How to make a mason with Minecraft (2022)

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If you’re working in the Minecraft community, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across some great builds. They are popular across the best Minecraft Discord servers and can also be found while navigating some of the best adventure maps. But if you don’t know how to make a mason in Minecraft, none of them are possible in the survival world. Like the craft table, this is a convenient utility block that can be used to cut solid blocks into slabs, stairs, etc. Half of Minecraft’s best home ideas wouldn’t be possible without the ability to cut blocks. Now that you know its importance, let’s see how to create and use masonry in Minecraft.

Make a mason with Minecraft (2022)

Before you can make a mason in Minecraft, you need to collect the items needed for the recipe. However, if you already have the ingredients, use the table below to skip directly to the crafting recipe.

How to find a stone cutter in Minecraft

If you’re lucky, you can find a mason in the village of Minecraft. They are the field blocks responsible for the masonry work of all Minecraft villagers’ work. So if there is a mason in the village, there is definitely a mason. Our best Minecraft village seeds can help you quickly find such a village.

Mason with stone cutter

Other than the village, there is no place in the game where stone cutting occurs naturally. So instead of looking for it, you have to create it manually.

Materials needed to make a stone cutter

To make a mason in Minecraft, you need the following items:

  • Iron ingot
  • 3 stone blocks

In the Bedrock edition, you can also create stone cutters using variations of stone blocks.

How to get iron

Iron is one of the most versatile ores in the game. You only need one iron ingot to make a mason, so follow these steps to get that iron ingot.

1. First, use the Minecraft ore distribution guide to find iron ore in the Minecraft cave. Then mine using a stone pickaxe.

Stone pickaxe and iron ore

2. Once you have the ore, you need to find or make a kamado for smelting iron. Any combustible material can be used as fuel. You can also build a blast furnace in Minecraft for faster results. Each iron ore block is refined to form one iron ingot, which is there. Iron ingot.

Wrought iron with Minecraft

How to get stones

The second important element for making a stone cutter in Minecraft is the stone. Almost every Minecraft biome can be found anywhere in the world. But getting it is not as easy as breaking it. Now let’s see how to get stones in Minecraft.

1. First, find a block of stone and mine it with a pickaxe.When mined, the game is dropped instead of dropping stones Cobblestone.. You can counter this by using a silk-touch pickaxe enchantment. But you don’t have to go that far.

Stones and dropped stone pavement

2. Once you have it 3 stone pavement Block, you just have to Smelt in a kamado.. By doing so, the stone pavement turns into a stone block.

Cobblestone smelting in Minecraft

Stonemason craft recipes in Minecraft

Stonemason craft recipes in Minecraft

Now that you have all the ingredients, just open the craft table and put them together. To make a mason in Minecraft, you first need to do the following: Place the iron ingot in the center cell of the top row Of a 3×3 craft area.Then place three stone blocks – one in each cell Middle row..

This arrangement allows you to create a mason that can be placed anywhere you like. Unlike craft tables, it cannot even be destroyed by lava or fire.

How to use a stone cutter in Minecraft

1. First, Open masonry Right-click or use the secondary action key.

Minecraft stone cutter

2. Next, a stone or similar block Left cell.. The next section also provided a complete list of compatible stone blocks.

How to make a stone cutter in Minecraft

3. Finally, choose one from a variety of things Block variant What the mason offers. The placed block is cut into its variants and can be picked up from the cell on the right.

Make a stone slab with Stonecutter from Minecraft

Which block works with the stone cutter

The following blocks can be used as masonry materials.

Smooth stone
Stone brick
Mossy stone brick
Polished granite
Polished diorite
Polished andesite
Mossy stone pavement
Cut sandstone *
Smooth sandstone
Red sand tone
Cut red sandstone *
Prism marine brick
Dark prism marine
Quartz block
Smooth quartz
Purper block
Nether brick
Red nether brick
End stone
End stone brick
Black stone
Polished black stone
Copper block
Exposed copper
Weathered copper
Copper oxide
Wax copper
Waxed exposed copper
Wax weathered copper
Waxed copper oxide
Cut copper
Exposed cut copper
Weathered cut copper
Oxidation cut copper

* Of these, cut sandstone and cut red sandstone function as materials only for the Java version.


Q. Which is better?Stone cutter or crafting table

In terms of results, masons are similar to craft tables. Both make various items using materials.However, in the case of masonry, all you need is One ingredient When No recipe Form various variant blocks. Some of its recipes are even more efficient than craft tables. For example, to create four stairs on a craft table, you only need six stone blocks. Meanwhile, you can make one staircase for each masonry stone block.

Q. Does Stonecutter save Stone?

Stone cutters save both time and stones in the long run. Therefore, masonry is very useful if you want to speed up your build or create a house in survival mode or hardcore mode.

Create and use stone cutters in today’s Minecraft

Whether it’s a magnificent building or an easy way to build a Minecraft house, you’ve mastered how to make a mason in Minecraft and use it properly. But don’t stop there. When the house is ready, it’s time to fill it with friendly mobs. You can tame your cat in Minecraft and get your first companion. Then, when you’re ready, you can also breed Axolotls in Minecraft to add versatility to your build. However, animals are not the only mobs you can invite. With enough space and beds, you can even breed villagers and bring Minecraft’s base to life. That said, what type of block do you use for masonry? Let us know in the comments!