How to permanently delete a Roblox account (2021)

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Roblox has recently seen an exponential increase in the number of children playing on the platform. However, as it grows in popularity, so does media scrutiny. Roblox has sparked a series of controversies, and many parents are wondering if the gaming platform is suitable for their children. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety, check out this tutorial to learn how to delete your Roblox account. Learn about some of the methods you can use to delete your child’s Roblox account.

Delete Roblox Account: Step-by-Step Guide (2021)

It is said that more than 50 percent of all American children under the age of 16 played Roblox last year. However, as it grows in popularity, the platform has a disturbing increase in inappropriate content for children. And while playing a seemingly harmful game, it worried parents a lot about the safety of their children. Now, to end such concerns, we will teach you in this article how to cancel your Roblox Premium membership and delete your child’s Roblox account.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a popular sandbox game, primarily with a build your world theme. It’s also an online multiplayer gaming platform and a storefront where players can create their own games and join other players. The online gaming platform allows players from all over the world to come together and play against each other in multiplayer games. How is it different from other game stores like Steam? All Roblox games are made by that user.. According to the company, users have published over 20 million games on the platform over the years.

How to permanently delete a Roblox account

One of the main reasons Roblox has been able to get so much attention is that developers can make a lot of money on the platform without a lot of financial input. Roblox and all its games are free, but in-app purchases using a cryptocurrency called “Robux” often amount to hundreds of dollars per user. Developers can take Robux cuts and convert them into real money using Developer Exchange or DevEx. Roblox Corp. (RBLX) Listed on the New York Stock Exchange earlier this year and is currently worth nearly $ 50 billion.

Roblox parents worried about child safety

Roblox has established itself as a gaming platform for children in most cases. However, we often have to face the accusations of containing malicious actors who have turned the platform into a dangerous place for children. Roblox sees kids gathering to dress up their avatars and decorate the world while playing games, but parental complaints are rampant.

Some parents feel that their child is too absorbed in the platform and interferes with their daily lives, while others are worried about their child’s safety online. Many believe that Roblox games can expose children to predatory behavior and inappropriate content. What some parent and child psychologists find unacceptable is that adolescents and minors apparently create and play games without a safety net, despite public guarantees from Roblox. Is allowed.

Roblox says it has “There is no tolerance for inappropriate content or behavior.” Claim “A strict safety system is in place.”.. Parents also state that they can limit the words and phrases that their children can see and use on the platform. However, some parents find this alone not enough. No wonder more and more parents are looking for ways to limit their child’s time on the platform or permanently delete their Roblox account. It brings us to the tutorial you are here.

How to delete a Roblox account

I decided to delete my child’s Roblox account, so it’s time to deliver bad news. Roblox does not offer a one-click solution that is an automated way to delete an account.. Instead, you should contact Roblox Customer Support and ask them to delete your account. There are multiple ways to do this, and here are them:

Method 1: Contact Roblox Support

  • Use Roblox’s online support form to submit an account deletion request.
  • Email Roblox Support Staff Request to delete your account.
  • Call Roblox Customer Service 888-858-2569 Tell them to delete your account.

In all of the above cases, you will need to provide your Roblox username and verify your identity, including your email ID.

Method 2: Leave inactive for 1 year

Roblox says that Delete an idle account after it hasn’t been used for a year To free up space on the server for new players. This means that if you don’t sign in to your account for 365 days, your account will be automatically deleted. Therefore, if there is no particular urgency to delete your account, leave it inactive and forget about your Roblox account for a year. You need to make sure that your Roblox account has been permanently deleted.

If you’re unlucky with your delete request and the year is too long to wait, you can follow the old-fashioned route. This means that you can deliberately violate Roblox’s Terms of Service so that you can launch it immediately from the platform. of course, This method is not recommended.. However, be careful not to do anything that could be illegal on your territory, even if a brave person wants to take this path. The last thing you want is to get involved in legal issues.

Please note that if you delete it, you will not be able to restore your Roblox account information. According to company policy, Roblox will not restore deleted accounts. So think twice before pulling the trigger.

Cancel Roblox Premium Membership

If you want to cancel your Roblox membership instead of deleting your account permanently,[設定]You can go to the menu and cancel. This can be done on both desktop and mobile. Method is as follows.

Method 1: From the Roblox website

  • Log in to the Roblox website and click. Gear symbol Located in the upper right corner.Then select Configuration From the drop-down menu.
  • Then click Claim Located in the left sidebar.Finally, click “”Cancel update‘And confirm your decision when asked.
How to delete a Roblox account or cancel a premium membership

Method 2: Use the Roblox mobile app (Android, iOS)

  • Open the Roblox app on your smartphone and tap 3 dot menu Located in the lower right corner.Then scroll down a bit and select’Configuration‘.
How to permanently delete a Roblox account
  • next, Claim..On the next page, tap “”Cancel update‘End your Roblox membership. Check your decision when asked, and that’s it.
How to delete a Roblox account or cancel a premium membership

Remove Roblox to protect your child from inappropriate content online

Despite all the controversy, Roblox continues to be a great platform for gamers. However, the continued increase in inappropriate content is an uneasy trend that the company has never been able to address. I hope things change for the better. But if not, you know how to delete your Roblox account online to keep your child safe. If you decide to discontinue Roblox, check out the best games like Roblox that you can play in 2021. Roblox is also available for Chromebooks, but you can check out the best Roblox alternatives for Chrome OS devices.