How to install Minecraft Texture Pack in 2022 (Detailed Guide)

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From dragons to the endless world, Minecraft has provided players with a lot over the years. However, one thing that is still not possible is the freedom from repetitive textures. Thanks to the Minecraft 1.18 update, the world of Minecraft feels a bit fresh and refurbished. But still, after hours of game sessions, the same pixelated texture can start to feel a bit dull. Fortunately, if you know how to install the Minecraft Texture Pack in your game, you can easily fix it. If you’re new to these texture packs, they will give you a complete look-up of all the blocks and entities in your game.

Unlike Minecraft skins, textures do not change the protagonist, but change the complete world around them. In many respects, they are similar to the best Minecraft modpacks, but with no special features other than aesthetics.That said, the texture pack True potential to change the gameplay experience.. From Star Wars to the Middle Ages, these texture packs allow you to instantly make Minecraft look like a completely different game. So, without any further hassle, learn how to install Minecraft Texture Pack on your Windows, Android, iOS, or console device.

Install Minecraft Texture Pack (2022)

We have divided the guide into several sections to explain each platform in detail. You can easily examine each of them using the tables below.

Install Texture Pack on Minecraft Java Edition

The Java edition of Minecraft is for PC users only. Only works on Windows, macOS and Linux. You can install the texture pack on any of these platforms using the following steps:

Download the texture pack

Unlike Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Java users do not have access to the official marketplace.That’s why they have to do Manually download a custom texture pack.. Check out the list of the best Minecraft texture packs and download the one you like the most. Note that the texture pack is always downloaded as follows: Files with the extension “.zip” for Java version. However, you do not need to extract that file. Let’s jump into the installation process so it doesn’t get in the way.

How to install and activate Minecraft Texture Pack

In newer versions of the game, texture packs are called resource packs. Unlike texture packs You can also use resource packs to add custom audio to your game.. The installation process is the same for both, so follow the steps below.

1. To get started, open Minecraft Click the “Options” button From the home screen. Next to the End Game option.

Minecraft home screen option selection

2. Next, Click the button with “Resource Pack” or “Texture Pack” The title under “Options”. In either case, the options are displayed in the lower left corner.

Resource pack options in Minecraft settings

3. Finally, this option will display a list of Minecraft or installed resource packs and texture packs. If you are playing the game in windowed mode, you can: Drag and drop Install the downloaded texture pack.If not, click “Open Pack Folder” button It’s at the bottom.

Resource pack menu

4. Click the button to move to one of the following directories:

  • % AppData% \. minecraft \Resource pack (Minecraft 1.16.1 or later)
  • % AppData% \. minecraft \Texture pack (Minecraft 1.16 or earlier)

Next, you need to copy the downloaded texture pack and paste it into this folder to install it.

Minecraft resource pack folder

5. Once the pack is installed, it will appear in the game. So Click the pack icon to activate it.. Activation may take a few seconds, but the next time you load the Minecraft world, the texture will be applied.

Activate the texture pack in Minecraft Java

Install Texture Pack on Minecraft Bedrock on PC, VR and Console

The latest Bedrock edition of Minecraft works on Windows 10 and 11, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and a variety of VR devices. If you’re not sure yet, you can learn how to play Minecraft on your Oculus headset. The following steps can be used on any of these platforms. You can use the same tutorial with Minecraft 1.19 Beta.

Get a texture pack

1. To get started, open Minecraft Bedrock Click the “Settings” button On the home screen.

Beta Minecraft Bedrock configuration options

2. In the settings, “Global resourcesClick the option.

Minecraft Bedrock Global Resources

3. If you have installed the texture or resource pack manually or as a DLC, it will appear under “My Pack” in this section. If nothing is available here Click the “Show other packs” button..

Get more texture packs with MC Bed Rock

4. Unlike Minecraft Java, various free and paid texture packs Minecraft Marketplace.. You can also search for texture packs for a particular theme. Click on the one you are interested in.

Minecraft Bedrock Marketplace Texture Pack

5. Finally, Click “Free” or Price button Texture pack page. Located in the upper right corner. If you purchase a texture pack, you will need to enter payment-related information to complete the purchase. However, if it’s a free pack, it will appear in your account immediately.

Marketplace Minecraft Texture Pack Page

Download and install the texture pack

Once the texture pack is added to your Minecraft account, you can find it on any platform that supports Minecraft Bedrock. You need to make sure that your login credentials are the same. Regarding the use of texture packs, here’s how to activate them in Bedrock:

1. First, Click the “Download” button It will be displayed on the page of the texture pack used at the time of purchase.Or in the game settings[グローバルリソース]You can also find it in the options.

Download Minecraft Bedrock Marketplace Texture Pack

2. Depending on the speed of the internet, the download may take a few seconds or minutes.After downloading, click “Activate Texture Pack” Buttons on the same page.

Activate texture packs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

How to install MCPACK files on Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Besides the official marketplace, Minecraft Bedrock also offers the option to manually download in-game texture packs. You can download the Minecraft Texture Pack using any of these popular options.

Manually installable texture pack for Bedrock edition It has a “.mcpack” file extension. To install them, just make sure Minecraft is installed on your device.

Successfully imported MCPACK

Then double-click the file to open it automatically and install it in your game. The installation process only takes a few minutes and you should see something like this: “Import successful” notification In-game when completed.

Install Texture Pack on Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)

The mobile version of Minecraft is part of the same Bedrock family, but the texture pack installation process is a bit different here. As with the Java edition, MCPE players can get texture packs from a variety of sources.

Download the texture pack from the platform store

App and Play Store Minecraft Texture Pack

Both Android and iOS users can find plenty of apps to get texture packs on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. These apps offer a lot of free texture packs for Minecraft. There are several paid options, but we recommend using the official Minecraft Marketplace for paid packs. This is because the store has a lot of different fake Minecraft apps that you should always avoid.

Download Texture Pack from Minecraft Marketplace

Once you’ve found the right app and texture pack, follow these steps to download the texture pack from the Minecraft Marketplace.

1. From the home screen of the Minecraft Android or iOS app Select the Marketplace option Under the Settings option.

MCPE Marketplace Options

2. Next, Tap the Textures & Others option Located at the bottom of the Marketplace screen.

MCPE textures and other options

3. You should now see various in-game texture packs in your game.You can do it Tap the one you are most interested in.

Texture packs for MCPE marketplace, etc.

4. Finally, depending on the cost of the texture pack, the game will display the texture pack’s “free” or “price” button. Tap it to confirm your order.

Buy texture packs at MCPE

How to install / activate a texture pack on MCPE

To activate a texture pack from the marketplace or a third-party app, you need to return to the Minecraft home screen and do the following:

1. First, Tap the “Settings” option Above the marketplace button.

MCPE settings

2. Next, “Global resources” Tap an option and it.

MCPE Global Resources

3. Here are packs from all sources “My pack” section. Tap it to expand it.

MCPE My Pack

4. Finally, tap the pack you want to use Below the description[アクティブ化]Tap the button. Just like that, Texture Pack is ready for use in the world of Minecraft PE.

Activate the texture pack in Minecraft MCPE

Easily install Minecraft Texture Pack now

Now you’re ready to try out how to install a texture pack in Minecraft or teach others. This guide works with both resource packs and texture packs. It can be used with almost any version of the game that supports texture packs. But you don’t have to stop there. You can take your Minecraft graphics to the next level by installing Optifine on Minecraft. This allows you to run the best shaders in Minecraft for realistic graphics and lighting. These shaders are compatible with most texture packs out there. However, one thing that neither shaders nor texture packs can fix is ​​the Minecraft biome. To do that, you have to wait for the new Minecraft 1.19 biome. That said, don’t waste a little more time and install your favorite Minecraft Texture Pack right away.