How to remove app ratings from iPhone and iPad

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Have you rated developers on the App Store? Feedback helps improve the app and user experience. However, the shared review may not be what you intended. Want to know how to remove it? Well, I covered you!

This article describes how to edit or delete ratings, or turn off random pop-ups asking for reviews altogether. Continue reading!

How to remove app ratings from iPhone and iPad

  1. Open App Store..
  2. your profile It is in the upper right.
  3. Then tap Personalized recommendations..
  4. Below this section Ratings and reviews..

    Hit Ratings and Reviews from the iPhone App Store

  5. Swipe now left Reviews to remove.
  6. Lastly, delete..

    To remove a rating from the App Store[削除]Choose

that’s it! The app’s rating will be removed from your device and iCloud account.

Or, if you want to change your rating or review instead of removing the app, you can do that too.

How to edit app ratings from iPhone

  1. Open App Store Go to the app where you want to delete the review.
  2. Scroll to Ratings and reviews section.
  3. Now tap I write a review..
    The last review of that app will pop youP with star rating. You can change both.
  4. When you’re done send..
How to edit app ratings from iPhone

From now on, the latest reviews will be saved and sent to the developers.

Bonus: How to turn off in-app ratings and reviews

Are you plagued by random pop-ups of apps asking for ratings and reviews? Well, on iOS you can turn it off altogether so you don’t bother next time.

  1. Open Configuration..
  2. Scroll up to find App Store When Tap It.
  3. Toggle off In-app ratings and reviews..
Turn off in-app ratings and reviews on your iPhone

Random pop-ups asking for reviews will no longer appear on the screen.

Here’s how to edit and delete app ratings from your iPhone and iPad. Do you like music Want to rate your song on different stars? Find out how to rate a starred song in the music app.

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