How to play iMessage typing pranks with your friends

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When sending a message to a special person or best friend, nothing is more stressful than the iMessages “typing” animation. That can mean a lot: are they trying to decide what to say to you? Are they writing a long essay? Well, this is great for funny iMessage Infinity Typing Pranks!

So if you’re bored and just want to annoy someone, this is a perfect prank! Read on to learn how to do it.

What does this include: Download an iMessage typing GIF like a “typing” animation and send it to your iMessage target. Well, they’ll think you’re writing your last will and nothing in a single message!

How to do typing pranks with iMessage on iPhone

  1. Long tap iPhone typing GIF Select the following Add to photo/ /Save image..
iMessage typing send
  1. open Message thread Launch the messaging app or a new messaging app.
  2. Tap Photo iconGIF..
  3. Hit now Send icon..
Play typing pranks with iMessages

It will look like the image below!

iMessage typing GIF

Doing this will send you a GIF that is very similar to the “typing” animation of the message. If you send it to someone who doesn’t doubt anything, you might think you’re writing an essay.

Did you enjoy this iPhone typing GIF prank with iMessage? Are there any other iPhone tricks or pranks that you like to play with your friends? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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