How to make and use the 2022 Discord sticker (easy guide)

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In June 2021, Discord made it possible to send and receive stickers on the Discord server. Stickers, now available on Discord servers with at least two server boosts, are another way to communicate if you can’t find a suitable emoji or GIF to share with your friends. This article has explained everything you need to know about how to create and use Discord stickers.

Create and use stickers with Discord (2022)

What is a Discord sticker?

What is a Discord sticker

Discord recently added sticker support to its messaging platform. Discord stickers (not to be confused with Discord emojis) are available as static and animated. Servers need at least two server boosts to add or use stickers.. The Level 1 server has a total of 15 sticker slots, and the Level 2 and Level 3 servers have 30 and 60 sticker slots, respectively.

To add or remove custom stickers on the Discord server, you need the Manage Emojis and Stickers permission.Notable Server members can use stickers on boosted servers without having a Discord Nitro subscription..

Things to remember when creating Discord stickers

  • Animation file type: APNG and Lottie (partners and validated servers)
  • Static file type: PNG
  • Maximum file size: 512KB
  • Size: 320px x 320px
  • Background: Transparent (optional)
  • Unicode emoji that matches the sticker suggestions
  • Descriptive text that improves accessibility for screen reader users

How to create your own Discord sticker

As mentioned in the section above, you need a PNG file with a resolution of 320 x 320 to use it as a Discord sticker. If the image is larger than that, you can resize it using any photo editing software. For example, I’m using the Faststone Image Viewer to resize the image in this demo.

1. To make sure the images are the same size, first Crop the image in a 1: 1 ratio.. In this way, you can easily resize an image to a resolution of 320 x 320 without missing the part you need for the image.

Change image size at a 1: 1 ratio

2. The image has a 1: 1 ratio, so you need to do the following: Resize the image to 320×320 pixels Solution..

Change image size from 320 to 320

3. Finally, Save the image as a PNG file.. Now you are ready to upload the sticker to Discord.

Save image as png

Online Discord Sticker Maker Website – Kapwing

kapwingdiscord sticker maker

If you’re looking for an online editor that makes it easy to create Discord stickers, Kapwing is your best bet. Similar to the company’s Discord Emoji Maker, Kapwing has created templates that you can use to resize images, add text, and change the background color as needed. The template is already set to a resolution of 320 x 320 and you need to upload an image to get started.

Access KapwingDiscord sticker template

How to upload a sticker to a Discord server

1. Open Discord server and Click on the server name To expand the menu, it’s in the upper left corner. From the list of options currently displayed Click “Server Settings”..

Open Discord server settings

2. From the sidebar on the left side of the server settings page Select “Sticker”..

Switch to the sticker tab

3. Next, if the server is boosted twice, you will see something like this: “Upload sticker” button Select the Discord sticker you created earlier. If not, you’ll have to spend $ 9.99 to give the server two boosts and unlock Level 1 perks, including the ability to upload 15 stickers.

Upload stickers in discord

4. Select the Discord sticker PNG file and set its name, associated emoji, and careful Discord suggests stickers when server members enter the emoji assigned to the chat box.. As soon as you click the “Upload” button, all server members can start using the sticker.

Upload discord stickers

Remove custom stickers from Discord server

1. Open the Discord server and click on its name from the upper left corner. From the drop-down menu Click “Server Settings”..

Open Discord server settings

2.2. Switch to the “Stickers” tab Access the sticker page from the left sidebar.

Switch to the sticker tab

3. You will see all the stickers you have uploaded to the server so far. Hover your mouse pointer over the sticker you want to remove and click the red “X” button. Remove the sticker from the Discord server. Server members will no longer be able to use stickers and will be able to use slots for other stickers.

Remove the sticker from the server

How to use Discord stickers without Nitro

If you’re looking for a way to use custom stickers on your Discord server without two server boosts, then:

NQN is a popular Discord bot that uses animated Discord emoji without Discord Nitro. However, bots also have the option to send stickers using predefined keywords. The setting method is as follows.

1. Invite the NQN bot to the Discord server (link), upload the image using the command “! Sticker create”, and then create a new sticker. If you don’t know how to invite a bot, read our guide on how to add a Discord bot to your server.

Create sticker nqn

2. After uploading the file, you can: Access using: file_name:.. If you want to rename the sticker, you can use the command “! Sticker renameold_name new_name”.

Renamed sticker nqn

3. Each time you enter a command, the NQN bot will send you an image as a sticker, as shown below. NQN will send you a sticker with a bot tag along with your name so that others can identify that you sent the image.

Discord sticker using nqn

Another Discord bot worth considering sending stickers on Discord without Nitro is Sticker Surge.Using sticker surge Share a community-supported sticker pack or create your own stickers.. To get started, simply invite your Sticker Surge bot to a Discord server (link) and add the popular sticker packs listed on your website.

Sticker surge bot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many stickers can I put on my Discord server?

Discord server Supports a total of 60 stickers.. However, the server must be at level 3 (14 boosts) to unlock all these slots. Level 1 servers, on the other hand, have 15 slots and Level 2 servers have 30 slots.

Q: How do I use stickers on Discord without Nitro?

You cannot use stickers on unboosted servers to unlock at least Level 1 benefits, but you can use stickers on servers without a Nitro subscription. In addition, you can use bots such as NQN and Sticker Surge to use stickers on servers without Nitro.

Q: How do I add a sticker to Discord mobile?

The option to add or remove stickers is not currently available on Discord Mobile. You must use Discord’s desktop or web app to manage stickers.

Try stickers on Discord server

Although not as ubiquitous as Discord’s emoji, stickers are gradually finding their own place in chat. If you’re wondering what a Discord sticker is, we hope this guide will help you clarify and understand its features. If you’re new to Discord emojis, check out our detailed guide on how to create custom emojis for your Discord server.