How to mute notifications on iPhone (all methods)

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When you’re crazy about work, or when you’re away from your busy schedule and enjoying peace of mind, the last thing you want to deal with is a bunch of random notifications. Not only do they distract you, but they also tend to kill your precious time by demanding frequent attention. The best way to deal with this situation is to mute the notifications on your iPhone so that the incoming alert doesn’t call you repeatedly. Here’s how to turn off notifications on your iPhone:

1 2 ways to mute notifications on iPhone (2022)

How do silencing alerts work on iOS?

Apple offers several ways to mute alerts on your iPhone, and you can choose the method you prefer. For example, you can use the master switch to instantly mute all ringtones and alerts on your iOS device. Save it in case you are in a quiet environment and you don’t want the repeated warning sounds to disturb the people around you.

If you need to go further and mute all notifications within the time frame to work undisturbed or meditate undistracted, the reliable silent mode is the best choice. If you want to mute a particular chat or app that is endlessly annoying, there are also some nifty tricks to do that.

Mute notifications on iPhone from Notification Center

You can mute alerts for specific apps directly from Notification Center.

  • Swipe down Display Notification Center from the top of the screen. Then swipe left on the alert to[オプション]With a button[クリア]Display the button.
  • Now tap option Then select 1 hour mute or today’s mute.. that’s it! From now on, notifications from this app will be silently delivered to your iOS device.
Mute notifications on iPhone from Notification Center
  • If you later want to unmute the alert from the app, go to Notification Center-> swipe left on the alert-> option And select Unmute..

Use ring / silent switch to mute notifications on iOS

The ring / silent switch was a very useful asset for muting notifications on the iPhone. This hardware switch is located on the left side, just above the volume button on your iPhone.

  • To put your iPhone in silent mode Press the switch for that reason An orange indicator is displayed.
Use Silent Switch on iPhone
Image courtesy of Apple
  • To enable ring mode Move the switch By becoming Orange is hidden..
iPhone ring switch
Image courtesy of Apple

If the switch is in ringtone mode, you will hear ringtones and alerts. Also, in silent mode, alerts and voice calls do not sound loud.

IPhone silence notification by turning down the volume completely

Another very easy way to mute notifications on iOS is to turn down the volume completely.Continuously Press the volume down button Until you see Confirmation message The screen where the iPhone is muted.

Text tones on iPhone[なし]Set to

If you don’t want to hear the notification sound on your iOS device, set the text tone to None.

Head to 1. Settings app Select on iPhone Sound & haptics.

Sound and tactile settings on iOS

2. Then tap Text tones And select none..

Text tones on iPhone[なし]Set to

The text of a specific contact on the iPhone[なし]Set to

If you just want to mute a particular contact, you can.

1. Start Contact app On your iPhone, go to the contact you want to mute.Then tap Edit button Located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Edit contacts on iOS

2. Then tap Text tones And select none. Finally, be sure to tap end Check in the upper right.

Mute people in the iOS contacts app

Turn off notification sound for certain iPhone apps

You can use the notification settings on your iOS device to disable the notification sound for individual apps.

1. Open Settings app Select on iOS device notification..

iOS notification settings

2. Then scroll down Find the app Notification to mute and select.Then turn off the side toggle sound..

Silence app notifications on iOS

Silence-specific conversation thread for iPhone messages

You can mute individual iMessage chat threads, whether for privacy or the tranquility you need.

1. Start Message app On iOS devices Go to the conversation thread What you want to mute.

2. Well, Swipe left on the chat thread Tap Bell icon..

Silence-specific conversation thread for iPhone messages

To find more useful iMessage tips like this, check out the thorough summary.

Use silent to mute notifications on iPhone

Silent Mode can play a role if you want to stay focused while you work, or if you don’t want to be distracted by alerts and repeated calls. Calls and notifications are muted when DND is enabled. If desired, you can schedule silent mode to allow only calls from selected people.

1. On iPhone, Settings app And select concentration..

iOS focus settings

2. Then tap do not disturb Then turn on the toggle. Then customize it to your liking.


If your iPhone is running iOS 14 or earlier, you need to access the following URL: [設定]->[邪魔しないでください]..

After customizing silent mode on your device, you can turn it on from the Control Center.

  • simply, Swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen IPhone model with Face ID or Swipe up from the bottom of the screen Start Control Center.
  • Then tap Small crescent icon Turn on DND for a specific time frame. When turned on, a crescent-shaped icon appears on the status bar and lock screen.
  • For better control of silent mode Focus button (Immediately next to Crescent Moon) Control Center-> Three dot icons [Disutbしないでください]Next to Enable DND for 1 hour until tonight or until you leave a specific location..
Turn on silent mode on iOS

Note that in iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 and above, silent mode is part of focus mode. For more information on how it works, see our detailed guide on focus modes.

Turn off announcement notifications in Siri

Siri can announce incoming notifications from supported apps such as AirPods and Beats reminders and messages. If you’re using compatible earphones / headphones and you don’t want the Virtual Assistant to announce notifications, it’s easy to do.

1. On your iOS device, go to Settings app-> Notifications..

2. Then tap Announce notification Then turn off the switch.

Disable Siri announcement notifications on iOS

Mute individual WhatsApp chats on iPhone

WhatsApp also allows you to mute individual chats within the app.

1. Open WhatsApp On your iPhone, go to Conversation thread I want to mute.

2. Well, Swipe left With conversation thread Press the bell icon.

Mute individual WhatsApp chats on iPhone

Silence individual signal chat on iPhone

If you switch from WhatsApp to Signal, you can easily mute the chat here as well.

1. Open Signal app On iOS devices Find a chat thread You want to be silent.

2. Next, Swipe left In the chat thread, tap Little bell icon Mute the chat.

Silence individual signal chat on iPhone

Mute certain telegram chats on iPhone

Silencing individual Telegram chats is just as easy.

Head to 1. Chat thread What you want to mute with the Telegram app on your iPhone.

2. Next, Swipe left after that Tap the bell icon Silence this Telegram chat thread.

Mute certain telegram chats on iPhone

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An easy way to mute notifications on iOS

that’s it! Hopefully you can control the notifications and prevent them from disturbing your peace. In iOS 15, you can enable notification summarization to deliver non-urgent alerts at your desired time. In this way, you can prevent less important alerts from being constantly attacked without losing sight of them. So what method do you prefer to silence notifications on your iPhone? Please let us know in the comments.