How to record FaceTime calls on iPhone and Mac

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FaceTime makes it easy to connect with family and friends, and even do simple interviews and other professional tasks. However, Apple does not natively support recording FaceTime calls. Therefore, people often wonder if they can record FaceTime on their iPhone. The simple answer is yes!

Here’s a practical way to record FaceTime audio and video calls on your iPhone and Mac, whether for storing memories or for guest video podcasts.

How to record a FaceTime video call on your iPhone

Strong Points

  • Fast and easy
  • No additional cables or accessories are needed.

If not recording audio is not a major issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open Setting Tap Control center..Tap + next to Screen recording..
    Skip this step if it is listed under a control that is already included..

    Added screen recording icon to iPhone Control Center

  2. Make or receive FaceTime calls.
    Alternatively, you can start recording the screen first and then start or join the call.
  3. Open Control Center..
    • For iPhone with Face IDSwipe from the top right (where the battery indicator is).
    • For iPhone with home buttonSwipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap Screen recording icon.. Recording will start after 3 seconds.

    Start recording iPhone screen during FaceTime call

  5. Continue the FaceTime call.
  6. When you’re done talking, open the control center and Red Screen recording icon.. The recorded file is saved in the photo app.

    After recording the call stop screen from the control center

Record FaceTime calls with voice on your iPhone


  • Requires Mac and Lightning cable
  • The recorded file size is huge

If you want to record FaceTime calls on your iPhone by voice, you need a Mac. The steps include connecting your iOS (or iPadOS) device to your Mac and using the movie recording feature of QuickTime Player. You may hear a lot, but it’s pretty easy.

Before you start: This method requires a Mac. If you already have a Mac, you can use FaceTime to record by following the steps below. However, if you need to use an iPhone, or if your Mac (for example, your office Mac) has a different Apple ID, you can follow these steps to record FaceTime calls from your iPhone in two-way audio.

  1. Use a lightning cable to unlock your iPhone and connect it to your Mac.
  2. On Mac, press Command + space bar And type Quicktime Open it.

    Open QuickTime Player on Mac

  3. click File In the menu bar at the top, Recording a new movie..

    [ファイル]Click to[新しいムービーの記録]Choose

  4. Small click Down arrow Next to the red record button.
  5. The camera has iPhone.. For microphones, use the built-in options.

    Click the small down arrow and select iPhone for camera

  6. Don’t forget to drag Right speaker slider..
  7. Then click Record button Start recording in QuickTime player.

    Drag the speaker slider to the right to start recording

  8. Then make a FaceTime call on your iPhone. Recorded on your Mac.

    IPhone FaceTime calls recorded on Mac

  9. When the FaceTime call is complete,[ストップ QuickTimeプレーヤーのボタン。


  10. FaceTime通話を保存するには、 赤い閉じるボタン QuickTimeウィンドウの。


  11. 名前を変更し、場所を選択して、をクリックします 保存




  • 最も簡単な方法
  • 追加のアクセサリは必要ありません

MacでFaceTime通話を録音するには、QuickTime Playerを使用できます(上記と同様の手順)。 ただし、新しいバージョンのmacOSを使用している場合は、MacでFaceTime通話を音声で録音する最も簡単な方法があります。

  1. 押す コントロール+シフト+5 スクリーンキャプチャツールを持ってきます。
  2. クリック オプション 選択したことを確認してください 埋め込みマイク マイクの下。 保存先などを変更することもできます。
  3. 次に、画面全体を記録するかどうかを選択します。 または、小さなFaceTimeウィンドウを隅に残したい場合は、画面のその部分だけを記録するように選択できます。
  4. 準備万端です。 クリック 記録 画面の記録を開始します。

    スクリーンキャプチャツールで[オプション]Click and[内蔵マイク]Select,[記録]Click

  5. Then start the FaceTime call. Recording is in progress.
  6. Click when you’re done talking Small stop icon Save the call recording in the menu bar at the top.

    Click the Stop button on the menu bar to stop and save the recording of your FaceTime call

This is a way to record FaceTime calls with voice using one or more Apple devices. I hope you find this simple guide useful. If you’re having trouble with your Mac, restart your Mac and then follow the recording steps above.

Not all countries (and powerful federal state governments) allow telephone recordings. FaceTime is also a form of call, so the same rules are guaranteed to apply. In this PDF, you can learn about the laws regarding recording conversations in all 50 states of the United States. For other countries, please see this Wikipedia page.

The consensus is that it’s better to notify others before recording a call (especially if you use it for non-personal purposes!). You wouldn’t want your private call to be recorded without your information. The same is true if the roles are reversed.

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