side menu.

View role members individually and remove Discord's crown

Five.[権限]Switch to tabs “Administrator” toggle.. Remember that this role gives the user administrator privileges, and make sure you don’t give it to everyone.

Allow administrator privileges for new roles

6. After testing, I realized that I don’t necessarily have to assign a role myself to remove the Discord crown icon. However, if creating a role doesn’t work, you can assign it to yourself in the following ways: Click your username from the menu on the right[役割なし]Under[+]Click the icon.

Self-assigned role to remove Discord crown

7. A list of all available roles is displayed. If you select “Administrator” (the role you just created), everything will be set. The crown icon disappears next to your Discord username.

Assign an administrator role to remove the Discord crown

Remove Crown on Discord mobile apps (Android and iOS)

1. Open the Discord server and tap the three dot menus next to the server name. Select Settings from the pop-up menu to display the server settings.

Open Discord Settings from Phone

2.[ユーザー管理]In the settings, Tap “Role” and press the “+” floating action button Create a new role.

Discord creates a new role

3. Give the role a name Enable the “Show role members separately from online members” toggle.. When you’re done, press the save icon to apply your changes.

Name the role, view the members individually, and remove the Discord crown

4. Scroll down Enable “Administrator” toggle [詳細なアクセス許可]The setting grants administrator privileges to the user with the role.

Allow administrator privileges

5. You can then assign yourself the role of removing the crown next to your name in Discord. To do this, tap your name from the side menu and[ユーザーの管理]Choose.

Manage user rights

6. The role you just created is displayed. If you enable it, you’re done. The crown icon should disappear from your Discord profile. If you don’t see your changes immediately, close the Discord app and then reopen it.

Set admin rights to remove Discord crowns


Q: Can I remove the Discord Owner Crown?

Yes, you can remove the Discord owner’s crown by creating a new role. This article explained the procedure in detail.

Q: How to remove the crown on Discord mobile?

You can create a new role with administrator privileges to remove the Discord server crown from your phone.

Q: Why don’t I see the Discord Crown?

After enabling the “Show role members separately from online members” toggle, the Discord crown may not appear. Try disabling and replacing the Discord crown.

Remove Discord server owner crown icon

So, that’s how you remove the crown icon next to your username in Discord. If you’re adventurous, don’t forget to find out how to get the invisible Discord name and avatar. You can also customize your Discord profile to personalize your account.