How to merge videos on iPhone and iPad using iMovie

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Perhaps you’ve shot multiple clips of an event in quick succession, or you have some beautiful landscape videos taken with your iPhone camera.

To easily share multiple clips as a single file or save them conveniently, we recommend merging them. iMovie makes it easy to combine multiple videos on your iPhone or iPad. And as a major additional bonus, it doesn’t leave a watermark.

Ready to get started? Here’s how to merge videos on iPhone and iPad:

How to combine videos for free on iPhone or iPad using iMovie

  1. Make sure iMovie is installed on your device. If not, download it from the App Store.Open iMovie..

    [プロジェクトの作成]After tapping[ムービー]Tap

  2. Select two or more videos to merge.Tap Make a movie.. All selected clips will be imported into the iMovie editing timeline. Scroll through the thin video strip to the beginning.

    Select a video and tap Create Movie on iPhone

  3. Then tap play button. Your videos will play one after another. If you like it, you can export it now (see step 8). To add an effect to your video, follow these steps:

    Tap Play to start the video in iMovie on your iPhone

  4. Slowly scroll through thin video strips.Tap dissolution Icon (two triangles facing each other).

    Tap the two triangles to merge videos on iPhone using iMovie

  5. select none There is no effect between videos. If you want to add an effect, tap the effect, then scroll the video strip a bit from left to right, play button. You can also choose the duration of the effect.
  6. Then scroll through the video strip to the beginning[再生]Tap the button to watch the video.

    Play merged videos in iMovie on iPhone

  7. Tap end To export the video, it’s in the upper left corner.
  8. Tap share Click the icon to select Save video.. When prompted, select video quality.The final merged video will be exported and saved to Photo..

    Save merged videos to iPhone using iMovie

that’s it!

This is a way to combine multiple videos using iMovie. Now let’s check out some third party apps for merging videos on iPhone or iPad.

The best iPhone and iPad apps for merging videos

1. KineMaster

Screenshots of kinemaster iphone and ipad video editing app

KineMaster is a reliable tool for creating impressive edited videos. You can easily combine multiple videos, images, effects and more. The app can also export combined videos in resolutions up to 4K.

price: Free (starting from $ 1.99 for in-app purchases)


2. Video merger

Video merger iPhone and iPad app screenshots

Video Merger is useful when combining videos with a dedicated app. Video Merger allows you to quickly combine multiple videos from your photo library. You can also add music and custom watermarks.Once you have the final video iteration, do it yourself Photo Or share directly from the Video Merge app.

price: Free (starting from $ 1.99 for in-app purchases)


3. Video joiner

Video Joiner iPhone and iPad app screenshots

With its easy-to-use app design and comfortable interface, this app is perfect for combining multiple videos. Save all your work as a project. This allows you to close the app at any time and resume editing later. You can also shape overlays, add music, trim video parts, and more.

price: Free (Pro version – $ 3.99)


4. Splice

Screenshots of Splice iphone and ipad video editing app

This powerful and customizable video editor does more than just merge multiple video clips. You can make professional-grade videos with the help of Splice. You can crop files, adjust transitions, add slow motion effects, and more.

You can choose to add sounds from our extensive library or use your own library. Overall, Splice is a competent video editing app that you have to check out.

price: Free (starting from $ 1.99 for in-app purchases)


5. GoPro

GoPro iPhone app to add music to videos

Not only the GoPro app for clips taken from GoPro cameras, but also Photo Create a library and connect it with the iOS app.

The interface is clean and easy to use. Besides combining clips, you can take advantage of many other effects and edits in this app to create beautiful final videos.

price: Free (GoPro Plus $ 4.99)


Everyone, that’s all.

Hope you learned how to merge two or more videos on your iPhone or iPad. We recommend the iMovie method, but please let us know what you think. Which app do you use? Is it Apple’s iMovie or one of the third-party apps?

Do you have any other Apple related questions? Please contact us in the comments.

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