How to pin or unpin Twitter tweets from iPhone and iPad

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Do you have important announcements to share, or just want to share motivations and interesting things? You can easily pin tweets to your Twitter timeline so your visitors don’t miss them. In addition, there is no time limit for pinned tweets to be displayed.

This article describes how to pin and unpin tweets from your iPhone or iPad. let’s start!

How to pin tweets on Twitter on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open twitter App.
  2. Tap profile..
  3. Then tap More Icon in the upper right corner of the tweet..
  4. Then tap Pin to profile..

    Twitter iphone pinned to profile

  5. hit pin Pin the tweet above your profile.

    Pin Tweet iPhone

How to pin someone else’s tweets on Twitter on your iPhone or iPad

Unfortunately, there is no official way to pin someone else’s tweets on Twitter. However, you can do this using online tools.

I rely on TwToolsEu, a Twitter tool that is easy to use. Here’s how to use it to pin your favorite tweets from another Twitter profile:

  1. Access TwToolsEu in your browser.
  2. Then click Pin any tweetAllow access..
  3. Enter your Twitter credentials and Approve the app.

    Tweet iphone to pin someone else

  4. Visit Twitter Copy the link Of the tweets you want to pin
  5. Then paste the link Twtools Tap Pin this tweet..

    Pin other people's tweets on Twitter on your iPhone

This will pin the selected tweet to the top of your profile.

Note: To unpin a tweet, click the retweet button and select Undo Retweet.

How to unpin tweets on Twitter on iPhone

Did you pin the wrong tweet, or did the tweet become irrelevant? no problem! You can easily unpin a tweet by following the steps below.

  1. Go to yours twitter profile.
  2. Tap More Icon at the top right of the fixed tweet
  3. Tap Unpin from profile Select Release the lock..

These were the easiest ways to pin or unpin your or others’ tweets on Twitter from your iPhone. If you have other questions, see the answers below for the most common questions.

Q. Why can’t I pin other people’s tweets to Twitter?

A. There is no official way to pin someone’s tweet on Twitter, so you can’t pin it using the official app. You need to use a third party tool such as Twtools.

Q. How can I see the pinned tweets?

A. Pinned Tweets will appear at the top of the Twitter timeline labeled “Fixed Tweets.” Therefore, access and display the person’s Twitter account. If you don’t see such a label, you haven’t added a fixed tweet.

Q. Is it possible to fix multiple tweets on Twitter?

A. You cannot pin multiple tweets. You are selective and need to choose one of the many tweets available.

Do you have a query that hasn’t been answered yet? Don’t hesitate to drop the comment down.

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