How to Play Wordle on iPhone: Tips and Tips for Mastering It

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Sometimes we have this very viral casual game that everyone is crazy about. This time is Wordle. The popularity of free-to-play character guessing games is skyrocketing. My Twitter timeline is full of people who share Wordle’s feats. The Wordle tips and tricks in this article will help you decipher the words of the day with minimal effort.

Strategy is essential to mark your mark in this game. Beginners may be wondering how to play Wordle. Well, we have come up with practical tips.

What is Wordle?

US-based software engineer Josh Wardle created Wordle as a casual game. It revolves around guessing the five-letter words of the day that change every day. Most importantly, you can only try 6 times to guess a word. If you can’t guess it, you lose.

The user interface is squeaky clean, with no ads or other distractions. Best of all, you can only play once a day.

In addition, if the text is highlighted:

  • greenThe letter is in the right place.
  • yellow, The letters are included in the word, but they are not placed correctly. In the next attempt, you need to move it.
  • grayThe letter is not included in the word.

Are you intrigued and looking forward to playing it? Read on to see how to play it on your iPhone.

How to get Wordle on iPhone

Unfortunately, there is no app for Wordle. Therefore, it cannot be downloaded to the iPhone. You need to open a web page and play the puzzle. For convenience, you can pin Wordle’s website to your Safari browser. The next time you want to play Wordle, just tap it.

To bookmark Wordle on iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Open Wordle in Safari.
  2. Tap share button.
  3. select Add to home screen..
  4. Tap addition..

    How to download Wordle on iOS

When complete, Wordle will appear on your home screen.Then just tap W Icon for playing the game.

Master Wordle with these amazing tricks

1. Choose the first word

Every Wordle is a five-letter word. You need to select the first word correctly. It’s a good strategy to start with a commonly used five-letter word. Most English words contain vowels. Make sure the first guess contains the maximum number of vowels. To that effect, words like Raise and Arise can help gain momentum.

2. Stay away from gray letters

Needless to say, future attempts should skip the use of gray letters. On the bright side, the gray letters help in the removal process.

Stay away from the gray letters in Wordle on your iPhone

3. Advance the directed graph

Choosing a directed graph is an effective way to get rid of the wrong characters. A directed graph is a combination of two letters that make up a sound. This includes words that include “st-“, “ph”, and “ey”. When the letters turn yellow, try moving to another location.

4. Use the same letter twice

There is no limit to using the same character twice. If the same letter is highlighted in yellow, it may appear twice in the word. If one letter is yellow and the other is gray, the letter is displayed only once.

5. Have patience

Wordle is certainly a nervous game. Sometimes you may lose your patience. Well, Wordle has no time limit. I think you should spend more time on each guess. In other words, patience is certainly a virtue!

How to share Wordle statistics

Did you break the word of the day with just three attempts? Well, you can share your feats with family and friends.When you tap share For icons, Wordle copies the statistics to the clipboard. Then you can paste it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

How to share Wordle statistics

How to play multiple Wordle in a day

Officially, you are not allowed to play more than one Wordle per day. However, I found a workaround to satisfy my curiosity. Wordle releases one puzzle every day, so you can change the date on your iPhone to play more games before it’s available to everyone. Method is as follows.

  1. Close it Open tab Wordle in any browser.
  2. here we go, ConfigurationUniversalDate Time..
  3. Toggle off Automatic setting..

    Play multiple Wordles a day, changing the date and time

  4. Then tap date → Select one Future date..

    Change the date to play multiple Wordles in a day

Now, just open Wordle in your browser and you’re done! The next Wordle game can be played before it is released to others. Is it time to bend this?

💡 Cool tips: If you can’t guess the correct word after 6 attempts, or if your score isn’t worth showing off on social media, clear your browsing and caching history in Safari or Chrome. This helps you take another shot in Wordle.

Can I play old Wordle puzzles?

Initially, you couldn’t play any Wordle puzzles other than Wordle that day. However, it is possible to access past puzzles. There are two platforms for that.

1. Wardle Archive

Thanks to Metzger Media for creating the super cool Wordle archive. The feature-rich platform allows you to access, play and track the scores of all previous puzzles, including whether they have been solved or not. In addition, if you’re bored, you can even play random puzzles similar to Wordle.

You can even create custom puzzles and challenge your friends to solve them. Properly.

Wordle archive by Metzger Media

2. Wardle Archive 1

Wordle is an immersive puzzle game. One of the attractions is that you can only play once a day. In other words, you have to wait for the new word the next day. Thankfully, there is an informal way to play unlimited Wordle.

The GitHub project created by Devang Thakkar allows you to play previously released Wordle games. The archive is based on a backlog starting with the first Wordle. When you’re done[次へ]Tap to proceed to another puzzle.

iPhone Wordle Archive

The best Wordle choice to play

1. is based on Josh Wardle’s game. The user experience is similar to the original game. The only (and biggest) difference is that there is no daily limit. Most importantly, there are no annoying ads that ruin the gaming experience.

Unlimited playback of on iPhone

2. Nerdle: Wordle with a numerical twist

A strong vocabulary, not your specialty? please do not worry. Nerdle is a number game for math professionals. To solve the puzzle, you need to arrange a series of numbers. Each time the tile changes color, it indicates whether the guess is correct or incorrect.

Nerdle requires you to place randomly placed numbers. Unlike Wordle, you can solve the puzzle of the previous day. If you love puzzle games, check out our collection of the best puzzle games.

Wordle with a numerical twist on the iPhone

that’s it!

This is all you need to know how to play Wordle on your iPhone and decipher words every day. We hope this strategy has helped your Wordle game.

Do you want to play Wordle? Share your Wordle achievements with the comments below!