How to permanently delete your Steam account

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Steam has captivated gamers around the world with its vast library of games. More importantly, the very popular Steam Summer Sale, which significantly reduces the price of almost every game. However, you may be quitting the game and considering deleting your Steam account altogether. Or you may become more privacy conscious and don’t want your company to have access to your data. You can delete your Steam account for whatever reason, but there are a few things to consider before doing so. This article will walk you through how to remove your Steam account while answering some of your most ardent questions.

Permanently delete your Steam account (2021)

This guide is divided into two main sections. One deals with the procedure for deleting a Steam account, and the other is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). Use the table below to navigate to the selected section.

Can I disable my Steam account instead?

Now, for users looking to delete their Steam account, there may be some suspicious hints in your heart. Do I need to disable my Steam account instead? Is it possible to disable my Steam account? Well, unfortunately You can’t disable your Steam account..

Steam has no way to disable your account. Deleting your Steam account is a one-way, permanent decision. If you’re not sure about migrating from Steam, it’s highly recommended that you take a step back and think twice about this. Alternatively, you can log out of your account and leave it idle until you make a decision.

Show all personal information on Steam

For those who are trying to remove their Steam account due to privacy concerns, there is a way to look at all the data that Steam has collected over the years. Steam has a convenient information center that contains all the data held by Valve-owned services.

Data related to your Steam account

To access this data, make sure you’re logged in to your Steam account in your browser and follow this link. From this support page, you can easily see the data that Steam has collected. From account details to Steamworks game data to community profile data. If you decide that your company holds too much data, find out how to delete your account.

Steps to permanently delete your Steam account

Therefore, I decided to delete my Steam account. But before that, keep in mind that all Steam account deletions are permanent. You can undo your decision within 30 days by submitting a delete request, but please post that everything is gone. Therefore, we recommend that you think carefully and proceed carefully.

Note: This tutorial uses the Steam desktop client on Windows. If you’re logged in to a web browser or official Steam app on Mac or Linux, the steps remain the same.

  1. Log in to your Steam account Click on the profile name Located in the upper right corner of the screen.Steam account removes profile name
  2. A drop-down menu opens. choose “Account detailsFrom there “option.Steam account details
  3. The account details will be displayed on the screen. Then scroll to the bottom and say “Delete your Steam account“.
    Delete your Steam account
  4. Steam will display the entire removal process you need to follow and some FAQs that you can choose to read as needed. When the decision is confirmed, “Proceed to delete account“.
  5. This will bring up a form that you need to fill out so that you can verify that Steam actually owns your account. Steam may request more information than is shown below. Fill out the form Press the whole “Send“button.Delete the Steam account form
  6. When you’re done Steam creates a support ticket Go to the screen below. The reply you received from Steam Support will now be displayed here along with updates regarding the progress of account deletion. You can also click to send additional messages.Update help request“” Button at the bottom left.Confirmed deletion of Steam account
  7. your Your Steam account is locked And they are lined up for inspection by support executives. They will address your question and you will receive a notification that you need to approve to complete the account deletion process.As mentioned earlier, you will have 30 days If you undo your decision, Valve will erase all data from the server.

Confirmation of deletion of Steam account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What happens to my game library if I delete my Steam account?

Steam game library, and all other data, including community profiles, gifts, wallet funds, and other information. Will be permanently deleted.. The game key registered in your Steam account will also be invalid and you will not be able to play. Only games that don’t require Steam will work, but you’ll need to use each client to play the game. For example, you can continue to play Apex Legends by deleting your Steam account and then moving to Origin.

However, if you just want to delete your Steam account and start anew, There is a workaround This will help you keep your entire Steam game library while forgetting your old Steam account. Since Steam is not it Delete the idle / dormant account. Simply create a new Steam account and use Steam Family Sharing to connect your old and new accounts. Doing this will allow you to share all your Steam games from your old account to your new Steam account without hassle.

Q. Is there a refund if I delete my Steam account?

Once your account is deleted, games and software purchased on Steam will not be refunded.However, if you have a recently purchased game, May be subject to Steam’s 14-day / 2-hour policy window. This means you can refund all these games before you start deleting your account. Therefore, be sure to refund those games on Steam before going through the Steam account deletion process.

Q. What happens to my Steam wallet balance?

Once the account deletion process is complete, your Steam wallet funds will no longer be available.

Q. How long does Steam Support take to delete my account?

According to the official support page Steam waits 30 days Before deleting the account permanently. This means that if you change your decision, you need at least 30 days. Steam will notify you at the end of the 30th, giving you the last chance to recover your account.

Q. Can I cancel my Steam account deletion request?

It’s lucky that, The answer is yes.. You can choose to cancel your account deletion request and restore your Steam account. Once your Steam account has been deleted, 30 days will begin and you will see a red banner above your Steam profile. Log in to your Steam profile again, click on the red notification, “Cancel, I don’t want to delete my account” button.

Cancel deletion

However, if you don’t see the red banner because your support executive hasn’t responded to your request yet,Click here if you no longer need help“option. This way, you can cancel your removal request even before the Steam Support Executive sees it.

    I don't need a help button anymore

Q. Can I reuse my Steam Gamertag after deleting my account?

Unfortunately, I can’t. As Steam states on the support page, “”The account name is unique and can only be used once, Regardless of whether the account has been deleted.However, your existing email address, profile name, and previous purchase method are free to use in your new Steam account and elsewhere.

Q. What happens to my data after I delete my Steam account?

When you complete the Steam account deletion process, almost all of your Steam account data will be deleted. The personal information that identifies you, all purchase history, and, as mentioned above, the game library will be gone. However, the content that you may have posted to the platform remains.It Includes discussion posts or comments on the Steam Community Hub.. In addition, comments added to other users’ profiles will remain intact and will not disappear if you delete the account.

Delete your Steam account in a few simple steps!

Regardless of the reason you delete your Steam account, this detailed guide ensures that you’ve completed it and it’s cluttered. If you ask us, Steam gives users good reason to stick. Digital gaming services with features like Steam Remote Play that open up huge multiplayer gaming possibilities to the boat road of free Steam games know how to satisfy gamers. So make sure you know what you are doing. Any other questions? Please contact us with the following comments.