How to merge PDF on iPhone and iPad

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Combining multiple PDF files on iPhone not only simplifies the process of sharing them, but also provides a smooth workflow, saves storage space and reduces cluttered documents. If you don’t know how to merge multiple PDF files on iPhone, here are some simple tricks. let’s start.

How to combine PDF files on iPhone and iPad using the Files app

The iPhone and iPad Native Files app provides built-in options for scanning, creating, and merging multiple PDF files. Combining PDFs is easy, fast, and secure, but the only drawback is that the files are combined numerically or alphabetically.

However, you must rename the document before you can place the PDF as you wish. Now let’s see how to combine them.

  1. Open File App.
  2. Go to position The location where you saved the PDF in the app.
    Note: EMake sure you save the file With the file app. In addition, if you want them to be placed in a particular order, rename them as follows: Long press Files and taps Rename..
  3. Now tap 3 dots It is in the upper right.
  4. Tap select..
  5. select All files to merge.
  6. Tap 3 dots It’s on the bottom right.
  7. select Create a PDF..
How to combine PDF files on iPhone and iPad using the Files app

The merged PDF will now be displayed in the correct location. Normally, the merged PDF files will be displayed with the name of the first PDF you selected when merging the files. However, the original PDF file is not deleted.

That’s not it! There is another way to combine PDF files on your iPhone / iPad. read.

How to merge multiple PDFs on iPhone using shortcuts

You can use the Shortcuts app to create shortcuts and merge PDFs. Method is as follows.

  1. To merge the PDF, download this shortcut into your shortcut library.
    Note: If you’re having trouble adding shortcuts, Settings → Shortcut[信頼できないショートカットを許可する]To turn on..
  2. Open now File Open the app and go to the PDF location.
  3. Tap to select the files you want to merge 3 dots It is in the upper right.
  4. Then press the share icon, scroll up and tap Merge PDF..
  5. Follow now On the screen With instructions save It.
Merge multiple PDFs on iPhone using shortcuts

So you go! Now there is a second way to merge the PDFs. You can use any of the above methods to complete your work.

Or, there are many paid / free apps that can help you merge PDF files. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to use a native file app or shortcut.

I think I was able to merge the PDFs on my iPhone and iPad. Do you have more related queries? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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