How to remove apps on iPhone (All methods 2022)

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Even if your iPhone’s storage is about to run out, there are a lot of useless apps, and even if your iPhone is slow to respond, removing apps should be adopted and done frequently. The way. Fortunately, removing apps on iPhone is pretty easy and easy. So here’s how to remove the app on an iPhone running iOS 15, iOS 14, or any other version of iOS.

Uninstall / Remove Apps on iPhone and iPad (2022)

There are many ways to uninstall the app on your iPhone. In addition, the process may vary slightly depending on the version of iOS you are using. Therefore, this guide is divided into sections based on iOS version, so you can easily start the process of removing apps on iPhone. We also explained how to delete an app without deleting the document or data.

As always, you can use the table of contents below to learn how to remove apps on iOS version of iPhone.

Which built-in apps can be deleted on iPhone?

Apple allows you to remove some first-party apps. So if you find them useless, you can get rid of the ones you don’t need. Below is a complete list of built-in apps that you can remove on iPhones running iOS 12 or later.

  • Book
  • calculator
  • calendar
  • Compass
  • contact address
  • FaceTime
  • File
  • House
  • iTunes Store
  • Post
  • map
  • measurement
  • music
  • news
  • Note
  • Podcast
  • reminder
  • Shortcut
  • stock
  • Tip
  • translation
  • tv set
  • Voice memo
  • clock
  • weather


  • Keep in mind that even after you remove the Contacts app, your contact information will still be available from Phone, Messages, Email, FaceTime, and other apps.
  • Keep in mind that removing the built-in app will affect related system features and Apple Watch information.
  • In iOS 10, you can’t remove embedded apps, so Apple can only remove embedded apps from your device’s home screen.
  • You can still make and receive FaceTime calls in the Contacts and Phones app even after you remove the FaceTime app.
  • If you remove Apple Maps, Apple Music, Apple Books, and Apple Podcasts, you will not be able to use them in CarPlay.
  • Removing the Apple Music app will prevent certain car stereos or stereo receivers from using the Apple app or third-party apps to play audio content in your library.
  • When you try to remove the Watch app on your iPhone that is paired with your Apple Watch, you will first be asked to unpair your Apple Watch.

Remove apps on iPhones running iOS 14 and iOS 15

If your iPhone is running iOS 14 or the latest iOS 15, there are several ways to uninstall the app. The first and easiest is obviously to go directly through the home screen. Let’s take a look at it first. Next, we will explain other ways to remove apps from iPhone.

Remove the app from the home screen

  • On the home screen, press and hold the icon of the app you want to delete. In the context menu that pops up,[アプリの削除]Tap. Then tap Delete App.
Delete the iPhone home screen of the app
  • In the confirmation popup[削除]Just tap and that’s it. The app will be removed from your iPhone.
Delete app iphone home screen confirmation dialog

Remove an app from the app library

If the app you want to delete is not displayed on the home screen, you can also delete it directly from the app library. Method is as follows.

  • Go to your iPhone’s app library and find the app you want to remove.Hold down the app icon and from the context menu[アプリの削除]Choose.
Delete the app library of the iPhone app
  • In the confirmation popup,[削除]Tap again to completely remove the app from your iPhone.
Delete apps Check app library iphone

Remove the app on an iPhone running iOS 13

  • On the home screen, go to the app you want to delete. afterwards, Press and hold the app icon And select Sort apps In the menu.
  • Now all apps are in jiggle mode.Tap “X” button At the top of the app erase Check the pop-up menu.

Uninstall the app on iOS 12 or earlier

If you’re running an older version of iOS, such as iOS 12 or earlier, it would be great if you could find that removing the app is even easier.

  • Go to your iPhone’s home screen and find the app you want to remove. afterwards, Press and hold the app I want to delete and hit “X” It will appear at the top of the app.
  • In the pop-up menu, tap “erase” confirm.

Remove iPhone app from settings

You can also remove the app on your iPhone from the Settings app.This is instead of going to the home screen and uninstalling while checking the storage status of the iPhone[設定]You can remove it directly from, which is useful when you find an app you no longer need. Here’s how to do this:

  • Open the settings app and[全般]Tap. Then tap “iPhone Storage”.
iPhone App Settings Step 1 to remove the app
  • Scroll down to find and tap the app you want to remove. Then tap Delete App.
Step 2 to remove the app from the settings
  • A confirmation pop-up is[削除]Tap to remove the app from your iPhone.
Check the app deletion settings iphone

Offload apps from iPhone

What if I want to remove an app but want to keep relevant documents and data? please do not worry. This is where the “offload” feature works. First introduced in iOS 11, this handy storage management feature allows you to automatically / manually delete apps while preserving your data. Therefore, if you reinstall the offloaded app, the data will be returned and you will be able to use it as before.

1. On your iOS device Settings app And select Universal..

iOS general settings

2. Then tap iPhone storage option.

Tap iPhone storage on iOS

3. Next, select the app that will be offloaded and hit Offload the app..In the menu[アプリのオフロード]Tap again to see the action.

Manually offload the app on your iPhone

4. If you want to automatically offload unused apps on your iOS device, you need to take advantage of the auto-offload feature.under Recommendations The section just below the storage consumption bar at the top shows the total amount of storage you can save by offloading the apps you rarely use.Tap to run this smart storage management function Valid..

Automatically offload apps on iOS

How to re-download deleted apps to iPhone

If you want to re-download the deleted app, you can easily download it.

1. Open App Store On your iPhone.Then tap the search button Please enter the name of the app You are looking in the search bar.

Search for apps on the App Store

2. When the app is displayed, tap Download icon It’s right next to it.

Re-download deleted apps on iPhone

Stop everyone removing apps on your iPhone

If you frequently give your iPhone to your child, you need to prevent your child from accidentally deleting the app. Considering how easy it is to trigger jiggle mode to remove apps, it’s a good idea to limit the removal of apps. Fortunately, you can use screen time, a built-in parental control feature, to prevent your app from being accidentally deleted.

1. Open Settings app Select on iPhone Screening time..

Screen time settings on iOS

2. Then scroll down and tap “Content and privacy restrictions”.

How to remove apps on iPhone

3. Turn on the toggle next to it “Content and privacy restrictions” Tap Purchase on iTunes and the App Store.

Screen time iOS content and privacy settings

4. Then tap Delete app And select not allowed..

Let's stop someone from deleting the app on iOS

Easily remove apps on iPhone to save storage space

These are how to remove apps from your iPhone from your home screen, app library, or settings app. Offloading unused apps is also a great way to keep your iPhone running out of storage. However, if you still can’t recover enough storage on your phone, you need to find out how to delete iPhone system data to recover more space on your iPhone. Also, if there are other ways to remove the missed apps on your iPhone, let us know in the comments.