How To Pick The Right Video Slot Machine 

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Picking the correct video slot does not come easy and this is due to the fact that there are thousands of games to choose from. Visiting an online casino is a bit like entering an old style film rental store. When you enter you are greeted by hundreds of posters that are all trying to grab your attention. Similar to most online casinos, Slots Racer offers video slot to their players, including live casinos.pu

In online casinos the first thing you see when you load the slots section are all the games banners neatly displayed in the slots lobbies. It is tempting to pick the most attractive banner or the most interesting and dramatic title, but as with selecting a movie, you could end up with a dud.

Firstly, you have to consider what interests you, if you like themed slots then they are usually arranged by their themes in the various lobbies. If you are a movie and TV fan, then you may want to check out the slot games based on TV and films.

Even if you are a complete novice, you can pick any slot that interests you and give it a spin for free in demo mode. This is the best and quickest way of deciding whether you have picked a slot that you will enjoy playing.

Demo play gives you an imaginary balance that usually runs into the thousands of pounds so you can spin the game long enough to discover the special features it contains and the different bonus rounds available. 

Terms and Phrases: What Do They Mean? 

Again, if you are a total novice you may come across some terms and phrases whilst browsing online slots sites. RNG is the most popular and this is basically the casino letting you know that all they games use a Random Number Generator to generate slot spins fairly. An RNG is basically a microchip that creates number sequences all the time and these are translated into spins across the entire online casino site. It doesn’t matter what slot game you choose, the results of each spin will be down to the RNG. RTP or Return To Player percentage is more of an influencer when deciding to pick the right slot to play. Games with high RTP scores tend to be more generous in the amount of cash they return to punters. A good way of narrowing down your choice of slots to play is by eliminating all the games with an RTP score of 95% or lower. House edge refers to the advantage all the games give to the casino over the punter. Casinos are in it to offer entertainment and make a profit on the service they offer and this is when the house edge comes into play. Slots give casinos the biggest edge and this makes choosing a high RTP slot to play, that much more important. 

Final Thoughts 

Slot games are not all equal some are far more superior in quality to others and some payout more than other slots too. The best slots to try are those with a high RTP score that are also considered to be low in volatility.